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Wanting to start!

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Hello!  I just started a new character for the purposes of RP (My main just runs around and slams things in the face with an Axe with her friends).  


I was wondering if there was anyone (especially Elezen) wanting to start anything out?  I don't have a LOT of backstory, normally planning my RP character in full isn't my style (I like to go with the flow and work off the energies around me) but I have basic info on her.


Briene Nicot - A shy and naive Wildwoon Elezen female starting out her journey into the world alone.  Highly sheltered as a child and the youngest of 6, the workings of life outside of the area of Bentbranch are foreign to her, since she was not allowed to stray far from her home.  Tired of being treated like a small child she left her family (against their wishes) in search of some meaning.  Although very sweet and caring, she can come off as bratty since that's how she's gotten things before. 

Her temperament is generally happy, but can become slightly downed if she feels that she is a disappointment.


So really, I'd like to find some other characters that teach her the real world and shatter her bubble of security and naivete.  I'm up for any type of plots,  although I'd really love to find an Elezen male that she could admire and look up to.  


that said, any other race is fine, of course!  She wouldn't be understanding of other races, out of ignorance, but she would never be mean to them!


So yes, it is technically an Alt, but endgame business on my main doesn't take up that much time for me.  I'm in Central US, normally in the evenings after work is when I play.  send me a PM here or message me in game if you are interested!  I'm pretty laid back in RL.  Hope to make some new friends!

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Hello there, it's nice to have you here! Sadly, I don't have any Elezen characters, but I'm glad to role-play anytime. Good luck! :)


thanks!  If I ever run into you in game, I'll weasel in a hello!  I know it's a large server but If I keep running into Super Mario then there is a good chance! :D

 Ah, yes, Super Mario is hard to miss! :P

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Haha! Well, my character is pretending to be a Duskwight Elezen for now, although I'm not sure exactly how long he'll be keeping that up, so we could always do a bit of RP if you want to give that a try.


I'm always down to try things out!  Shoot me a message in game or PM me if yah wanna know when i'm on.  :D

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