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Would you be interested in borrowing a small house?


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I had managed to snag one of the small houses in the Goblet. I had got it for the purpose of using it for RP mostly, and since housing is so limited with their implementation I would like to share it with those who have not had the chance to get a house.


I was thinking of allowing it to be 'rented out' (except with no fee) where someone could schedule using it for a few hours for RP purposes, and I could rearrange it however they want for their event and such. This way people who are not in a FC with a house/have perms to rearrange their house/whatever would be able to hold events that they would like.


The people holding the event would pretend it is a event hall or their hall, and not "Titor's house" since ICly his house is a full-time lab/clinic, but I am not using it all the time and would love to share/help out others ^^


Would there be any interest in this? I could set up a schedule and some terms and conditions and such if there would be interest :D

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