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Ok so I made a Lalafellin alt. I want her to be a through and through atypical adventurer. Leves, primal's all that good stuff!


Are there any LS' out there that deal with this specifically? As in, IC and always doing adventure type things? I'd like to think that Leves are the staple of adventurer life!


Let me know!





Here's the mock up bill I made... a proof of concept if you will!




Issued by The Twin Adders, The Immortal Flames and The Maelstrom.







 The maelstrom of the seas has been sighted off the coast of the Moraby Dry-Docks. The three city states and Grand Companies associated in kind have issued a request to all abled Adventurers to take up arms against the calamity of the tides. Only the strong of mind and body need apply.





Morbol: Jaded Jody.


Issued by The Twin Adders.








An overgrown tangle of vivified vines lovingly named Jaded Jody is drinking up all the water of Hopeseed Pond. If action is not taken quickly, the whole area will be dry by the next moon. The great city state of Gridania requests aid from able bodied adventurers... the weak of heart and stomach may not apply.





Sand Worm


Issued by The Immortal Flames






A cluster of Sand Worm have been spotted out in the Southern Sagolii desert. They seem to be amassing for an attack on the Drake tribe. Known for spewing breath made of sand and blinding thier prey, the Sand Worm’s large size and imposing demeanour strike fear into many of the Sagolii’s inhabitants. The city state of Ul’dah implores any able bodied Adventurer to heed the call.


Sunscreen is advised.







Issued by The Immortal Flames







Cactuar are constantly making themselves nuisances out in the provinces of Thanalan. Travelling merchants and wayward adventurers alive have had enough! These pesky, prickley plants are due a clipping!


Gardening gloves advised... but not needed!







Issued by The Maelstrom







This large carnivorous cat-like creature has two large whiskers protruding from its face. So far, very few have been found throughout Eorzea, but one thing is for certain those that remain are fierce predators indeed.


Watch out for those whiskers, they might be beautiful but don’t let them fool you. They pack quite a punch.






Denn the Orcatoothed


Issued by the Maelstrom






Serpent Reavers have once again taken to terrorizing the inland hamlets of La Noscea, killing the men, kidnapping the women and children, plundering the storehouses and burning what little they leave behind. A local shepherd sighted a band of painted ruffians entering the Sastasha Seagrot, carrying large quantities of sacks and crates.


Adventurers band together to aid Ul’dah, defeat the notorious Denn the Orcatoothed.








Issued by The Twin Adders, The Immortal Flames and The Maelstrom.







The Amalj'aa scour the lands of Thanalan to capture unsuspecting civilians and herd them to their stronghold of Zanr'ak. Once there, they are to be given as an offering to the primal Ifrit. This fiery encounter with the Lord of the Inferno, demands nothing but the most highly trained adventurers, compelling you to fight with no less than every onze of your strength. Should you fall, your souls shall burn for eternity...





Journey to the Ul'dahn Aquaducts - Event!


Issued by The Dragon Claws Adventurers Guild







The Dragon Claws Adventuring Guild invites you to provide your body and soul, reflexes and wits to prevent an impendinging threat to the jewel of the desert and all its inhabitants.


Meet at the Coffer and Coffin, Central Thanalan on the 2nd of August, 11pm GMT.


More details to be discussed.





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Well, the Blue Skies Adventuring Company comes to mind if you're looking for an adventuring company concept.


Beyond that, I think a lot of groups do IC instances and adventures, depending on how much their membership is made up of adventurer concepts. Mysterium, for instance, often has RP revolving around things we've found out in the world adventuring, and we do IC instances about once a week (definitely once a week once we get our semi-static IC EX and Coil group together :) ). I suspect you can find a heavy adventurer RP presence in a lot of RP FCs; off the top of my head (and no offense to anyone I don't mention, as this is totally off the cuff :) ), I'd recommend taking a look at XI:7, Unsung Heroes, Harbingers of Dawn, Crystalline, Aeon, and Aethereal Warriors.

