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Order of Stormguard


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[align=center]About Us[/align]


The Order of the Stormguard is a community whose concept has existed since version 1.0 in 2010. We are both a linkshell and free company, though free company membership is completely optional and considered a strictly OOC channel. The linkshell is strictly IC.


Stormguard has naturally been a secret society since its inception. This has recently changed, and the group is now a fully registered free company know to the public. While it does still keep some of its inner secrets unknown to the world (such as its most important artifact), there are likely numerous scholars and tomes that mention some of its secrets now. The Stormguard makes little effort to snuff out these secrets now.


The primary focus of the Order revolves around expansion and preservation of its artifacts. The Order strives to collect the numerous relics that were lost to it in its previous downfalls. These relics will range from simple historical pieces and text to more powerful artifacts with certain attributes or abilities. The reclaiming of these may potentially put the Order in conflict and/or allegiance with other groups out there and create some possibly interesting cross-linkshell RP story arcs and individual interactions. While there is an overarching storyline for the group, individual stories and character development take a much more significant role and we place a lot of stress on creating an environment where there is room for such personal growth.


Characters from all walks of life are recruited into the group. Scholarly characters are needed to rebuild or translate the Order's lost texts, or study artifacts. Merchants are needed to build funds for the group's sustainment and expansion. Mercenaries are needed to protect the Order from external threats and/or bring in another source of income. Thieves, pirates, and the more shadowy characters are needed to covertly acquire intel and/or artifacts that belong to the Order.


Stormguard has a massive library of lore that is constantly being added to (about 900 years worth of lore and history!). We have numerous events ranging from initiation ceremonies in which new members are branded with the Stormguard tattoo and sworn to oath, to trials testing a member's worth, to excavations meant to add more puzzle pieces to the group's history.




1. On Respect.


•This is the most important rule of them all. All members are expected to show respect to not only fellow members, but also to non-members. All members represent the shell on some level and they are expected to behave in a way that best reflects us all. We do not tolerate discrimination of any form related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any personal beliefs. Harassment of another player, member or otherwise, is also not tolerated.


2. On OOC.


•Stormguard is a heavy RP shell. It focuses heavily on immersion. As such, it is expected that OOC (out of character) chat be kept to an absolute minimum over linkshell chat and during any public RP. In theory, the linkshell chat is approximately 90% IC, with OOC communication only when absolutely necessary. That said, we recognize that players can't be IC all the time. Dungeons and other game content (which we strive to do regularly IC) require some degree of OOC communication after all. In these instances, OOC will be reserved to party chat or tells and IC will remain in say and linkshell chat modes, unless noted otherwise.


3. On Rating.


•The shell is rated M for mature. That said, we do NOT condone scenes that are overly sexual in nature (in linkshell or public chat). That type of RP should always be kept private. However, there is bound to be some sexual innuendo and/or mature themes over the linkshell chat every now and then.


4. On Role-Play.


•Once again, Stormguard is a heavy RP shell. We have relatively high standards. While we welcome beginners, we still hold even them to some degree of high expectation. Typos and errors here and there are fine. Slaughtering the English language is not. Pushing the lore envelope is also fine, to an extent. We, however, will not accept players who claim their character to be royalty, an alien from outer space, a deity, and so forth. We also expect our members to be proactive in their RP. The leadership cannot be expected to plan all linkshell events, plots, and/or gatherings. Part of being a member is about being able to contribute to the group.


•Members agree to adhere to our RP etiquette found here.


5. On Gameplay.


•You must abide by Square Enix's Terms of Service.


In the distant past, Stormguard was divided into five diverse legions. Each contributed in a different way to the overall success of the group. Today, only three of these legions remain standing. Modern times have caused each to evolve beyond their historical roots.


Legio Ferrata: Once based in Bastion, the old La Noscean headquarters of the Stormguard, Ferrata was always known as the "Ironclad" due to the protective nature of the group. Their purpose has always been, and still is, the guarding of fellow Stormguard members through strength and security. Their membership today consists of armed warriors, strategists, mercenaries, and so on. The types of assignments in which this legion undertakes and/or promotes include training sessions, improving headquarter security, improving artifact security, hunts, and physical support to other legions within the Guard.

Legio Fidelis: Once based in Sanctuary, an old headquarters stationed in the Shroud, Fidelis has historically been known as the "Devoted" due to their devotion in the acquisition and sustainment of knowledge. The legion of healing, magic, and research, Fidelis has remained committed to expanding the Stormguard's knowledge base by adding to its ever expanding library. Their membership today consists of primarily medics, surveyors, researchers, and mages. The types of assignments most often undertaken by this legion include expansion of the Stormguard's library, leading excavations, providing healing or magical support to other legions as needed, acquisition of medical supplies, and so on.


