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[Prompt] Dissidia Reborn

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I am a HUGE fan of the Dissidia games--in fact, I've clocked in hundreds of hours on both. So naturally, I memorized all of the various quotes that the characters throw at each other and, naturally, began to wonder what they would say to MY characters since, technically, since Tarot is in Final Fantasy XIV he is, (technically) in the Final Fantasy Canon.


So! What WOULD you characters say to their opponents if they were in Dissidia? For added fun, also add in what the various heroes and villains would say to YOURS.


For those not in the know, Dissidia is a game that features Final Fantasy characters fighting against each other, usually one or two from any of the main numbered franchies games. Before a battle starts, the computer controlled opponent typically has some comment about the player controlled character. Depending on who you played as, the enemy would say something different. An example video here:




The point of this exercise is to have your character viewed from varying points of view and have that view summarized into a single sentence or phrase. Obviously, having a knowledge of the characters in the list helps, so this could also be a little exercise in research! 8-)




Additional Fun!


As brought to my attention by the Wandering Wordsmith, I would like to add in that folks should attempt to add in Battle quotes for when they perform attacks as well as a description of the attacks themselves! Let's make this into a full on 'What would your character be like in Dissidia' thread!


Don't forget your EX Mode and Bursts~

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Crooked Tarot


Character Listing:

[unlawful Looter] - A tricky combatant that relies on timing and counters to keep his opponents off their feet.




General Pre-Battle Quotes:


1. Have I got a deal for YOU.

2. Aw, do we gotta...?

3. I'm already busy!

4. Fine, fine but just this once.


Starting Battle with Low HP: Caught me at a bad time...

Starting Battle with Low HP: Lose the smirk.


Against a Strong Opponent: I'll beat ya bare-foot!

Against a Strong Opponent: Go kick a cactuar!


Against a Weak Opponent: Yeesh--you sure?

Against a Weak Opponent: Discounts for confidence!




Tarot Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Time to upgrade that sword!

Garland: Cycles, cycles. You say anything else?

Firion: Wanna be my pack-chocobo?

The Emperor: People like you keep me in business.

Onion Knight: Bug off, Junior.

Cloud of Darkness: You wanna buy a coat...?

Cecil: Got a two-for-one special just for you!

Golbez: What's heavier? Your burdens or your armor?

Kain: What fun is jumping straight up?

Bartz: How about a Merchant's Job?

Exdeath: At least your armor is interesting...

Gilgamesh: Sorry, no refunds!

Terra: Get yourself a handkerchief.

Kefka: All magic comes with a price~

Cloud: Lemme guess--'Not Interested'?

Sephiroth: Wasted potential...

Tifa: I might actually like you!

Squall: Sorry--didn't quite catch what you said!

Ultimecia: Guess you don't need a watch, right?

Laguna: I'll make your see Fairies alright!

Zidane: Got something you need fenced?

Kuja: Running a special on hair creams!

Tidus: I just need a little gil to get started...

Jecht: We don't need no shoes, right?

Yuna: You're good at making me feel guilty...

Shantotto: Knock me flat? I don't know about that!

Prishe: Sorry--I don't deal in food.

Vaan: You got a license to buy?

Gabranth: Woof.

Lightning: You only window shop, right?

Chaos: If everyone were rich, there'd be no sorrow.


Original FF XIV PC Characters:


Oscare Iono: You just don't know when to give up, do you!?

Osric Melkire: You stand here, bold as brass, I see!

Averille Rooks: How about some Silence Oil. On the house!

Yvelont Navarre: Ugh! Ishgards even here!?

Edgar Gandervalt: That book'll be mine!




Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Your deals will not protect you.

Garland: You build your own cycle of Greed!

Firion: You've a one-track mind.

The Emperor: Your web of intrigues will be brushed away.

Onion Knight: You like causing trouble, don't you?

Cloud of Darkness: Your greed is its own Void.

Cecil: Why hide your kindness?

Golbez: Be certain your plans do not tangle.

Kain: I need never hide from man nor beast.

Bartz: There's such as thing as trying too hard, you know.

Exdeath: Your hunger for riches rivals the Void!

Gilgamesh: I want a refund for that sword!

Terra: Are our goals--similar?

Kefka: And they call ME gaudy!

Cloud: Not interested in what you're selling...

Sephiroth: A fool and his money are soon parted.

Tifa: My fists can beat your feet, no problem!

Squall: How can you talk so much and say so little?

Ultimecia: Wealth cannot buy you more time.

Laguna: Wait--you were raised by faeries!?

Zidane: No such thing as a one-man team.

Kuja: A merchant? How gauche.

Tidus: You remind me of this one guy...

Jecht: You got enough to buy a round after this?

Yuna: Why not show the real you?

Shantotto: You greedy prat, I'll knock you flat!

Prishe: You explore dungeons solo?

Vaan: I'm a bit short on gil...

Gabranth: Greed is the fuel of betrayal.

Lightning: You're the reason we have the Retail Network.

Chaos: All the wealth of ages mean naught in the end.






1. Psh, cheapskate.

2. Heh, I break it, you bought it!

3. I might have a position for you.

4. I don't sell balms for wounded prides.


Low HP: A close victory is still a victory!

Low HP: Well I'M still moving at least.


Strong Opponent: Must hurt being brought this low, huh?

Strong Opponent: Your were saying?


Weak Opponent: Time to settle accounts!

Weak Opponent: So you're beaten and poor. Life's tough.




1. Don't..touch my gil...

2. But I had all the cards...

3. You WILL pay for this.

4. But--the Echo...!


Strong Opponent: I'll see you in...ugh...

Strong Opponent: Have you been--tempered?


Weak Opponent: Never underestimate the little guy.

Weak Opponent: There's a lesson here...




Penelo Comment


He's a merchant and a thief AND a treasure hunter? Can't he pick just one?




Bravery Attacks


Leg Sweep: [Ground] A low sweep to the legs of his opponent, interrupting current action.

Quote: "Whoops!"


Back-Wheel: [Ground] Tarot flips backwards, kicking his opponent into the air. Causes Chase sequence if it hits.

Quote: "Up ya get!"


Springboard: [Ground] Charges and jumps into the air to land on opponent. Hitting [O] just as Tarot hits the opponent will result in a second attack, This can be done up to four times.

Quote: [initial attack] "Catch me!" [subsequent attack] "One! Two! Three! PAIN!"


Elusive Roll: [Ground] A counter-move. Timed correctly, Tarot blocks opponent's attack and rolls behind the opponent. Can immediately be chained into any Bravery attack.




EX Mode


"Time to get rich quick!"


