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Well im a latin american from Chile, and i want to try this roleplay thing, even though i only know a basic english, so i was thinking to ask for your help.


In this Balmug or Gilgamesh servers, de you know any spanish FC playing rp? if there isnt i dont care i ll move there anyway. 


Im in Malboro right now , have a level 50 whtm but its a was a very lonely experience, cuz people there are more focused in crafting than talk, and i want to talk. im in love with this game and if this rp  are friendly i would like to try this servers.


So which realm is better, gilgamesh or balmug? 

of course i wont take immediately the first answer youll give me, but it will help me to do my research. 


So if you could guide me through this i d very appreciated

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I have seen players RP in a foreign language on Balmung before, but I can't remember if it was french or spanish. And I do not recall what their FC's name was either ._. But I reckon there might be some out there?


Regardless, we have a linkshell on Balmung for players from the EU and who play in EU hours mostly, and you'd be welcome there :)

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Welcome, neighbor! :bouncy:


I'm from Uruguay, and I know what you mean. Unfortunately, I have not heard of any Spanish RP free companies, but I'm sure they'll take you in, besides, role-play is a fantastic way to improve your English skills! 


I'm from Balmung, so I can only tell you about the community here, it's wonderful for roleplay and almost always active, especially in Ul'dah, but I have not seen any Spanish RP going on. Perhaps Gilgamesh has a Latin American RP FC, but I think the chances are slim. Don't worry though, there are many people who RP and who speak English as their second language, like myself, and are doing just fine. And as I said, chances are your English will improve if you come across helpful RPers and are willing to accept constructive criticism to improve your grammar or spelling. People are usually respectful, but if they are jerks, please ignore them, jerks are everywhere, no matter where you go.


Do have fun, as RP is about that.:P

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