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Shieldbearer looking to form adventuring group (Also RP Connections)

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Hi, folks! I'm not necessarily a "newcomer" to the community, but I guess that really doesn't matter considering I started playing right after 2.0's release and quit about a month in. I've been playing the game pretty steadily for about a month and a half, and realized very recently that it's been pretty difficult for me to walk up to random folks around the RP hubs to initiate RP.


So I'm looking to make some RP connections.


My character Garre'to Brenna is a Moonkeeper Miqo'te who'd trained as a Gladiator and has, just recently, completed his training of four years to become a Free Paladin. He's a pretty easy-going guy. Friendly even to strangers, helps out wherever he's needed, but also partakes in just about all mortal needs and desires. He's interested in accruing wealth, fame, glory, and women. All of the women.


Even the Lalafells.


All joking aside, and getting the creepiness out of the way while there's still time, I'm looking to put together a small Linkshell group -- to that end, and as I'd already pointed out, I'm looking to reach out and build up some connections within the Balmung RP community.


Lunatic Requiem is what I'm calling it. The name refers to the fall of Dalamud as a bit of an homage of sorts -- I haven't really worked out the details as of yet BUT I am planning on doing so as I get myself better immersed in the RP community. The basic idea is to just be a group of like-minded adventurers -- really doesn't get any more "basic" than that. No grand or elaborate story, or anything, just the simple premise of a group of characters banding together to tackle whatever challenges they might want to face. To that effort I'd want to keep the LS relatively small, limited to folks that I interact and RP with.


That doesn't mean that I want my RP all-too-inclusive, though. I'm eager to meet as many people as I can as I'm playing this game! If anyone sees me just walking or standing around in any of the cities, I welcome interaction and casual conversation!


While I'm running my Linkshell, however, I would like to get into a casual roleplaying Free Company that has a house -- I love having the feeling of a place to call home at the end of the day. I'd been with Unsung Heroes for the last month, or so, but I recently left due to personal reasons that I will explain here for anyone curious: It basically boiled down to feeling like my character didn't really fit in their setting with how I'd developed him, and if I feel like that about an FC I wouldn't want to stay around and reap the benefits like a leech. So I decided to leave them behind -- they were great folks, excellent RPers, but because of my fluctuating schedule I never really took the time to RP with them as much as I would have hoped.


This is why I'm looking for a Free Company that does have members that RP, but is not an actual roleplaying Free Company, with a backstory or anything like that -- just a community with a housing plot and rooms available for rent, with great people within its ranks. Through that I would be able properly develop my character without having to walk up to random folks in the cities and initiate something completely at random.


So I would like anyone who would be interested in giving me a home, and some RP to boot, to either PM me on this website or send me a whisper in-game! Once again, my character is Garre'to Brenna. I'm looking forward to the responses. :3

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This looks really interesting! I'm kinda a "newcomer" too (well, to the rp part anyway), and I think a adventuring group would go well with my character (his wiki is in my sig), would you mind if I joined you?


My character Kuro Turoko is a Plainsfolk Lalafell who has been fully trained as a summoner, he can be a nervous wreck around strangers, but around the one thing he longs for most, friends, he is the most supportive friendly and heartwarming person you can meet.

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Hi, I'm a semi-newish to rping and this groups seems interesting and small enough to start off and practice on and hopefully make some connection with you guys!


My character is Vann White , A Scholar turn gladiator looking for adventure to hone his skill


If you'd have me id love to join you

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Yay Moonkeepers! Rinette is always ready to adventure and IC dungeons are my favorite. I'm attached to my non-RP FC so I probably wouldn't be able to join yours when you do make it but that doesn't mean I can't adventure along side you! Find me in game if you're still searching for contacts.

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