Tarot's EX Mode is Treasure Hunt. During EX Mode, his base movement speed increases by 1.5 and the period of invulnerability during a dodge increases as well. In addition, he gains the ability Foresight, which allows him to chain not only his Bravery attacks after using Elusive Roll, but also his HP Attacks as well. Finally, he gains Extortion--every time an opponent loses Bravery, Tarot gains 25% Bravery of the amount the opponent lost. This includes if the opponent successfully lands an HP Attack.


EX Burst


"All that glitters...!" - Upon initiating EX Burst.

"They say money isn't everything!" - (Alternate) Upon initiating EX Burst.


Tarot's EX Burst is Gilded Cage. The player must press the OPPOSITE of the indicated directional arrow, as Tarot moves behind the opponent, planting a series of jeweled rods in a patter around them. If unsuccessful, the poles explode, sending the opponent into the air. If the player completes the sequence, Tarot places all of the rods and they flash, turning the opponent into a gold statue before he smashes them with his staff.


"Is most certainly gold!" - Upon successfully completely EX Burst.

"Well they're wrong! Haha!" - (Alternate) Upon successfully completely EX Burst.

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[align=center]AI Controlled[/align]


Warrior of Light: "Are you...The one they spoke of?"


Garland: "Shame you won't remember this..."


Firion: "Oh just pick one, already!"


Emperor: "Have you come to offer me death or paradise?"


Onion Knight: "Want to discuss Allag when this is over with?"


Cloud of Darkness: "You Voidal types just don't know when to quit."


Cecil: "Hold on to that light..."


Golbez: "Your father would be disappointed."


Kain: "...What's your opinion on dragons?"


Bartz: "I know. I miss mine, too."


Exdeath: "I've fallen so far as to fight a tree."


Gilgamesh: "You seem...Familiar."


Terra: "Ah shucks...Have the first punch, dammit."


Kefka: "This speaks for itself, I'm afraid."


Cloud: "Chin up. She'd want to you to be smiling."


Sephiroth: "Your mother was just as crazy."


Tifa: "You remind me of someone."


Squall: "You ever been to Garlemad, by any chance?"


Ultimecia: "This existence refuses to be denied!"


Laguna: "I have a book."


Zidane: "The rouge-ish type, huh?"


Kuja: "You're making us sophisticates look bad."


Tidus: "You should write a book."


Jecht: "An otherworld awaits..."


Yuna: "How do you draw runes with a staff?"


Shantotto: "My pants are fireproof, sorry."


Prishe: "...Can we talk about this?"


Vaan: "One bad gambit."


Gabranth: "Gaius...?"


Lightning: "You're nobody's tool."


Feral Chaos/Chaos: "Immortality is for the fearful."


I'll have the Player quotes soon.

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Eh, I'll give it a whirl. I didn't do all of the characters, though. Just the ones I thought would resonate the most if Yvel were in Dissidia. (Or that I thought would be humorous. :D)


Yvelont Navarre!


Pre-Battle Quote


1. Fine. I accept your challenge.


2. Wood's Will Be Done.


3. I'd rather not, but if you insist...


4. Prepare yourself.


Starting Battle with Low HP: I'm not finished yet!


Starting Battle with Low HP: Now, of all times..


Against a Strong Opponent: At last, a worthy opponent!


Against a Strong Opponent: You would do well not to underestimate me.


Against a Weak Opponent: Come! Let me show you how this is done.


Against a Weak Opponent: Be warned, I'll not hold myself back.




(When Yvelont is the Opponent)


Warrior of Light: Have we.. met before?


Garland: I will knock -you- down from that lofty pedestal.


Firion: A 'jack of all trades,' is it?


The Emperor: Another power-hungry empire. Your ilk never learn.


Onion Knight: ..A mammet?


Cloud of Darkness: Begone, Voidsent.


Cecil: ..I know what it is to have fought one's own dark side.


Golbez: None are beyond redemption.


Kain: Now begins my greatest test!


Exdeath: What is born from the forest's soil must in the end return to it.


Kefka: Am I supposed to laugh?


Sephiroth: Run home to "Mother" if you like.


Tifa: It-it's nothing.


Squall: Sorry--didn't quite catch what you said!




(When the Player controls Yvelont)


Warrior of Light: You have the look of one with nothing left to lose.


Garland: You're no Light Warrior.


Firion: ..You ever been to Deist?


Golbez: If fate decrees we are to fight, then so be it.


Kain: Very well. Let us see who is the true dragoon!


Exdeath: Why do you deny it?


Kefka: Hoho! Do lighten up.


Sephiroth: Seems you have something to prove.


Tifa: What are you.. staring at?






1. Victory is mine.


2. Yield and I will offer you mercy.


3. I'll not fall so easily.


4. Well fought.


Low HP: Heh. You're a spirited one.


Low HP: I commend your strength. Well fought.


Strong Opponent: It seems my perseverance has served me well.


Strong Opponent: I hope you weren't holding back.


Weak Opponent: 'Tis my hope that you will treat this as a lesson.


Weak Opponent: Challenge me again once you've grown stronger.




1. B-Bested..


2. But I've come so far..!


3. This is not the end..


4. I.. yield..


Strong Opponent: I must grow stronger..


Strong Opponent: Such power..


Weak Opponent: Inexcusable..!


Weak Opponent: Ngh.. Well done..!




Penelo Comment: This one REALLY doesn't take kindly to my prying!

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1. "I will hunt you down."

2. "What a bother."

3. "This will be over quick."

4. "Just die quickly."

Low HP at Beginning 1: "Hmph, I can still beat you with my eyes closed."

Low HP at Beginning 2: "This doesn't look too good..."

Against a Strong Foe 1: "This should be interesting." 

Against a Strong Foe 2: "This hunt should keep me entertained."

Against a Weak Foe 1: "Easy prey. Again."

Against a Weak Foe 2: "I've hunted flies stronger than you."


Fighting against Oscare:

Warrior of Light: "... Strange. I won't back down either way."

Garland: "I'll be the one to put you in your place."

The Emperor: "People like you is why I gotta keep working."

Onion Knight: "Really?"

Tifa: "You look willing, but are you quick?"

Cecil: "Couldn't decide on one side, could ya? I know the feeling."

Kain: "Hm, a lot like Alveo then?"

Lightning: "You got the same clothes as everyone else. You from my place?"

Gilgamesh: "Hey, aren't you the spoony toad guy?"

Squall: "A gun AND a blade? We have similar styles, then."

Tidus: "Bitch, moan, and complain."

Yuna: "You... seem familiar to... her."

Chaos: "What are you, even?"


Fighting with Oscare:

Warrior of Light: "Don't screw this one up..."

Garland: "This is your last chance, Garland."

The Emperor: "Have fun in the seventh hell."

Onion Knight: "I gotta fight that?"

Tifa: "You brought this upon yourself. I apologize."

Cecil: "Someone worthwhile. I look forward to this."

Kain: "I'll shoot you down from the skies, don't try it."

