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Rose Radiuju, Hello


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Well, thought I'd say my 'hello's here, been pressured to join this site for quite some time, and, well, would've given me something to do during the downtime between 1.0 and ARR.


I started back during the beta of 1.0 through the Besaid server before the merge with Balmung. Have managed to build a somewhat fun RP history through this elongated timescale, though I will say I'm a little apprehensive towards joining here. More in the case of how some members may have given me a preconceived notion of this being a bit too... how would I say this properly.. stuff-shirt-like....? Eh, all in all I've been needing to build something here following in much the same path as a few of my friends.


As far as game experience, well, ashamed to say I never played FFXI, and of course some of my experience moves more towards the free to play style games like Dream of Mirror Online, or rather, when Aeria still had its NA version up. Of course there's several others along the same line. For RPG's, typically battling it out between several Final Fantasy titles and various NIS titles, Disgaea included.


I'm currently going to school towards a Game Art and Design degree, so of course anyone else near those majors would be more than thankful to potentially gain some contacts that way. Going to college via my G.I. Bill, had served in the U.S. Army as an IT Specialist for a good 4 years before a spinal injury that put me out. Annnnnd... hey, I'm 7 months along on HRT as an MTF.


Quite a lot to cover, but thought I'd be up front, haha.


--MMORPG background:

dabbled in WoW, various Free to Play games, though been heavy into FFXIV, of course.


--RP experience:

Quite a lot, in all actuality, though had done a lot through GaiaOnline (I'm semi-ashamed to say) for well over a decade. From there, I guess I had done some in several games, but it's really stuck when it comes to FFXIV


--Character ideas/info

Keeper Miqo'te, Rose Radiuju. She and her twin sister are actually more or less, half and half, where Rose takes after more like their mother, Snow takes after their father in that she's more accepted as a Seeker. The two had been rescued as infants within the fall of ala mhigo, a common theme I hear, and had been raised out in La Noscea with their adopted Highlander father. Raised by an engineer, the two had a rather stern upbringing but... well, I imagine I'll leave the rest for an actual post


--How did you learn about the coalition?

Mostly through friends, had been dreading coming here, quite honestly...




--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Anything above




of course there's always DoMO Rose....



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Wow. Seeing the 1.0 Log-in takes me back. Physical levels, what were they thinking?!


I'm sorry you were cautious about coming here! We try to be welcoming, I promise! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask them. Everyone tries to be helpful, and there are some really knowledgeable lore buffs residing on these forums.


I'd also recommend checking out the Balmung Events and Town Square subsections. They help flesh out the world some, and I'm hoping you find us a little less scary if you stick around.

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Hi!! Welcome, welcome!!


Why is everyone so scared about joining the RPC? (I was guilty of it too!!) Believe me, everyone here is very friendly, very nice, very helpful and very patient. You'll find loads of help. Loads of it. 


And Warren's a really nice guy (whatever do you mean, Yangh? :|) You can probably tell, but he's one of the senior most members of the RPC. 


And, once again, welcome to the RPC. See you soon in game. Look for a C'eleni Meztli if you ever want to RP, or for any other help.

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