Legio Fortis: Once based in Keystone, the old Thanalan headquarters, Fortis has historically been known as the "Valiant." The most evolved of the legions, they are now mostly known as the "Resourceful." Once the legion of firepower and information, the legion has since evolved into the group's merchants, public relations team, and securer of supplies. While their history is deep with mystics and religion, modern times have moved the legion to a new role to fill. Their membership consists of merchants, speakers, entertainers, journalists, and so on. Their common assignments focus on brokering alliances with other parties, diplomatic support to other legions as needed, overseeing financial matters, etc.



Old Legions

Legio Fulminata: Before the Sundering and subsequent Calamity, Legio Fulminata was known as the legion of legions. It consisted of the most knowledgeable and skilled leaders of the Guard. Its Highguard was leader of all of Stormguard and the deepest secrets and most powerful artifacts were under the legion's care. Known as the "Thunderstruck," an homage to the the stormy mountains in which their Coerthan headquarters was stationed, the legion celebrated classical orthodoxy and revered Byregot and Halone above all others. Once the heart of Stormguard, Fulminata was wiped out in the Sundering by elusive foes. The revived Stormguard has thus far left the legion buried with its headquarters, Haven.


Legio Animus: Legio Animus was a secretive legion unknown to most of the Guard. Born hundreds of years ago, it was eventually dissolved due to its oppressive and destructive nature. The sole mission purpose of Animus was to maintain the Stormguard's secrecy above all else. They accomplished this via both assassination and memory destruction spells against their targets. They were eventually reborn just prior to the Calamity and turned against the Stormguard in the deadly Sundering. They have since been referred to as the "Cabal," due to their secretive and antagonist nature. They still exist in the shadows beyond the Stormguard, seeking to restore the Order's veil of secrecy and return it to the days of old--even if it means destroying the remainder of the current Order to do so.


Recruitment is always open. That said, we are somewhat selective in our choices and it isn't considered that uncommon for us to decline applications. Please don't let this frighten you from applying though! We take every applicant seriously and strive to determine whether their style will mesh well with the group.


The application process is as follows:


Step 1: Apply via the forums. Yes, this is a requirement. We do not pearl anyone until they've submitted this, as this is the absolute easiest way to discern an individual's style of RP. The application is pretty straightforward and not considered difficult. There is an IC portion and an OOC portion.


Step 2: Within approximately 48 hours, you'll be notified by the posted application if you are accepted or declined. If accepted, we will contact you in game (or you can contact us) and setup an IC 'interview' RP session, sometimes right there on the spot if both parties are free.


Step 3: After the RP scene, you will be pearled on the spot (unless a major red flag arises during the session that warrants reconsideration). Once pearled, you will be considered an Initiate and be able to talk over the pearl, join events, and so on.


Step 4: Rise the ranks! Once you're a member, you will have the opportunity to rise up in rank (Initiate >> Templar >> Warden) gradually over time. This will be done via trials, initiation ceremonies, and just proving yourself an active member in the group. Should you opt to seldom contribute to the group, you will simply remain an Initiate until you do. We try not to boot anyone for lack of activity. As you gain in rank, you will be given greater access to Stormguard's secrets and greater IC responsibilities. Upon reaching Warden, you'll also have the ability to add to Stormguard's massive history by making your own!


IC Purpose Statement


The following is the purpose statement ICly listed for the Stormguard in its recruitment ad at each Grand Company HQ:


Stormguard seeks and protects artifacts of all kinds, with a focal point on its own extensive 900 year history. We seek those who are interested in adventurous excavations into dangerous ruins, strenuous negotiations with third parties, rewarding fundraising efforts with the general public, and those who are purveyors of knowledge. These skills and more work hand in hand to protect history and relics long forgotten by man.


If interested, please submit an application and you will be contacted by the Maven or one of three Highguards for an interview and a more descriptive summary of the Stormguard's responsibilities.


Entry 1: The First Glimpse


It began with disaster. Or so the legend says.


A secret society older than any single person would ever want to be. For hundreds of years the Order held tight to brotherhood and sisterhood, along with secrets that would be taken to every member's grave.


Perhaps it was by the will of Rhalgr that calamity eventually struck the secretive society. Was it a dispute between warring factions that caused the group to crumble from within? Or was it a poisonous member who willingly injected venom into the guild? Regardless, all four of its legions fell and operations ceased.