Lightning: "I swear, you still look really familiar. It must be the hair... or the clothes."

Gilgamesh: "I'm not up to Toad tonight."

Squall: "Let's see how your gunblade holds up against my axe-and-gun skills."

Tidus: "Ugh, I hate babysitting."

Yuna: "I'm sorry. That's all."

Chaos: "I'm sorry Mister Depressing."



1. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

2. "My work here is done."

3. "My pistols didn't even get warmed up."

4. "A total lack of blood spill on my axe."

Low HP 1: "Didn't even break a sweat."

Low HP 2: "Close match, but not close enough."

Strong Opponent: "A worthwhile hunt, but I still emerged victor."

Strong Opponent 2: "No prey ever escapes me unscathed."

Weak Opponent 1: "I shouldn't have even bothered."

Weak Opponent 2: "What, that's it? Not even thrilling."



1. "Urgh..."

2. "Dammit, that was uncanny power..."

3. "I-I'll be back for you later."

Strong Opponent 1: "I should have known better..."

Strong Opponent 2: "The primals -- they -- got to you... it must be."

Weak Opponent 1: "You should train a little harder."

Weak Opponent 2: "Couldn't beat me even if you tried at trying to."

Defeat against Kain: "Urgh... just like... him as well..."

Defeat against Yuna: "I underestimated you... she would've beat me senseless too, in this case..."


Penelo comment:

"Bows, guns, rifles, axes, lances, fists, AND swords. That's his weapons from best to worst in skill... Can't he choose one?!"

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Let's give this a go! (Mainly 'cuz I imagine that Averill and Laguna would end up as, like, massive bros.)


Character Listing:

[Roaming Bow] - Controls the ground with mid-to-long range bow attacks.


Bravery Attacks:

Quick Nock - Averill pelts the area in front of him with arrows, covering a small area. [Chase]

Quote - "I can't miss!"


Venomous Bite - A single, light shot from long range. Foe suffers DoT if they are hit.


Heavy Shot - A short to mid-range shot, useful for knocking foe back. [Wall Rush]

Quote - "Watch out!"


Shadowbind - Non-damaging, but ties the foe to the ground for a short duration.


Windbite - A special shot that launches the foe upon hit.

Follow-up: Barrage - Averill darts about his foe, pelting them with arrows. [Floor Rush].


EX Mode:

EX Burst - Clean Shot: 

[A powerful, single shot. Keep the foe at a distance for greater damage!]

The way this would work would be a bit like Feral Chaos's EX Burst. For a set duration, Averill begins charging the attack in a special arena, and must do all he can to keep away from his opponent. The further they are at the end of the duration, the greater the bravery damage of the first hit is. It is then followed by HP damage.


EX Effects:

Regen: Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.

Critical Boost: Increases chance of bravery attacks dealing critical hits.

Repelling Shot: [R+Square] A HP attack that causes Averill to jump back a large distance, giving him extra manoeuvrability. 

Swiftsong: Sharply increases movement speed.


EX Quotes:

Activating EX Mode: "These boots have seen more roads than most!"

Repelling Shot: "Off I go!"

Beginning EX Burst: "I'd start running. No, not you!"

End of EX Burst: "This tale's... [shoots] finished!"



1. "I'm set when you are!"

2. "I don't normally fight people..."

3. "Take care - I'm a quick shot!"

4. "Can't we talk instead?"

Low HP at Beginning 1: "My boots are wearing thin..."

Low HP at Beginning 2: "Not yet - come on!"

Against a Strong Foe 1: "Just another roadblock!" 

Against a Strong Foe 2: "Heh, how about a drink after?"

Against a Weak Foe 1: "I really wouldn't."

Against a Weak Foe 2: "Alright then! You asked for it!"


Character's Long Quotes:

Warrior of Light: "How can your allies watch your back?"

Garland: "I will be the end of your empty journey!"

Firion: "Let me hear of your dreams, Averill."

The Emperor: "All roads lead to my dominion."

Onion Knight: "Enough with the questions already!"

Cloud of Darkness: "Words descend into meaningless, mortal."

Golbez: "You, too, flee from your shadow."

Cecil: "Your cavalier attitude concerns me."

Kain: "Can you smile 'till the very end?"

Bartz: "What do you mean, you don't like chocobos?"

Exdeath: "You cannot flee the Void."

Gilgamesh: "Enough expository banter!"

Terra: "Are you truly free?"

Kefka: "Kehehe! I'm gonna obliterate that grin!"

Cloud: "Can you fight with that weight on your shoulders?"

Sephiroth: "I see your darkness."

Tifa: "I hope you know how to shoot straight!"

Squall: "Take this seriously."

Ultimecia: "Your past lies ahead of you, vagrant."

Laguna: "Now you I can get along with!"

Zidane: "Sorry, but I'm stealing the limelight!"

Kuja: "Your theatrics are but a prelude to my performance."

Tidus: "My story's not ready to be told yet."

Jecht: "I've got no time for chit-chat!"

Yuna: "I hope you get to keep walking."

Prishe: "Ain't you a curious one?"

Shantotto: "Your words are in error, wanderer!"

Vaan: "So... no flying? That sucks."

Gabranth: "No obligations or resolve. You will fall before me, mongrel!"

Lightning: "I don't care for stories."

Chaos: "You are but a sum of your memories!"


Averill's Long Quotes:

Warrior of Light: "How hard can it be to smile?"

Garland: "I don't care for running in circles!"

Firion: "Let's turn those dreams into memories, you and me."

The Emperor: "I'll outrun your chains!"

Onion Knight: "What made you put on that armour?"

Cloud of Darkness: "Hey, er... I got some spare clothes if you want 'em."

Cecil: "There are two sides to every story. Let's hear yours!"

Kain: "My neck's starting to hurt, watching you."

Golbez: "Those are some heavy chains..."

Bartz: "Get that feather away from me!"

Exdeath: "Y'know, plants are surprisingly tasty."

Gilgamesh: "That's a neat trick!"

Terra: "Your past can't hold you down."

Kefka: "I can't have you destroying my roads!"

Cloud: "That blade isn't just a physical weight, is it?"

Sephiroth: "You must have some tales under that belt."

Tifa: "Let's see if you can get close enough."

Squall: "It's easier to smile, wouldn't you agree?"

Ultimecia: "Keep my past where it is, if you please."

Laguna: "Every direction is worth travelling!"

Zidane: "You can't steal words, kid!"

Kuja: "I'm not one for stage plays."

Tidus: "You're not the sitting type, are you?"

Jecht: "I guess everyone has a tough father..."

Yuna: "You can choose your path!"

Prishe: "I thought Elezen were taller?"

Shantotto: "Prose over poetry!"

Vaan: "I'd rather not take a ride with you, Sky Pirate."

Gabranth: "Are you wearing that armour, or hiding behind it?"

