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Looking for ... Everything!

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Greetings friends,


 I'm looking to flesh out my characters background by adding people in. Mainly i'm looking for people interested in Rping someone who was related to a now passed on member of the Sultansworn. There are multiple roles available and it need not be a major part of your characters life, so no need to re-write or retcon anything.


Also looking for IC friends, romantic interests, Free Company, patrons for a blacksmith/armorsmith ect.


Feel free to read over the profile link in my signature and see if your character might fit the story somehow. I'd love to hear from you.


Gratus Stormbearer

Retired Sultansworn


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Being based out of Ul'dah, and being an ear to what may be said around political parties, there is a good chance he's heard about the former brothel that's turned into a sanctuary for 'the needy'. They have been asking for donations to help feed and clothes them.


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, or at least for a contact, let either myself or Jaques know. We love meeting new people and making RP connections!

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Still not having much luck running into Rp. Not really sure what i'm doing wrong, or if maybe my stories just aren't interesting enough. Feel free to check out my profiles and let me know what you think.



My Sultansworn paladin




And my researching Blackmage.


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