That is, until just prior to the coming of Dalamud. The surviving members would be gathered under a new leader to reform. Employing adventurers, crafters, and scholars, the Order of the Stormguard was reborn anew. But ill fate struck once more, and the attempt at survival proved futile as the remnants were scattered like leaves when Menphina's blood colored hound descended from the sky. Over five cycles would come and go, until the Order finally rose from the ashes in a mighty blaze yet again to stand the test of time.


Little is known about the members of this order, for their ways have always been cloaked in secrecy and ritual. They are known and recognized, both amongst themselves and to the knowledgeable, by the tattoo branded on them. But the secrecy of their actual existence was of no concern to them. Only the secrets they guarded were protected with every fiber of their being, like a lioness guarding a cub. Despite rumors of dark pacts and ancient blasphemies, the Order stood tall against all external threats, civil and religious. Its greatest vulnerability was itself.


What secrets have they spent so many centuries guarding? A powerful artifact? Sacred text? Or something more? And what brought about their numerous downfalls and rebirths? Many have sought these answers. No sane tale survives, and no current member of the Order has deigned to answer.


As a great man once said, "Seeing is reality. Remembering is the illusion." Only those who saw events unfold themselves can ever tell the true reality of things. But for those of us unable to see, we shall create an illusion to sate our appetite. Let us attempt to uncover the myriad of secrets of the Order of the Stormguard.


~Ovram Mendula II,

Research Paragons of Chronology

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Monthly update:


Stormguard had its first initiation ceremony last night at Steel Vigil. Here, four members were elevated to Templar rank (despite numerous annoying temporary interruptions from Svara and the mobs of people with it -.-). Grats on your rad new tattoos~


As members go up in rank, they also learn more about the Stormguard. In this instance, our four new Templars gained access to new information about the Sundering event that wiped out the former Stormguard in its near entirety (as well as being alerted about the mysterious Cabal behind it). They also now have access to extensive information about the four old legions of the Guard, and some history of each.


All in all, the revived Guard has gained a total of 8 new active members since its return and will continue to grow from there.


I also started an OOC free company for the group, though it is primarily to increase OOC awareness of the group, and eventually gain a linkshell headquarters. Alts are generally encouraged to join, as said alts can later secure a personal room for the member's main. In this manner, it is easy to gain the perks of the Free Company without actually joining it.

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Stormguard purchased a home last night in the Goblet (Ward 8 subdivision, plot 34, medium). While it is currently an OOC acquirement at the moment, we will be acquiring it by about mid-January IC via a mini story.


Also coming in January are a myriad of events (starting with the Unity Vigil new year's event on the 1st). Stormguard will hopefully obtain a new seer, a new headquarters, and a new outlook on things as lots of important stuff happens over the course this upcoming month.


We also have our first batch of members reaching Warden status and about to learn the biggest secrets of the Guard while welcoming new members who will be tested and initiated in the coming month. January is gonna be busy busy busy for us!

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Monthly update:


The veil of secrecy has been lessened dramatically! Or at least, OOCly anyway. We've opened up more lore pages on the site to the public (specifically, lore on the legions and the Sundering). Feel free to check them out at our site under the Lore tab! The Artifacts section will remain member only access.


Stormguard continues to grow in membership size and diversity. We're preparing for our biggest initiation ceremony yet next week. Not only will new initates become full members, but almost all current members are set for a rank up in some manner or another. We'll even be ICly getting our first Highguards to lead and setup each legion!


Renovations on the new HQ (dubbed Sanctum) have been progressing. Outsiders merely see a regular house on the cliffs in the Goblet, unaware that the cliffs below actually house numerous floors of secret rooms built by kobolds and goblins in which the Stormguard previously was allied with.


Stormguard has also just managed to recruit its new Seer, a rank in which Stormguard has always had in its roster since its inception 900 years ago. Thinking they were to retrieve an artifact called the Seeing Light from a corrupt Ul'dahn menace, they instead found a Keeper teenager shackled in a secret room with the power of prophecy. They've since rescued him and are keeping him at Sanctum.


Prior to this, the Stormguard also conducted an excavation into the old ruins of the old Stormguard's HQ called Haven. There, they came face-to-face (sorta..) with the mysterious enemies behind the Sundering years ago, whom they refer to as the "Cabal." They also managed to secure their first artifact in the encounter, a scepter that recreates battlefields that said scepter has previously been in by making powerful and realistic illusions (aka: a means to do Primals/Trials ICly without said trials actually being a -real- primal that could temper them).