Lightning: "You're allowed to drop your guard around friends."

Chaos: "There's no thirteenth seat among the Twelve!"

RPC Character Long Quotes:

Crooked Tarot: "I don't need gil where I'm going."

Edgar: "You're quick. Fought quicker."

Oscare: "I thought one hunted beasts?"

Yvelont: "I try and avoid snake bites."



1. "I guess that does it."

2. "How about a drink?"

3. "I can't stop here!"

4. "Not bad, not bad!"

Low HP 1: "That'll be a tale to tell..."

Low HP 2: "Phew... Let's not do that again."

Strong Opponent 1: "A worthy experience!"

Strong Opponent 2: "Let me hear your story."

Weak Opponent 1: "Sorry about that!"

Weak Opponent 2: "Onto the next."



1. "I guess this is my stop..."

2. "Maybe... a little break..."

3. "No! Not here!"

Strong Opponent 1: "That's quite a wall to scale."

Strong Opponent 2: "Sorry, Rooks..."

Weak Opponent 1: "Those were some lucky shots!"

Weak Opponent 2: "Is this really all I can do?"


Penelo comment:

"He's nice, but he's too curious! Can't we just chat normally!?"


This was great fun! It got me thinking about all the relationships he might have in a game like this. As an added bonus, here's the song that would play as his battle theme:



Had a poke at EX and Bravery attacks! Next time I swing around it'll be for more RPC Character quotes and HP attacks. This has been good fun!

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Howdy guys! I want to say thanks to everyone who has participated so far! I hope you had as much fun as I did! Now then, I added a little more to the prompt, so be sure to check back at the top to see what the new additions are! They include attack descriptions/quotes, EX Mode description/Quotes and EX Burst Description/Quote!


I also added in Tarot's Long quotes against people that have responded to this thread! :thumbsup:

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((Disclaimer: I haven't played the large majority of Final Fantasy games, but this was too fun an exercise to pass up. I also haven't played either of the Dissidias, so I'll be passing up on the Bravery Attacks and EXs, as well. This proved a useful resource, by the by.) 





1. Cheat, run, or die.

2. Care for a game?

3. Bleed for me.

4. This is for her.


Starting Battle with Low HP: I'm a bleedin' fool.

Starting Battle with Low HP: As I live, I'll serve!


Against a Strong Opponent: Sittin' down to a bad hand...

Against a Strong Opponent: Bite me!


Against a Weak Opponent: Amateur...

Against a Weak Opponent: Shut up.




Melkire Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Admirable.

Garland: A man on the ground is a dead man, and I ain't dead yet!

Firion: I know a man worth two of you.

The Emperor: Men like you are why those like Her suffer.

Onion Knight: Oi, who let the lalafell in here?

Cloud of Darkness: Lady, I don't do crazy.

Cecil: Red Wings, eh? Prove it!

Golbez: I pity you.

Kain: You compensatin' f'somethin'?

Bartz: Buy you a drink? No?

Exdeath: As if!

Gilgamesh: Have we met...?

Terra: Malms to go before I rest, lass.

Kefka: I won't let you take them from me.

Cloud: From one soldier t'another... stand down!

Sephiroth: What's so gods-damned funny?!

Tifa: Tempted, but I'm taken.

Squall: Garleans... I hate Garleans.

Ultimecia: One bell, two bell, last hell, true hell...

Laguna: Great. Another loveable idiot.

Zidane: First t'rinse the other's pockets clean?

Kuja: You're a right pain in the ass, aint'cha?

Tidus: *chuckles* Trachtoum sings your praises.

Jecht: Gods, and I thought I had a mouth.

Yuna: Please, miss. Don't force my hand. 

Shantotto: Not you again!

Prishe: Hand to hand, eh? I'm game!

Vaan: What can fly can also fall.

Gabranth: I won't take judgment from the likes of you.

Lightning: Look, lady, I'm just doing my job.

Chaos: Oschon guide my steps, Thal consecrate my steel...




Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Conflicted!

Garland: You will kneel.

Firion: You... you are a dreamer.

The Emperor: Short-sighted fools cannot possibly understand.

Onion Knight: Are you always this rude?

Cloud of Darkness: You stand on the brink. Fall for me.

Cecil: Show me you have what it takes!

Golbez: You swore an oath. Do not renege.

Kain: The fractured will shatter, make no mistake. 

Bartz: That's a lot of steel you're hiding!

Exdeath: Disappear!

Gilgamesh: Fascinating, for someone so worthless.

Terra: Be true.

Kefka: Friends, family, love... I'll take them all from you.

Cloud: You're willing to go that far, huh?

Sephiroth: A petty thief calling himself a soldier... laughable.

Tifa: You should relax a little, you know.

Squall: ...are you an idiot?

Ultimecia: I know you, son of harlot.

Laguna: A kindred spirit!

Zidane: Eh. Might as well give this a go. 

Kuja: You're full of openings.

Tidus: Better hold your breath, old man!

Jecht: Who sent me the pipsqueak...?

Yuna: You bear many a burden...

Shantotto: Let me show you true power.

Prishe: You want a go, let's go!

Vaan: Try and keep up.

Gabranth: The lost shouldn't lecture the lost. 

Lightning: You didn't think this through, did you?

Chaos: They will all know me before the end.






1. Cheaters prosper.

2. I win, you lose.

3. One more on Dirk's account.

4. You've kept me away long enough.


Low HP: So what does that make you?

Low HP: Served you right.


Strong Opponent: Coeurls over Snurbles, y'scrag!

Strong Opponent: What, too much for you?


Weak Opponent: What a waste.

Weak Opponent: Stay down.




1. Can't... endure...

2. Cardsharp...!

3. Seven hells...

4. Shite... she's... waitin' for me... t'come home...


Strong Opponent: Too many knives... at the table...

Strong Opponent: Ruttin' bastard...!


Weak Opponent: Heh... potential.

Weak Opponent: Ugh.




Penelo Comment


Thief, assassin, outcast, soldier, terrorist... that's enough action for five lifetimes. He ought to retire.

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As a huge fan of the Dissidia series this sounds like so much fun, My PSP basically is a Dissidia machine, and thinking of Oswain going toe to toe with these guys... She'd lose, every day of the week, but this will be fun none the less.


Oswain Gerralt


Character Listing:

[Last Resort] - A rash combatant who's force keeps her opponents on edge.





General Pre-Battle Quotes:


1. Just know, I won't go easy on you.

2. Heh, don't be intimidated now!

3. You think you can beat me?

4. I'd want to spar me too!


Starting Battle with Low HP: Gonna take more than this to get me to back down.

Starting Battle with Low HP: Not...finished...yet


Against a Strong Opponent: Time for me to prove myself!

Against a Strong Opponent: Lets see how hard you'll fall.


Against a Weak Opponent: Don't worry, I can teach you.

