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Hi there!



I've recently stumbled across RPC and I'm really glad I did. I've been involved in written RP's on and off over the years, but FFXIV is the first MMORPG I've been involved in.



I've made it to a lvl50 dragoon but to be honest, I'm sick of seeing the same old elitists talking down to people and grinding for grindings sake.



Currently I'm on the Cerberus server, but I'm thinking of setting up a new character on Balmung. Am I right in thinking it would cost me to simply change servers? 



I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys and getting involved in anything with a bit of creativity! Any recommendations on where I should begin around here?

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Hello there!


Well, first, it depends on if you want to start over with a whole new character or not. It may be much easier to transfer the character, though that could take some time due to restrictions and the like.


But once you're here, as I have found, pretty much anywhere you go you'll see Rp happening. The quicksands in Ul'dah seem to be the most popular. Oh, and check out some of the stickies around here too..lot's of great info!


I'd post links for you, but I haven't had my coffee yet and will probably link you to some random oddball site. I'll leave that to the ones who have a pulse this morning lol

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I'd post links for you, but I haven't had my coffee yet and will probably link you to some random oddball site.


Me too. :dazed:


Welcome, Auri! Nice to meet you.


I'm pretty sure a transfer is around 15 pounds/dollars/whatever your currency is.


As for where to start, well! There's a fair bit of forum RP here so if that's your thing, you could always jump in or start your own thread. When you settle on which server you want to play on you can check out the Linkshell Hall!


There's plenty of RP you'll run across on Balmung (I can't speak for Gilg, I've never played over there) and a lot of people like random IC walk-ups!


If you decide of Balmung, feel free to hit me up anytime! Have fun. :)

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Well to be honest, there are going to be elitist snoobs wherever you go, but Balmung tends to welcome everyone, especially RPers with open arms so you will do fine here.


You're right. If I'm in the middle of an RP I would hope that would be much less noticeable!


At the minute it's a struggle to join the Balmung server, I'll have to try at the right time. Being in the UK I'm not entirely sure when that is.

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I'm not sure how to convert the timing but 4am PDT is a good time. ((according to one converter that is 12pm London time)


Damn it, may have missed my window :dodgy: Thanks for having a look though! I'll just have to be persistent!

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I'll to be attempting to join Balmung again today at 12pm UK time. No success so far and I've tried every day for the past week :(


Apologies for the double post. I just didn't think this warranted another thread! If this doesn't work I may need to bite the bullet and join Gilgamesh. I'd rather Balmung as I've heard better things about it.


EDIT: success! ExKage, thanks for the tip of joining at 12pm uk time.

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