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Tales from the Wench (Open)

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*I thought the Quicksand thread was a fun idea and thought this would be cool to do for the Limsa rp'ers. Please feel free to post here.


Ruru walked into the Drowning wench after his shift at the docks and sighed as he took a seat at the bar. He raised a hand at the barkeep and nodded. "Aye...a pint of your best ale please. Gods know I've earned this past couple of weeks."

He closed his eye and then relaxed, waiting for his drink.

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"Best ale? Funny lad, ye are." Zhi wasn't a stalker, really. She just happened to make sure she knew where Flit was right after his shift ended. It wasn't creepy at all. She sat alongside him, eying Baderon but not yet ordering anything. "Sooo," she said, grin aimed square at him, "find any new lasses fer yer harem?"

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His eye shot open and shook his head, grinning. "You ever take a break? From giving me hell I mean. And I'll get you your drink, so keep the coin." He turned to look around checking the crowd that was there.


"Ah yes the harem." He chuckled. Well, that's a tall order....and need willing participants. I'm thinking it may take some time." He shook his haid again, controlling his laughter. "Never gonna live that one down am I?"

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It had been another late night for the blue-haired Miqo'te. Miza had taken a peek out of her room's window and was made aware that she had slept longer than she probably should've. She drowsily made her way down the stairs out to where The Mizzenmast became The Drowning Wench. Her odd eyes caught sight of her dear partners and she quietly sauntered over to where Zhi and Flit were sitting. Miza gave the two a nod as she took her seat and tapped lightly on the bartop. "Orange juice please, I need a wake-me-up." Her voice was plagued with grogginess, but that didn't stop Miza from smiling at the conversation going on next to her.

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A folded note was held in two fingers and waited patiently in the air for the passer by to pull it from her hand with a bashful shuffle past her.


Grace grinned, watching the head bob away through the crowd and turned her attention back to the table as a the group with her groaned and jeered. The pot was pulled toward one of the men who laughed victoriously, the rest slapping their cards to the table.


She laughed as well and shifted in her chair, her leg curling underneath her as she leaned into the table, "Tsk. I had you pegged for bluffing..."


She offered a quick pout and tapped the table, "Another round and another hand!"

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Ruru looked over at Miza and chuckled. "Maybe stick with the orange juice at night and you wouldn't need that as a wake up." His tone was friendly and he got hiis ale, leaving a coin tip on the bar. He tossed the payment for his and Kink's drink as well. He turned his head to see Grace at the table and nudged Kink.


"You up to see if we can join in? Unless you're afraid of losing some coin to me?"

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"It'll take less time if ye get yer lass t'bring in some o'her own," Zhi'd make a fairly suggestive gesture. As for the first question. . ."An' why would I do that, when yer jes so much fun?"


She leaned over to slap Miza on the shoulder. "I ain't raised ye t'drink juice, lass!"


Zhi honestly didn't remember which of them was older. She didn't care. It was an old joke. She told Baderon what she wanted to drink, and leaned back towards Miza, "bet ye twenty-five he's th'first what drops out."


Then she was hopping off her stool and heading for Thatcher's table, confidence oozing from her every pore.

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He shook his as he often did with Kink's sarcasm and headed to the table with her. He honestly had no idea what he was doing but he felt like he might be able to pick it up soon enough....maybe snag a few coin from Kink, just to be able to say he did.

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A blue brow was quirked at Zhi's comment. Miza was the older one, though only by a couple of years, and it was a bit odd hearing her friend say that. It didn't bother her really. In some ways, Zhi had actually raised Miza on the way the streets work in the past. Regardless, she kept quiet and gave a light shrug to her partners.


Her eyes fell down into her drink. She pursed her lips as she contemplated whether or not to ask the barkeep to add alcohol to her juice. The thought vanished as Zhi made her bet to Miza.


"Alright, I'm in I s'pose." Miza briefly rubbed at her temple before getting up from her seat, drink in hand. Her head felt like several chocobos had stomped on it. She sluggishly followed Zhi and Flit to the boss's table.

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The table was in a fit of laughter as the three approached and Grace grabbed at her stomach to soothe the sore midsection as she slowed her breath, trailing off with an amused sound as she turned to the familiar trio.


"Mm.. The catch of the day!" She moved a hand to the dealer's pausing the new hand being dealt, "Care to join us? Give me a shot at earning back all the coin I've dropped your way, hm?" She smiled and pointed at an overly dressed and quite drunk midlander and his companion, "You're done." She looked to the woman that stood from his lap to help up the protesting man, "But.. M' jus' gettin' shtarted."


"Save your coin for the pretty girl...Enjoy yourself."


A highlander male standing on the wall just past the table offered a nod to Grace as she gave a small lift of her chin toward the inn rooms. She lifted a hand, curling down the last two fingers and the man nodded again, following the affectionate pair from the table at a distance.


Grace looked back to the Zhavi and the pair with a friendly smile, motioning to the table, "Have a seat."


The cards began to move out to each of them quickly.

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Ruru looked at Grace and smiled. He always felt a bit awkward around her as his employer given the fact that he had hisred an escort from her business and had propositioned her as well. And although he was drunk when he'd done both, he was still a bit nervous around her. He glanced at Miza and Kink and hoped he'd walk away with some coin tonight. He just prayed nothing crazy would happen.

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The turquoise-haired lalafell rubbed her eyes as she took apeek into the Drowning Wench. Alulu wanted to drop in and say hello to Ruru before he came home, and had an inkling that this is where he would be. She blinked, a bit surprised, as she saw everyone sitting nearby and conversing. So this was what went on after work.. She was naturally shy, and unsure of new people, and she had only briefly met Kink and her companions, so it took courage for her to walk over. The lalafell woman smiled warmly as she approached Ruru. “Found you”, she said playfully.

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He brightened upon seeing Alulu and stood, embracing her, offering her a small kiss as he didn't want to embarrass her. "Hi! Sorry....we were just sitting down to play a few hands of cards."


He looked at her and considered a moment before nodding. "You should join us! It'll be fun and maybe you can take some of Kink's coin before we head home." He giggled at the last and nodded at the table. "So what do you say?"

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She welcomed the embrace and kiss, and smirked soon afterwards. "So this is what you do after work, huh?", she asked curiously. The lalafell woman paused for a moment, thinking, as she looked at the group of people. There was a bit of a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she nodded her head. "Sure, I'll play!"

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John slowed his approach as he neared the entryway in the Wench. He was exhausted, worn out from being spread thin across the city with few other employees. It wasn't a complaint, just simple fact. 


As he entered the Wench, he quickly surveyed the establishment. His eyes stopped on the fiery red mane of his employer, then quickly took in those seated with and near her. Once satisfied, he walked in their direction, his eyes still darting about to take in the rest of the patrons within the Wench.


He stood where once the highlander male had stood just moments before. His face showing little emotion, a perfect tool were he to be one of the patrons at the table playing cards. Though his eyes were constantly moving and watching others, they notably stopped on the runner quite often, his jaw muscles flexing from time to time as he stared at her.

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The smile on her face bloomed into a grin as Alulu joined them. She canted her head and pursed her lips as they exchanged a kiss, her lashes fluttering toward them, "D'aw. Isn't that just the sweetest thing..."

She lifted her chin toward the inn rooms again as she pulled her cards into her hand and stacked them together against the table, "Certain you want to waste time with a game of cards? I'm sure you could find better ways to spend your free time. Bet I can even twist Mytesyn's arm into a lovely suite for the two of you..." 


She winked and gave a glance to John as he came into view. His gaze pointed toward Zhavi and she followed it with a quirked brow before looking back to the table and tossing in her ante.

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