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Taking a break!

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I've discussed this with a few of you already; this is more for those who are more recent acquaintances and/or might be looking for me in the near future for some storyline or another, but I'm taking what I hope is a brief hiatus. As for the reasons, it's nothing very dramatic: starting a new career, going back to college to finish my degree, and admitting to myself I spend far too much time playing this game. ^^ I may still pop in now and then for a very quick roulette or something similar (as my subscription doesn't run out until, oh, sometime in November, IIRC) but probably little more than that for some time, at least.


I love the RPC. You're all a great community regardless of the server you play, and if anyone might wish to contact me in the meantime please feel free to do so on Skype (user name is Teveriel) or Steam where I am known, conveniently enough, as Yvelont.

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Woo, good for you! I am saddened I will not get to play with your lalafell, but rl >>>> game, and it sounds like the break is for the very best reasons. Best to you, and if you ever get the itch to write some forum rp. . .



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T______T <3


Honestly, as much as you'll be missed, we'll all be wishing you the best of luck on your real-life endeavors and sending all kinds of positive energy your way <3 Thanks for the good times and for being one of the nicest players I've encountered on this game. As a person new to Roleplaying, I've learned a lot from you! Please take care and drop by the forum from time to time! xD


*insert irrelevant 90s kid joke here* T_T

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