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Tantalizing Tantalus [Balmung Linkshell Inquiry]

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Have you ever wanted to be renown through all of Eorzea for something other than toting an axe, or weaving a powerful sphere of flame. Well hopefully this could be stepping stone. 



Origin for the idea

Walking by Mih Khetto's Amphitheater I felt bad that it sees no use. I had a similar idea in another MMO, but Balmung is much more suited to it I think.

The name for the group is based on FF9, you might have recognized it.




August Lansborough wants to form a group of traveling performers. This includes street performances, and shows to riveting stories to be played out upon the state and within the world.  

You need not be a performer, perhaps you just have a talent or skill you'd like to put to use. Good at making magical ministrations with potions, master of a dance of blade and fire. There is nothing holding you back.

There is more to the group than performers. Bodyguards will be necessary, an accountant, playwrights and other roles. We'll likely start small, no one gets big over night.




 I am not a player with hordes of gil, or amazing skills to use to craft. I've only been playing for four months now. So payment will have to remain a part of the story process. I do hope that in and out of the troupe players form dynamic and interesting relationships. Perhaps you and the couerl tamer dislike one another? OR whatever happens. 

I intend to hold events, rehearsals, but the main event should only happen once a month at first so that it doesn't take too much from people's other game times. If it's too often, it's work and not play.



Theater, if it can be properly implemented will likely be plays that can be performed in 10 to 30 minutes as this will limit player activity the most and we don't want to keep them. Could be fun though. 

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I'm open to street entertainment. I'd be willing to make it a whole traveling service and show if people wanted it. 


Dancing, magic shows, extraordinary abilities and acts. If someone wants to bring something to the table then yes. I'd be more than happy to expand into street entertainment and other forms.

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