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Fish fry, and fight tournament!

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Free Wing Society will be hosting a fish fry, and fighting tournament, on August 1st at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. 




  1. Raffle - tickets will be handed out at the start of the event. Toward the end three numbers will be picked at random. Depending on what place you get depends on what prize you receive! 
  2. Treasure hunt - one of the members from Free Wing Society will give people clues where to find 'the treasure'. There will be first, second, and third places for the people who can figure out where the treasure is located.
  3. Fishing tournament - A roll system at rollz.org will be used for this. Anyone who wishes to participate will have to enter the room (name of it will be given shortly before the fishing tournament begins). There will be three rounds, and whoever gets the biggest fish for that round will win a gift!



The main event!

As stated there will be a fighting tournament, and it is the main attraction of the night. Unlike most role play fights, where rolls determine whether or not your attack will land or defense will succeed, this one will be totally different. We will be using a point system in order to determine the victor of each round. Why you might ask. This system is designed to test you as a writer, and your abilities, and also provide ways of possibly improving your writing if you feel there is room for improvement. It is also a neat way to get some ideas for your own character's fighting style by watching others in action. Don't worry it is all in fun, though, and if anyone makes fun of your style we'll feed them to the sharks ;D


Question; why a point system instead of rolls?

Answer; This system is designed to test you as a writer, and your abilities, and also provide ways of possibly improving your writing if you feel there is room for improvement. It is also a neat way to get some ideas for your own character's fighting style by watching others in action. Plus the RNG gods can really hate you that night, or be in your favor. Dice systems are good in some cases, but in terms of fighting it can really hinder your character. Say two people are going against each other. Bob, and Joe. Bob is a seasoned fighter, and has trained as a paladin for thirty-five years of his life. He's muscular, well built, and very athletic. Joe is built like a rail. Lanky, and thin as well as short. Joe just started pugilist training after being a white mage for all his life. Joe wins mostly all the rolls, and gets a finishing blow on Bob. See that isn't really fair is it? Bob has been a fighter all his life, and was beat by some little man. We want the experience of your character, and how well they fight, to be determined through writing. 


Question; what will be on the point system?

Answer; points will be based on several different factors. Such as; creativity of attacks/defenses, the climate/weather at the time of the spar, the health of your character, the build of your character (are they a built for speed or fighting), whether you did realistic attacks/defenses, taking realistic damage, and played said damage out throughout the fight. Points will be deducted if you power played, godmoded, or meta gamed. Your character cannot dodge or block every single time, and escape without so much as tiny scratch on you. If the judges feel you power played, godmoded, or meta gamed too much throughout the round it will be an automatic loss on your end, and you will be disqualified.


Question; who are the judges?

Answer; Kagewoe Erasus, Lilithium Altair, and Chika Ito will be the judges for the tournament.


Question; what are the prizes?

Answer; simple! Lots of gil for the winner, and some for the second and third runner up.





[align=justify]Other than the fighting another attraction is the food! Everything served will have a fish, or ocean, theme to it. Like salted cod puffs, or grilled trout. Even fish soup!





A playlist will be created on Youtube, and a link handed out in yell, every now and again throughout the duration event. The songs will be based off the summer theme!



We hope to see you there!

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Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all there! 


To make it easier on everyone, Chika is making an open buffet where you serve yourself. So eat as much as you want, and whenever you want! It will be up on the top platform at the bar in the Hidden Falls (near the dancing women)




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Thanks to those who attended! It was a lovely turn out, and I hope everyone had fun :D


It was tons of fun, thank you all for hosting such a lovely event! It was definitely worth staying for the entire thing, even though it meant morning arrived in Sweden. High praise! I was really impressed by the riddles for the treasure hunt, those added a lot of enjoyment for me. I hope you will be hosting more events in the future, so I can attend those, too!


I finally registered just so I could say it was fun, it was that much fun

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@Sven - I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ I had fun watching Annie fight


@Combo - AW! Well thank you Combo, that is very sweet of you :) I'm very happy that you enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun. I'll be sure to get Nym to create more riddles maybe for the next one :D I will most certainly be hosting more events in the future. Starting in October there will be an event hosed by Free Wing Society, and me, once every month until April. I have a lot of ideas for these. (Also Gis is so adorable! I was on a skype call with the judges, and they were cracking up at how dirty she fights. You have an adorable, and amusing Lalafell!)


@Aya - It's okay sweetie you are under the weather in real life :( I wished you could stay longer as well, but don't worry. More chances next time to stay and mingle longer!

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