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LF A "Paying" Boarder! [OOC Welcome]

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Kage tacks on a notice on a board.


Located in Ward 6 of the Goblet, Kage and Natalie's house on Plot 6 is looking for a boarder!


Due to some recent purchases, we are opening up uninhabited rooms for -you-!


One that is for you and you only.*


Our house is well defended. You may be a merchant or a mercenary or an adventurer who has been unable to purchase their own house yet! If you love Ul'dah, then we have a place for you.


Monthly rent is negotiable, please contact Kage or Natalie for details.


*We are in Ul'dahn Law Enforcement and must needs stipulate that you do not break Ul'dahn law.**

** Or deface property.



He frowned as he walked away, his ears flat against his head. Perhaps someone would be interested... but Kage had promised he was going to pay it off. Soon. The rates weren't completely horrible.


((This is both IC and OOC. For the purpose of there being a character boarding in the house, we would definitely appreciate someone joining the FC though I could probably figure out a way to make it IC only if no one is interested in that aspect. ICly, Kage took out a mortgage on the house to pay for those canons and money is tight.


If you are interested and do not have the 300k for the room I could put up SB buffs and head out to Urth's Gift with the rest of my SB gear I haven't done))

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