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Looking to make meaningful RP connections!

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Hey everyone! Just thought I would throw up a post here to see if I could drum up some meaningful RP for my character, Xheja Rajhera. I've played her enough now to have a grasp of her, but I feel like I can't really continue on and develop her without branching out and making connections. Quicksand RP is fun, but deep and meaningful long-term character development it does not (usually) make! 


That being said, I'm not looking for any one or two specific types of roles. I have ideas, of course, but I'm not looking to pigeonhole all of my RP interactions into just a few categories. So if you want to RP but your character doesn't fit any of these ideas I list, no problem! Just let me know and I will be more than happy to work something out with you!


But as far as general ideas for types of interactions..


1.)  Other Academic Types :  Xheja's passion is the research and study of aether. Particularly, she's interested in aetheric anomalies. Other aetheric scholars really, really pique her interest. In fact, scholarly types of any sort tend to mesh well with her. In the same vein, Xheja's skills as a researcher can be bought on a short-term contractual basis.


2.)  Merchantile Interactions :  In order to fund her own researching, Xheja runs her own alchemy business, specializing in a number of exotic, high-quality dyes and cosmetics under the brand Rajhera's Radiants. This could lead to any number of interactions. Clients, trading partners, material suppliers.. perhaps even some competition and rivalry!


3.)  Other Thaumaturges & Black Mages :  Xheja has always had an aptitude for magic. While she was once a competent conjuror, she has since lost her ability to conjure and instead learned how to harness the power of Thaumaturgy. However, the sheer power of thaumaturgy can sometimes get the better of her and bring out a rather.. not-so-great side of her personality. That said, interactions with other thaumaturges would be interesting, in either and positive or negative influence. Perhaps even a mentorship of some kind, given that she's still relatively new to the art, or someone to introduce her to the path of a Black Mage.


4.)  Adventurers / Mercenaries :  When she is making a research excursion to a particularly nasty area, Xheja often elects to hire the swords and shields of able-bodied and skilled adventurers or mercenaries to watch her back. Likewise, when funds run low, she tends to try to find notices posted about town calling for adventurers for hire headed to places of interest. 


5.)  Past Relationships :  There are a few separate types of roles that could fall into this category. There are family members (though I can be picky about these kinds of relationships sometimes), past tribe members, and those people that she would've met during her time with the Twin Adders leading up to the Battle of Carteneau. But otherwise, the category is quite open to interpretation!


6.)  Negative Influences in General :  Okay, so this is really general, I know.. However, I've noticed that while it's really easy for me to explore and expand upon the more positive aspects of Xheja's personality, it's considerably harder to effectively explore the negative. In short, while her personality tends along a more good-aligned spectrum naturally, what happened to her at the Battle of Carteneau has more or less planted the seeds of something else within her and left her much more easily influenced in the negative sense - be it by the words and actions of others, sources of corrupted aether / conflicted aetheric resonances, by growing her own power and ability with thaumaturgy, and perhaps even by more minor things like seeing her business succeed by any means necessary. So, that said, any interaction or plot that may expose her to this other aspect of her character are excellent in my book!



Alright, with those out of the way, I figure I'll specify a couple of other things real quick-like.. First, Xheja is a very traveled person. So I am open to RP in any corner of the world. However, for IC reasons, she's less likely to spend an extended amount of time in either Mor Dhona (because the overwhelming remaining aetheric disturbances there which leaves her feeling very unstable) or Gridania (because she was banished from her tribe, allegedly according to the will of the elementals). Finally, I'm open to both in-game and forum RP!


Sorry for the novel of a post! Looking forward to hearing from you guys, though! :D

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My character Melfice is an academic scholar studying aetherial energy, and I'd be glad to introduce the two! He is, however, an alt so I'm not necessarily on him all the time.


My main, Val, was once a mercenary that now heads the Martial branch of the Harbingers of Dawn. We could say they know one another through a previous contract, or she could come to him in order to hire out some of his people for protection! 