We're continuing to move forward at a comfortable pace, and the linkshell sees IC chatter daily. We also have a skype chat that's quite busy for OOC chatter.


Any questions or such can be directed via PM on these forums or the SG forums, or via in game with the following people:


Kylin Felstar (Maven)

(Highguard Fortis pending)

Camille Everadi (Highguard Fidelis #1)

Moltove Mon'tova (Highguard Ferrata)

Keru Lowry (Highguard Fidelis #2)

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Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying the Gold Saucer thus far. The following is a public service announcement regarding future Stormguard happenings. With Heavensward edging ever closer to reality (hopefully PAX East gives us a release date...), Stormguard is set for an 'expansion' of its very own. I'm dubbing this simply the "Stormguard Evolution" (creative, right? >.>; ). What does this mean? Since the rebirth of Stormguard, I've had a vision that I've been working toward achieving for it. Now that we're over 5 months into the rebirth (wow), I'm ready to begin this transition starting in about 1-2 weeks. See below to find out details!


The Website:

The website is currently being reworked and a new skin will launch during this evolution. While it will not look -drastically- different (same software, etc), there will be some changes. The color scheme will go from dark to light. The user interface is being upgraded. New features are being added (alerts system, advanced user profiles that may allow for uploading and displaying your character theme song, etc). A trove of new lore will be released. A few minor quality of life enhancements will launch as well. I'm actually viewing the new site look every time I log in now and am operating fully off of it in order to fix things quickly.


Should one absolutely hate the new look, they can easily swap back to the current SG site appearance while logged in, though the old theme will no longer be supported when it comes to updates/fixes. A launch date for the new site layout will be announced on SG's site at a later time. Please look forward to it!


The Storyline:

As many may or may not know, Stormguard existed since back in 2010 during XIV's 1.0 launch. As such, there are still numerous loose end stories that exist (Sundering, 'Cabal,' etc). These loose ends are ready to be fully tied up to allow new stories and adventures (crafted by our own individual members). Things are going to start happening in game (and via the Memory of the Sword forum section for the viewing pleasure of those Templar rank or higher) to edge the group closer to unraveling the mystery of the Sundering and the Cabal who brought it about. Trust me when I say, -nobody- will see the ending revelation coming malms away!


This will kickoff in about a week or two via in game happenings and probably last between 1-2.5 months, depending on the speed and IC reactions to in game events. The legions will also become fully operational over these events. As a sidenote, it should be mentioned that the 'Cabal' is not going anywhere with the conclusion of the story. They will remain a threat still, but they will be unveiled and it will thus be muuuch easier for members to utilize them in their own stories if so desired.


Stormguard's Concept:

Here's the biggy... Stormguard's theme is officially "a secret society seeking and guarding relics." This will remain unchanged with its upcoming evolution. However! The Stormguard will be 'coming out of the closet' after 900 years of being in it. No, get your head of the gutter, not that closet. The veil of secrecy will come to a close. That said, it will obviously keep secrets here and there as always (certain artifacts, certain operations, etc). But it will become a known public entity at long last, allowing us to streamline recruitment and allowing for a greater ease of access in public RP.


The original ad post will get a bit of an overhaul at the time of this evolution.

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Website has been overhauled with expansion of lore, a new theme, and various other quality of life site stuff. Feel free to check us out.


I've also updated the original post here to add a tab for each of our specialized "legions," factions within the Stormguard that help tell a fragment of our 900 year history~


After some upcoming storyline advancements, the Stormguard will become more publicly known and slightly less secretive. At that time, we will be streamlining and overhauling the application process (and the trial/rank up process)

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Just an update to let everyone know we're still around and active~ We just recently finished up our main story arch that led to a plethora of new lore behind the Stormguard. Feel free to check it out on the site if interested (more still pending).


We'll also be overhauling our application process within the next month or so to make the transition to joining much more streamlined.

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Main posted updated.


The Stormguard has officially shed its veil of secrecy for specific IC reasons. Suffice to say, it is now ICly registered as a free company at each Grand Company HQ as an "artifact and history conservation group." This means our application process has been revised and an IC section has been added. This will allow a much more streamlined recruitment process.

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Monthly bump of bumping!


We are still very much active and always looking for new members! As always if you have any questions about the group feel free to send a /tell to Camille Everardi, Moltove Mon'tova, or myself(Keru Lowry). The group is also currently undergoing a few ooc/ic changes so a small adjustment would be needed then. Otherwise feel free to check the site or poke us here, or on the actual forums!

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