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Heya! Everyone, just coming in to introduce myself!

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Hello all! Stumbled on this community looking for RP servers as others had. I usually go by SnowJackal in most of my gaming community but Dreamcatcher is my main's surname, here. been playing on the Trial, so far, and I'm really enjoying the world a lot and looking to dive into the RPing.

Alas, I'm having a lot of trouble getting on Balmung or Gilgamesh. I've been trying for four days, now. Nothing. I've tried logging in the wee hours of the night. (2am - 4am Pacific Time) and during the early afternoons and so far, nothing. Any suggestions of other servers would be greatly appreciated but I'm going to keep trying.



-MMORPG background - 

My MMORPG background started with original Everquest then segued into Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes and everywhere in between from WoW to Secret World to Wildstar and others. Let's just say I'm the worst MMORPG shopaholic ever!


RPing wise, I've RP'd in all of them and played in MUDS and MUCKS and table topped prior to that. So I've been RPing for well over 15 years.


--Character ideas/info -

My two mains are Tam Dreamcatcher, a young Thaumaturge Hyur and Taliesen a young Miqo'te soon to be Bard (but for now he's an archer). I don't have any story ideas for either of them yet as they're more or less AUs of my muses from other worlds and I'm still settling into the world lore. I tend to let their story unfold as I learn the games.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? I'm a medium RPer. I tend to be pretty easy going with spelling and grammar and such as long as you actually want to RP with me. My only restriction is I don't tend to RP with villainous stuff until I know who I'm RPing with. Way too many troubles with trolls and people doing the "I'm JUST being IC as an excuse to harass." So I'm cautious in this respect.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Outside of RPIng in games, I draw, I write, play with my Newfoundland dog and Ferrets and camp and other stuff. I'm an open book for the most part. Female player but I tend to play men. I just prefer running guys, in the end.

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Hello there, welcome to the RPC! :D It's good to have you here! I'd recommend you just keep trying for Balmung or Gilgamesh. I know that for Balmung I have the best luck around/after 1 AM EST (on week days especially), so you may have better luck trying to squeeze into the server just a biiiit later.

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Holy snappies! That's a lot of games.


I never got introduced into the real fun that CoH offered, but I hear people talk about that game all the time here so it's a warm community of the same kind of folks.


Also another MUDer! I use to play a MUD called Achaea for years, fantastic role play world.


Fantastic to start out with a person training as you learn the world they mesh well.


Welcome aboard!

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I'm with Jancis -- hurray for MUDs!


I would actually try a little later in the morning for Balmung. All of my weekday characters were created around 7-8 am Pacific, while the weekend characters I've made were made around 4-5am Pacific. Do keep trying, and a big good luck to you!


Welcome to the RPC, and once you've got a more solid idea of your characters do make a wiki page for them!





(canhasferretpictures? :3 )

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Thank you all!


Yeah my MUD experience is very limited. I don't even remember the ones I was in. I just bounced around a lot. Most of my RP experience comes from tabletops and MMOs. CoH and SWG were my primary homes though for a long time, both had fantastic RPing communities.


As for Balmung, I will have to try again. I DID manage to slide Tam into Gilgamesh, although it seems they're much quieter for public RPing from what I'm reading. Going keep trying Balmung. I'm a night person so the 5-7am time slot might be a tricky thing for me to be up at the point to get in there. We'll see, though.


As for ferrets! (well ferret! I don't know why I pluralized it.)


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