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Possible Shadowrun group on Skype?

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I keep seeing this being tossed around in the FoM linkshell so here is the thread!


I know some folk out there like Shadowrun as much as I do and we were talking about getting a group together to play over Skype. I'm assuming this would be 4th edition as no one has really brought up 5th. All the details can be hashed out though once we have folk. (Edition, GM, roles, etc)


Any interest out there? Also for those who are like "You nerd, wtf is Shadowrun?"





*rolls D6* :P




Shadowrun groups get a little unwieldly when you get above 5-6 people (Not including GM) and roles start overlapping. ((Why did EVERYONE take infiltration?? :P  )) But this is what I'm looking at so far. Correct me if wrong anywhere! Sometimes I can't tell what is a comment and what is an interest. o_o;


Also if we have a hard time locating a GM I can hit up the Shadowgrid forums and try to find someone.


Current Interested Players:








Possible players:


Aoife Cree

Mahvashi / C'rhisi

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Ooooh Shadow Run!  Its such a fun setting, sounds like fun ^_^


I have thought about a Shadow Run Aya (a Glam Hacker I think we decided!), but I'm not really looking to join any tabletop games ^_^


....4th ed hacking rules...


*cries on her pillow*

One of my friends has spent a lot of time telling me how terrible they are.  I played, I think, it was 3rd ed and they were really fun, but it seems like an easy system to break and make tedious or unfun.

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