Against a Weak Opponent: Hehe, kinda remind me of myself.





Tarot Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: A legendary hero?  Awesome!

Garland: Guess its my turn to take you down!

Firion: Man, ever consider getting serious about one weapon?

The Emperor: People like you will never understand passion!

Onion Knight: You sure you're ready for this?

Cloud of Darkness: Guess you're not worried about armor...

Cecil: Stopping to think about your actions is a good way to get hurt.

Golbez: A mage in armor?  This ought to be interesting.

Kain: Freaking dragoons......

Bartz: Sometimes its better to have loyalty to your home.

Exdeath: Is there even anyone in there?

Gilgamesh: Let's have an honorable duel!

Terra: A lack of confidence cuts deeper than any blade.

Kefka: All that power... and you're still the one getting destroyed.

Cloud: Wouldn't it be better just to wield an axe?

Sephiroth: Who does your hair, really, I want to know!

Tifa: Something seems wrong with your workout..

Squall: You're so quiet!  Liven up a bit!

Ultimecia: Trust me, I've got nothing but time.

Laguna: Now /that's/ a weapon I'd like to figure out.

Zidane: You're quick, but are you quick enough?

Kuja: You're hair is amazing.... what do you use?

Tidus: Shouldn't you be practicing for a game?

Jecht: Some people just don't know when to retire.....

Yuna: Don't start preaching at me now.

Shantotto: Great another Lalafell mage.  Joy.

Prishe: Hehe, now this ought to be fun.

Vaan: You got a license to buy?

Gabranth: Duty means nothing if you no longer believe in the cause.

Lightning: Why are you even here?

Chaos: I'll show them all, despair can always be defeated!






Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Go back to your training!

Garland: You are not ready to be part of the cycle.

Firion: Do you even know how to use that?

The Emperor: Your passion is easily controlled.

Onion Knight: Can't say you don't believe in yourself.

Cloud of Darkness: Your passion can do nothing to the void.

Cecil: Its not always as clear as you think it is.

Golbez: I'll show you the importance of temperance.

Kain: You should know better.....

Bartz: There's such as thing as trying too hard, you know. (stealing this one, it just works so well)

Exdeath: All roads lead to the void!

Gilgamesh: Hey, can you make that sword yet?

Terra: Such confidence....

Kefka: (laughing) come on then!

Cloud: You've haven't made many mistakes yet... have you?

Sephiroth: Come then, show me your strength

Tifa: I'll show you its not about what weapons you have

Squall: You're so loud, you need to quiet down.

Ultimecia: And you though you had nothing but time.

Laguna: Listen... are you sure about this?

Zidane: Don't want to hurt you....

Kuja: What's this?  A child comes to play?

Tidus: Try to keep up now.

Jecht: Experience is more important than passion in a fight.

Yuna: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be amazing someday.

Shantotto: You're much to rash, I'll turn you to mash!

Prishe: Don't lose sight of what keeps you going.

Vaan: You'll fly high with this attitude.

Gabranth: Passions mean nothing.

Lightning: Hmph, should you really be here?

Chaos: The flames of passion die, leaving only despair.







1. I told you, I'm the best.

2. Did you see that guys?

3. Its ok, I'm pretty much unbeatable.

4. You should have known better than challenge me.


Low HP: I'm moving... you're not.... I .. win.

Low HP: You know... you almost put up a fight.


Strong Opponent: Lets try that again, this time, actually try

Strong Opponent: So wait, you aren't that strong?


Weak Opponent: I warned you.

Weak Opponent: Don't worry, keep training and you'll be half as good as me.





1. This... this doesn't count!

2. Next time... I'll fight for real.

3. You... you cheated!

4. No... this isn't happening!


defeat againt:


Strong Opponent: We all have off days sometimes

Strong Opponent: How did you...


Weak Opponent: I was going easy!

Weak Opponent: Its not fair to lie about what you can do.





Penelo Comment


She's certainly got spunk!  Hear she's better suited to crafting though.

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Aaron would probably do very good until he started losing his will and quitting! I skipped quite a few people as im multitasking. Will probably edit later. No I'll edit it all in soon!





Character listing :



[Exidium Assault]  - A silent but viscous fighters who is all offense no defense.




General Pre Battle Quotes



1. . . . . Not interested.

2. I hope you can dodge.

3. I don't want to kill you.

4. I have no reason to fight you. 



Starting with low hp : . . . Im not feeling it anymore.  .

Starting with low hp: . . . Guess I deserved this.


Against a strong opponent - Guess I've got bad luck. ..

Against a strong opponent - . . . No turning back now.  .


Against a weak opponent - . . . Not interested

Against a weak opponent - . . . Don't hold back.  .


Aaron Long Quotes -

warrior of light - You look happy. .

Garland - im not holding back 

Firion - . . . . .

The emperor - What is your passion? 

Onion knight - You ready?

Cloud of darkness - Well. . . .

Cecil - Go. . . Away

Cloud - Are you. . . Troubled too?

Sephiroth - Get out of my head

Tifa - Everyone makes mistakes

Squall - Hope you talk more soon

Tidus - Bet you grew up well huh?

Lightning - i don't want to cut you down. . .

Zidane - I don't want this anymore than you




Niklas Gran - You're imitating how I fight. . . Why?



Victory -

1. No hard feelings. 

2. Im sorry. . .

3. You're not my equal. . .

4. I found my answer. . .


Low hp: Almost.  . . 

Low hp: Guess im not all weak. . .


Strong opponent - . . . Round 2?

Strong opponent - Why do you want to fight me?


Weak opponent - You can't best me. . .

Weak opponent - I told you.  . .


Defeat -

1. . . . I knew I wouldn't be much help. . .

2. I lost. . . Not surprised.  .

3. I'm not fit to help anyone.  . .

4. This is my limit.  . .


Strong opponent - I knew I'd lose...

Strong opponent - . . . . 


Weak opponent - Guess your resolves stronger than mine. .

Weak opponent - . . . . You win.



"He's a ex pirate who has more swords than I can count,  but only carries 3 with him. . Why so many?"


Updates soon!

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Character Listing:

 [stylized Slasher] "Wielding 5 different swords, utilizing 3 different sword styles, and a master in each one."




General Pre-Battle Quotes:


1. It's my turn now.

2. Alright! Here goes!

3. Let us have a splendid fight!

4. May neither of us die in despair.


Starting Battle with Low HP: Gods. Of all the moments.

Starting Battle with Low HP: Do not think you have the advantage.


Against a Strong Opponent: I'll fight all out!

Against a Strong Opponent: What immense power...


Against a Weak Opponent: Alright, let us test your mettle.

Against a Weak Opponent: You are brave for going up against me, I'll give you that.




Niklas Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Why....do you seem familiar?

Garland: Your tyranny ends here!

