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:tonberry: MMORPG background- Not much beyond a barebones droid game "Celes Arca Online" I am Mitzer TheMighty Guild Leader of Noblesse Oblige however the game sort of dropped off after a few years.


:tonberry: RP experience- I was a forum role player way back in the day. Mostly playing male roles that were not romantically inclined, was primarily the buffer/equalizer of any organized story to keep order. It has been a long time and I am in need of a light polishing to get the rust off.


:love: Character ideas/info -

Eryigeim Thorskyltwyn, (Wandering Jewel, Daughter of Torn Shield)


She is the daughter of a bard. Sheltered on her father's ship until something causes her to wander the land in search for something and is scouting for a crew skilled in ordinary things, however, the best of their kind. (The best wine maker, the best farmer, the best botanist, the best prospector, the best connoisseur, etc)

Xenophobic, she is less trusting of other races and cautious of the overly religious.

Thinks Primals are just stories spouted by mad men in the ale houses.


*I would like someone adept in the lore to assist in making her back story fit in to this universe. Leaving out a lot of details till we can hammer them out.


:cactuar: How did you learn about the coalition?- Iron Sea


:bouncy: What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?- Medium, Ill see where my comfort is as I go, need some people to practice with.


:chocobo: Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?- I enjoy organic gardening. I like to collect novelty socks, enjoy interactive doodling on the Wii-U message boards, jewelry making, and cooking.





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Welcome to the HRC! :D


Always good to see more Roe ladies.  Or is it just me :cactuar:. You've got a way better start on your character than I did when I first joined. I'm sure you will be rust free in no time at all.


But... idk about that Iron guy. Kind of shady. They say he sleeps in a basement somewhere in the Goblet. I'd steer clear of him if I were you. :evil:

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