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Blue skies was my first initial thought but i'm looking for something much more... atypical.


Like an FC that literally uses the adventurers guild system presented within the game itself. Making money from Leves, travelling as such... even the hunts to an extent.  


I'd like to build my character and story around those aspects.

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Perhaps I should think about creating one instead... I wonder of there's any interest for this?


[EDIT] - She is already apart of Aeon but that's an over arching story line. I feel her day to day should not be based around something so dramatic xD


For those wondering, my alt is called Laufula Laufa. Feel free to RP, get in tough, you know the drill!


RP is love! ♥

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Our company ship is crewed by adventurers. While we do the delivery of goods RP we also take on quests and such from NPCs. For example we will have an event next week that will deal with a FATE in La Noscea and an NPC issuing the request to deal with the problem as it is starting to affect them.


We don't really use any of the in game leves and such but do RP around similar quests and hunts from NPCs or guild boards and "grand company contracts".


Pay is issued ICly for those involved. 


We tried to use gathering "quests" to keep our company chest funded so that we could actually pay people Gil for event involvement, but with a growing company it's hard to implement but is something I'm still working the kinks out of.


However this a FC not a LS. :) I'm interested to see what you're organizing.

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Well from what I can gather... there ISN'T an LS out there for this specific purpose... and that baffles me!


Adventurers are a huge part of the lore!


So... I think I shall create my own in the image i'm seeking to promote...


I shall call it...


The Dragon Claws Adventuring Society/Club/Union/Guild (I'm not sure on the last part yet!)

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Just as a heads up there is a sadly small character limit to linkshell names. Off hand I think 20 characters. 


More on topic I'm interested in this. I've been playing my mentally unstable Miqo'te lately and something with a more Adventure based theme seems better suited. I hope you let us know on here if your idea launches :)

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I may be interested in something like this. Hwab has strong ties to Limsa, and it's been hard to find an FC that fits the bill. A politically neutral adventuring group might do that, so.. yeah, just echoing Auralily's sentiment to let us know what you come up with. :)

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I've been thinking about this all day (Since last night actually). Now... what I want is to create a mostly free form adventurer experience.


So here goes...


I'm thinking the best way to go about this is to fist of all make the concept extremely public. How to do this! Easy!


Use a website or a forum, hell even the RPC as a pseudo bulletin board and leves advertisement site. Somewhere ANYONE can view it.


Think of this, a post/thread/website devoted entirely to posting up hunts, leves, escorts, primals, you name it!


Simply post it up with a nice picture similar to what you get in the game and then ANYONE viewing can decide to take it IC.


Next, get on the LS! Ask your fellow adventurers if they would like to go! Say you've received a request to clear out Tam Tara? Post it up! It might be YOU'RE the one who put it there but its for EVERYONE to use ICly. Maybe you don't LIKE people? Go solo! Post it as a group, solo or mixture request.


I want to combine this visual and open source use with the IC linkshell itself to FIND other adventurers! Perhaps i'll even post a few up myself with ACTUAL rewards attached... Gil, items... the sky is the limit!


Suggestions, critique, improvements, community effort!


What say ye?!

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Hah! Right you are... I think of those specific requests would come with a "Proceed at your own risk." type warning... probably small... in the right corner... easily missed... maybe it wasn't there at all... who knows?!



Considering the lengths at which the Company of Heroes goes to dissuade people from fighting them, I'd probably see that as a MASSIVE warning.


Tempering = More enemies to fight, not just dead foolhardy people. Hence why it'd be an easily seen warning.

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So... Leviathan anyone? :)




The maelstrom of the seas has been sighted off the coast of the Moraby Dry-Docks. The three city states and Grand Companies associated in kind have issued a request to all abled Adventurers to take up arms against the calamity of the tides. Only the strong of mind and body need apply.



As you can see! Primal's are ranked at 8 stars, the highest it goes!


A nice mock up bills that will be posted when I figure out WHERE to put them. I'm an absolute novice on Photoshop... I watched MANY guides just to get this they way it is! >.<

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