Firion: I can feel your sense of justice. It brings a smile to my face.

The Emperor: Garlean or not, I will put an end to all this!

Onion Knight: Despite your stature, you show bravery. I admire that.

Cloud of Darkness: G-gods! Why are you barely clothed?!

Cecil: Not all darkness is evil.

Golbez: If redemption is what you seek, let me help.

Kain: A master of the lance.... just like her.....

Bartz: It's good to fight with someone with the same demeanor as I!

Exdeath: This is not your true form. That I know.

Gilgamesh: Sorry, you are not getting your hands on these swords!

Terra: You are not the only who is conflicted. Let me help.

Kefka: You're insane. I'll finish this quickly.

Cloud: You have the same eyes as me....

Sephiroth: I will pluck the one wing you bear.

Tifa: Oh gods.... another Rena.....

Squall: Heh. You're just like someone I know.

Ultimecia: I know time is on my side.

Laguna: Your gun will do nothing against Aegis!

Zidane: A monkey tail? Are you perhaps related to my sister?

Kuja: I will always fight for peace!

Tidus: Life is not a game.

Jecht: I know you are not evil. I feel sorry for you.

Yuna: I sense purity in you.

Shantotto: With one who has a twisted mind, you seem to know who to find.

Prishe: A master of fists. Are you perhaps from Ala Mhigo?

Vaan: You're not the first pirate I saw.

Gabranth: I can tell beneath your noble exterior lies a broken man.

Lightning: Beauty is not only skin-deep.

Chaos: You eldritch! I shall pave the way for the Light!


Original FF XIV PC Characters:


Aaron Glacier: You're troubled, I know.

Rena Gran: Show me how much you've improved, sis!

Xuri Tia: Fists alone won't get past my defense.

Talyn Shadowmoon: You can't keep running away you know.

Niklas Gran: One must fight their inner demon to awaken.




Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: I feel a pure aura coming from you.

Garland: Pathetic man! Fall by my blade!

Firion: I'm glad to be amongst a fellow hero.

The Emperor: I will wash away your ambition for peace.

Onion Knight: Don't underestimate me just by my size!

Cloud of Darkness: Darkness will rule over all.

Cecil: I feel honored to be near a man of your purity.

Golbez: Perhaps you hold the answers to which I seek.

Kain: Let us test each others strength.

Bartz: Wow, I don't think I can match your unique styles!

Exdeath: The Void cannot extinguish such purity!

Gilgamesh: Those are some excellent looking swords! They're mine!

Terra: Help me....please.

Kefka: I'm going to turn your world upside down!

Cloud: What do you fight for?

Sephiroth: Even the purest heart can be tainted.

Tifa: I'm not afraid of you! Bring it on!

Squall: Get out of my way.

Ultimecia: Time waits for no one.

Laguna: Your passion is unsurpassable! Tell me your secret!

Zidane: Your sister sounds interesting! Tell me about her after our fight!

Kuja: Why fight for something that cannot last?

Tidus: Don't you feel like a turtle with those many swords?

Jecht: Let your pure heart echo!

Yuna: Why must we fight then?

Shantotto: Hey only I can do those rhymes!

Prishe: I'll wipe that smirk off your face!

Vaan: Hey not all pirates are bad!

Gabranth: Enough talk. Prepare to lock swords!

Lightning: You sure have a strong resolve.

Chaos: I shall consume all Light!






1. Sorry, but I must be off now.

2. Good fight! Let's fight again next time!

3. I will always surpass my limits.

4. Sorry it had to end like this, but I'm in a hurry.


Low HP: The strongest resolve can overcome anything.

Low HP: That was a close call....


Strong Opponent: One can overcome all if he puts their mind to it!

Strong Opponent: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!


Weak Opponent: Let this fight be a lesson to get stronger!

Weak Opponent: I'm sure next time you can beat me! Heh!




1. No....not now.

2. They..need me!

3. I can't give up.... not now!

4. You have not...seen my best!


Strong Opponent: Is this my true limit?

Strong Opponent: I...can't move!


Weak Opponent: Wow you are....strong...

Weak Opponent: This is...embarrassing.



Penelo Comment


"He must spend a lot of time to be able to wield 5 different swords! I will most certainly lose against that!"


Niklas employs three different styles of swordsmanship in his attacks.

First Bastion: One-handed Sword and shield (Wielding Tyrfing and Aegis mainly) (Defense-based)

Second Tsurugi: Dual wielded swords (Mainly Exor and Calibur) (Speed-based)

Third Braver: Two-handed sword (Either Ragnell or Kusanagi) (Power-based)


Bravery Attacks


Shift Slash - Usable in all styles Does a standard slash in order to change into a different style of combat. Bastion -> Tsurugi -> Braver -> Bastion

"Time to change it up!"


Fast Blade - Bastion Niklas does a simple quick slash at the opponent.


Savage Blade - Bastion Niklas does a strong whirlwind slash.


Rage of Halone - Bastion Niklas goes in for a flurry of slashes coming from multiple angles, decreasing the enemy's Bravery and Strength.

"Take this!"


Riot Blade - Bastion Niklas does a powerful stab.


Shield Bash - Bastion Niklas does a powerful slam into the opponent with his shield, stunning them for a couple of seconds.


Shield Lob - Bastion Niklas throws his powerful shield at the opponent like a boomerang, giving him time to switch to his dual weapons. Switches to Tsurugi

"Taste my shield!"


Double Diagonal - Tsurugi Niklas turns his body around, proceeding to do a diagonal slash at the opponent with both swords.


Sword Rush - Tsurugi Niklas rushes at the opponent with a short combo of the dual blades.



Chain Combo - Tsurugi Depending on the button combination used, Niklas will do one of many unique combos with his two swords at the opponent, changing it up with each slash.

"My turn!"


Switch Strike - Tsurugi Niklas goes up close to the opponent, then does an upwards strike that sends the opponent flying, giving him time to switch out to his huge sword. Switches to Braver

"I'm not done!"


Heavy Slash - Braver (Broadsword) Using the momentum, Niklas delivers a powerful heavy slash to the opponent, causing great damage.


Clean Cut - Braver (Katana) Niklas does a powerful vertical, yet cleanly done slash at the opponent, doing a strike that looks like it could cut the enemy clean in half.


HP Attacks


Gran Strike - Bastion Niklas goes in for a relentless flurry of sword strikes and shields slams, greatly reducing the enemy HP.

"Gran Strike!"


Cross-Slash - Tsurugi Niklas first does two slashes with both swords, to make it resemble a X, then does two more of the same at various angles to create a complex multi-cross pattern that ends with a double horizontal slash, knocking back the opponent. Not the same as Cloud's Cross-Slash

"Now! Cross Slash!"


Braver - Braver Niklas leaps into the air with his huge sword, channeling aether into it to make it look like a glowing version of the Buster Sword, then proceeds to hit the opponent with a great vertical slash.