I feel it should be said that Melfice is also not necessarily a good-aligned character. He has alternative motives and whatnot and would likely sense the dark aether within her if you want to go that route as well!

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Mysterium is full of academic spellcaster sorts, so you might consider poking any of us for some RP. L'yhta specifically is a very skilled mage and aetheric researcher, specializing in "pattern magicks" -- her particular view on how all magic is ultimately connected through geometries similar to that of arcanima. (Specifically, she feels arcanima is just scratching the surface of an underlying Unified Theory of Magic. :) ) She's especially talented in thaumaturgy and enjoys blowing Bad Guys up. Unfortunately, she tends to generally be a positive influence, though there are some things that will bring out particular jerkass personality traits. Orthodox Gridanians and traditional tribal miqo'te fall into that category.


So, hey, feel free to toss me a tell in game or a PM if you'd be interesting to doing some RP. :)

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I may have a character or two who could offer you another connection if you're still looking. Their bios are still pretty incomplete as I fill them in slowly over time, but with what is currently there, you may be able to see some parallels to take advantage of.


My elezen Raramia could be a standard acquaintance at the very least, as she took up residence in Gridania a few years before the Calamity and married an archer of the Twin Adder, and helped in tending to the wounded of that battle. Her history as a scholar's apprentice from Sharlayan and early studies of aether may also give them a measure of affinity?


Rui is my Midlander who has a curious background, and I've been considering how to fully detail her particular..."condition" and how it may inevitably relate to aether as well, so perhaps the both of us could come up with something on that front that would give your character something to study and would allow me to develop her personal story a little further, since many things are kind of up in the air right now.


And lastly, I recently made a lalafell THM, Maere who bears a similar backstory after reading yours. Nothing nearly as elaborate and unique, but she was, for lack of a better word, "void-touched" in the recent past during an encounter with a masked man who summoned a creature from the Void. In an effort to protect her twin sister, she exposed herself to an attack and the incident altered her in ways I am still working out. She was born a natural healer and had great potential for conjury, but that event left her less "pure" than before and she even bears a strange mark upon her face from her affliction. Because of the change this caused that seemed to strip the "light" right out of her, she was cast out of the Conjurer's Guild and became outcast. No longer being accepted in Gridania, she left and eventually found herself in Ul'dah to "embrace darkness" in the Thaumaturges Guild. Which isn't to say she is evil, she simply doesn't know where else to go. Still working on many many details, and she is freshly made as well so...


In any case, if any of these strike your fancy, go ahead and drop me a PM. >^.^<

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Hey everyone! Sorry my reply took so long! Hectic Friday-Saturday, just now getting time to sit down and really write up anything, haha.


@ Val :  Both of them sound like they'd be lovely to RP with, especially Melfice! I'm always down for RPing Xhej with characters that don't strictly fall along the good alignment. I'll definitely try to hit you up some time!


@ Elros :  Well, Gridania isn't wholly out of the question. Just she's much more like to only spend a couple days there, as opposed to spending a week or so there. So if we wanna have them run into each other at some point, or if you were interested in having them know each other from the past, I'm all for it! :D


@ FreelanceWizard :  I've seen bits and pieces about Mysterium before, and it definitely caught my eye! Sounds like a very interesting RP environment and something Xheja would definitely be interested in. When I'm more certain about what I want to do with Xhej in terms of FC, I may just head that way! As for L'yhta, sounds like they could have some very interesting discussions! I'll try to catch you around sometime! ^^


@ Yui :  Aaah, all three of your characters sound like they could be really fun to RP with! Especially so for Maere, since they seem to come from very similar backgrounds. We should definitely get some RP set up!

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Hey everyone! Sorry my reply took so long! Hectic Friday-Saturday, just now getting time to sit down and really write up anything, haha.


@ Val :  Both of them sound like they'd be lovely to RP with, especially Melfice! I'm always down for RPing Xhej with characters that don't strictly fall along the good alignment. I'll definitely try to hit you up some time!


That sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to it =)

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