EX Mode

"Time to break my limits!" - Upon activating EX Mode

"Going all out!" - Upon activating EX Mode (Alternate)


Final Trance - Niklas, with the full power of his aether unleashed, uses all of his swords at once, holding them around him with his aether, and allows him to use all of his moves without switching.


EX Buffs


Sword Oath: Normal attacks do more damage.

Regen: Recovers HP over time.

Trance: Able to use all styles at once.


EX Appearance


Niklas's hair becomes more spiked upwards, his muscle tone increases, his blue eyes glow, and his non-Bastion swords float around him.



EX Burst

"Allow me to show you..." - Starting EX Burst

"This is...." - Starting EX Burst (Alternate)


Ultima Strike - Niklas, with all his might, proceeds to rain down a blade hell on the opponent with all 5 blades at once, finishing it with his Bastion sword (Mainly Tyrfing), all with an aetherial glow.


"My full power!" - Successfully activating EX Burst

"Ultima Strike!" - Successfully activating EX Burst (Alternate)

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Character Listing:

[Moral Supporter] "Stands from afar poisoning opponents as he encourages his Egis and his Carbuncles to fight."




General Pre-Battle Quotes:


1. "Do I really have to fight...?"

2. "It's sad we have to fight like this..."

3. "I-I can't give up!"

4. "No... I have to try!"


Starting Battle with Low HP: "I don't think I can win..."

Starting Battle with Low Hp: "I feel weak... Summons! Help me!"


Against a Strong Opponent: "Can I really win this..."

Against a Strong Opponent: "This power... It's terrifying..."


Against a Weak Opponent: "I don't want to fight you!"

Against a Weak Opponent: "Why, why do you choose to fight...?"




Kuro Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: "You're not the Warrior of Light I know..."

Garland: "Why are you so angry...?"

Firion: "You're like a hero... I wish I could be like that..."

The Emperor: "Y-you're pure evil! I have to stop you!"

Onion Knight: "W-wow, your kind of cool...!"

Cloud of Darkness: "W-what are you wearing!?"

Cecil: "You're able to use the dark in your heart for good? Amazing..."

Golbez: "When I look at you all I sense is guilt..."

Kain: "I don't know what to think of you..."

Bartz:" "Huh!? You've mastered all the classes and jobs!?"

ExDeath: "You remind me of Gridania..."

Gilgamesh: "Do I... know you?"

Terra: "You seem scared... I am too..."

Kefka: "I-I... Hate clowns!"

Cloud: "Why do you carry that heavy burden alone...?"

Sephiroth: "Y-You're heartless...!"

Tifa: "You seem gentle... But passionate too...?"

Squall: "Why do you like being alone?"

Ultimecia: "If I don't win my time might be up...!"

Laguna: "I've never seen a gun like that before..."

Zidane: "A boy with a tail? That reminds me of a story I read...!"

Kuja: "How do you fly like that?"

Tidus: "You're so cheery, I wish I could be like that..."

Jecht: "You're not a bad person... Right?"

Yuna: "Wow! You're a summoner too!?"

Shantotto: "Are you a lalafell, pray tell? Haha!"

Prishe: "A Pugilist? Are you from Ul'dah then?"

Vann: "You can't be a pirate! You'll get in trouble!"

Gabranth: "You remind me of the Garlean Empire..."

Lightning: "You definitely remind me of someone..."

Chaos: "I'm up against a God... But I have to win! For everyone!"

Kuro "Is this a test of strength?"



Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: "You have potential but are afraid to show it."

Garland: "I'll crush you! Little child!"

Firion: "Why are you scared of using your power?"

The Emperor: "Your poison is no match for my traps!"

Onion Knight: "Why are you being such a coward!?"

Cloud of Darkness: "Come child, i'll end it quickly..."

Cecil: "You're absolutely pure..."

Golbez: "If you aren't willing to stand up then stay down!"

Kain: "You don't know who to trust do you?"

Bartz:" "That book looks interesting!"

ExDeath: "You will not be spared from the void!"

Gilgamesh: "Huh!? Where is your rare sword!?"

Terra: "We... Are the same?"

Kefka: "Why not scurry home to mommy and daddy? Oh wait!"

Cloud: "If you don't overcome your emotions you'll never win..."

Sephiroth: "You're not the one i'm searching for."

Tifa: "C'mon, cheer up!"

Squall: "Why do you even need friends?"

Ultimecia: "Your time will be up eventually."

Laguna: "You really need to chill out!"

Zidane: "What's your problem, fight!"

Kuja: "Oh come now, tears won't help you one bit!"

Tidus: "You need to get your head in the game!"

Jecht: "Hey kid, there's really no need to be afraid."

Yuna: "Another Summoner?"

Shantotto: "Just because you and I are one of the same, does not mean you'll get out of this game!"

Prishe: "Hey, are you hungry too!?"

Vann: "You need to fly high if you wanna get anywhere!"

Gabranth: "Tears won't stop your execution!"

Lightning: "I'll show you what being brave means!"

Chaos: "I'll remove your existence and no one will notice!"






1. "I-I won!?"

2. "I'm sorry... If I hurt you..."

3. "I did it Tadayoshi!

4. "Thank you everyone for helping me!"


Low HP:


1. "Oww..."

2. "I thought I was done for..."


Strong Opponent:


1. "How did I do that?"

2. "Am I really that strong...?"


Weak Opponent:


1. "I-I'm really sorry!!!"

2. "I told you I didn't want to fight..."




1. "Of course I lost..."

2. "Why did I even try..."

3. "I'm sorry... Everyone..."

4. "I knew this would happen..."


Strong Opponent:


1. "I never... stood a chance..."

2. "It was over before I knew it..."


Weak Opponent:


1. "I... Underestimated..."

2. "Where did that strength come from...?"




Penelo Quote

"He doesn't want to fight, but he's strong! And he can keep his summons out for as long as he wants! I wish I could do that..."




EX Mode


"Everyone... Help me!"

"This hat is precious to me!"


[00:00] Ultimate Gear Set Equipped! - Equips Artifact gear and The Veil of Wiyu Novus


EX Burst


"I won't go down yet!"

"My friends are my power!"


Ultimate Enkindle - All of Kuro's summons unleash their ultimate attacks one by one, while Kuro casts Bio, Bio 2 and Miasma on the opponent, after all the summons have attacked Kuro finishes the opponent off with Fester.


EX Buffs


Swift Recovery - Dodge start times and end times are much faster

Energy Drain - When attacks are blocked, the damage it would have dealt is taken from the opponent and given to Kuro

Sustain - Health heals by a small amount every couple of seconds.

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Madda shall do this with a serious one first o 3o



Fated Sky


Character Listing:

[Towering Fighter] - "This combatant prefers to use their size to help enhance attacks and defense, but is most at home while in a medium range."




Pre Battle Quotes:

1. "I've always got time to break bones."

2. "Let's see how good you are."

3. "I'll try not to break you. Try."

4. "Don't hold back on me."


Start with Low HP:

1. "I won't even need all of this for you."

2. "Have to wait for others to do all of the work, hmm?"


Against Strong Opponent:

1. "You'll do just fine."

2. "Just another hill on the way to glory."


Against Weak Opponent:

1. "I'll end this quickly."

2. "You can run away if you wish. I'll think of it as falling back."




Fated Sky Long Quotes:

Warrior of Light: "So the tales are true..."

Garland: "You're a leech to a higher power, waiting to be removed."

Firion: "Just pick a weapon already."

The Emperor: "I've never raised my blade at royalty before, but there's a first time for everything."

Onion Knight: "Come find me after this fight and I'll show you what true courage is."

Cloud of Darkness: "I didn't know I would be fighting a showgirl."

Cecil: "You're light and dark at once?"

Golbez: "A spell caster in armor? This is new..."

Bartz: "You copied my style? How did..."

Exdeath: "All that armor is slowing you down."

Terra: "If you don't want to fight, then don't step into my battlefield!"

Kefka: "I'll carve that wicked heart out of your chest."

Cloud: "How are you even holding that up?"

Sephiroth: "That's a pretty strange blade."

Squall: "So you're a loner as well. Huh."

Ultimecia: "Your time just ran out."

Zidane: "Are you a mi'quote too? Hyur?"

Kuja: "I'll clip those wings of yours."

Tidus: "Do you ever take things seriously?"

Jecht: "Oh...Hello there~" (she has a thing for muscular men)

Shantotto: "♪♫If you rhyme one more time. I'll break your god damn spine.♫♪"

Gabranth: "Just another knight gone mad. Nothing special here."

Chaos: "Can't lose here. Can't lose now!"

Tifa: "You must have trained in Ul'dah."

Yuna: "Your friends are no match for me."





1. "You fought well."

2. "Shall we go again?"

3. "I'll stay by your muscular side until you get better~" (Jecht special)


Low HP:

1. "Ugh..."

2. "More scars for the collection."

3. "Barely made it."



Against Strong Opponent:

1. "You underestimated me. A cruel mistake."

2. "My glory only rises from here."



Against Weak Opponent:

1. "I was weak like you once."

2. "Maybe next time. Maybe not."



1. "Damn..."

2. "But...I can't lose!"

3. "Radiant...I've failed you.."

4. "Out of everyone, why did I lose to HER?" (Shantotto)


Against Strong Opponent:

1. "Such power..."

2. "I should have thought of a better strategy."



Against Weak Opponent:

1. "I was just holding back..."

2. "You got lucky. Don't let it get to your head."

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Zozola Zola


Character Listing:

[beligerent Bombadier] - A mage who overwhelms her opponents with pure force of magic.




General Pre-Battle Quotes:


1. Bow before your Sultana!

2. Gonna leave you in pieces!

3. Ugh! What a nuisance!

4. You don't have a clue!


Starting Battle with Low HP: This is nothing!

Starting Battle with Low HP: A noble never shirks!


Against a Strong Opponent: KABOOM!

Against a Strong Opponent: Just means a bigger explosion!


Against a Weak Opponent: Weak, weak, WEAK!

Against a Weak Opponent: You've got less than no chance!




Tarot Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: I'll do more than scuff that armor!

Garland: Gonna make your head spin!

Firion: You LOOK like a tool!

The Emperor: I'm the Empress of Heaven AND Hell!

Onion Knight: I HATE onions!

Cloud of Darkness: My magic'll leave ya in the dark!

Cecil: Light--Dark? I'll explode them both!

Golbez: I--I--just shut up and fight..!

Kain: My Fire is stronger than any dragon's!

Bartz: Just TRY matching my magics!

Exdeath: Only you're good for is kindling!

Gilgamesh: The worst kind of minion!

Terra: You might actually be useful!

Kefka: Almost as good as me!

Cloud: I'll blast those memories right of ya!

Sephiroth: You're hair looks pretty flamable...

Tifa: Ugh, stop FLAUNTING.

Squall: You look like you can take orders pretty well!

Ultimecia: Fade away, you old biddy!

Laguna: I know, I know--leg cramping up, right?

Zidane: Hard to steal with frost-bitten fingers!

Kuja: You just look obnoxious!

Tidus: Your tears'll freeze before they hit the ground!

Jecht: Oh my...!

Yuna: Gotta spell for each of your friends!

Shantotto: You're SO old-school!

Prishe: Why can't you sit still?

Vaan: Street urchins are the worst!

Gabranth: I'll make you my guard dog!

Lightning: So, poking your nose around here too?

Chaos: First I'll rule Chaos--and then everything else! Nya~HAHAHA!




Other Characters Long Quotes

Warrior of Light: Arrogance affords not foundation.

Garland: A foolish child.

Firion: Whose side do you truly belong to?

The Emperor: A child? Usurp ME?

Onion Knight: Is your voice your weapon?

Cloud of Darkness: A meager offering for the Void...

Cecil: You'll not cry, will you?

Golbez: Consider something beyond the present.

Kain: An unearned Pride.

Bartz: That voice--you're definitely no lady!

Exdeath: The Void will take you and your vanity!

Gilgamesh: I think my ears are bleeding!

Terra: Such power--how can you be so selfish with it?

Kefka: Shall we destroy by fire, thunder or ice today?

Cloud: You shout enough for anyone.

Sephiroth: I'll finally silence you.

Tifa: Wow--you have to TRY to be that obnoxious.

Squall: Stop shouting.

Ultimecia: So much power and yet no control.

Laguna: Louder than artillery fire...!

Zidane: Just shut up already!

Kuja: No one likes a unseasoned diva.

Tidus: Go play with dolls, like a good kid.

Jecht: Hey--stop lookin' at me like that, kid..!

Yuna: You certainly are--unique.

Shantotto: Nothing but an upstart!

Prishe: Hey, wait, are you related to...?

Vaan: You're just ASKING for a fight!

Gabranth: Loyalty must be earned.

Lightning: You deserve everything you get, kid.

Chaos: You will rule only in oblivion!







2. That's how we nobles do it!

3. Now beg to be my minion!

4. One step closer to ruling everything!


Low HP: Aw! You were so close too! NOT!

Low HP: Oh you'll make a GREAT henchman!


Strong Opponent: Wow! You actually WERE all talk!

Strong Opponent: Now start whimpering, big shot!


Weak Opponent: Too stupid to know better!

Weak Opponent: Ho ho ho! Not even worth acknowledging!




1. Defeated! NO!


3. I forbid this!

4. Not fair! NOT FAIR!

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