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Home, home on the range (Open RP)

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Thanalan was always hot. Today was no exception, in fact it seemed like the sun was trying to burn away the very existence of anyone who dared to walk the dusty, orange trails. Lillith Cale, Mercenary Extraordinaire (the extraordinaire part was self proclaimed of course, and spoken without the 'e' to more easily rhyme with her last name) had the unlucky pleasure of wandering those very roads.


With her white and red brimmed hat pulled low, the black haired miqo'te takes slow, lazy steps towards the Sil'dah Excavation site. Her destination was still several hours travel away by foot and the woman was out a Chocobo due to having the misfortune of feeding the poor thing bad fruit (Really, how was she suppose to know the vendor was giving her a raw deal?). Still, there was a job to do and a mercenary that didn't work was a mercenary that didn't eat, and the woman had quite the attachment to good food and drink.


Still, she hated being hot. The sun seemed to shine just a bit brighter at that, perhaps to spite the archer.


Needing something the pass the time, because she certainly wasn't going to hurry her steps-that would make her far to sweaty, the miqo'te pulls her bow from her back, notches an arrow, then fires it half heartedly in front of her. From there she begins to count the steps it takes for her to reach the arrow before plucking it out of the spot, notching it once more and repeating.


"Tck." Lillith clicks her tongue in annoyance after a third round of her little game. "I'll give alms at the Sanctum of the Twelve if I can just get a little entertainment around here!"

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It was bloody hot as usual. Why in the hells had he decided today was the day to go look at some of the Sil'dah ruins? There wasn't even anything interesting there. At best, there were some interesting rocks and the surrounding aether felt a little funny. 


Nothing to see here.



"At least walking back to town to will serve a decent purpose," he whispered under his breath. While the heat might drain some energy, having to walk through it was decent enough exercise. And jogging through it even better.


As he made he way back up from the ruins, he noticed an arrow fly by the side of face. "The hells is that for?"


He turned to the most probable direction it came from, squinting a little in the bright desert light.

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"...Huh." The rather muted reaction of surprised danced past her lips as she watched what she had thought was a mirage turn to face her direction. Whoospie. At least she had been true with her aim and not accidentally hit them instead. Lillith heads towards the not-a-mirage and raises one of her arms in greeting.


"Sorry about that..." Lillith says in the most sincere voice possible, she had, after all, thought they were not a real person. So she was more sorry about that than firing the arrow in the first place.


"You know how arrows can be. Minds of their owns. Always rushing off to stick someone in the eyes." The miqo'te grins softly, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly as she continues towards the man.

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He wouldn't have minded if the arrow had indeed hit him. Much. It would have been the only interesting thing that had happened in the day. 


"Quite...". It was, at the best, a lie. He had no idea how people managed to use a bow and arrow, favoring his axe as a physical weapon above all, save maybe a gun or gunblade.


"So what exactly brings you here? If it's for the ruins, they aren't very interesting."

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"Eh?" Lillith tilts her head, dichromatic eyes squinting as she peers into the face of the man before her. "Hey...don't I know you?"


She begins to tap the side of her temple, obviously trying to put a name to the face, something the cat seems unable to manage.


"Ermm..." the archer snaps her fingers, giving a firm nod as she suddenly points at the man. "Iron Sea, right? I mean, not Iron himself, obviously, but you run with him, yeah?" In her attempt to identify the man, she had conveniently forgotten to explain why she was wandering this part of Thanalan.

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"Er, ....yes. Iron and I live in the same house. The name is Franz." He omitted the last name. Most Eorzeans would probably want him dead knowing it was Garlean.


"You...were Lillith? I think that's how Iron referred to you. Please correct me if I'm mistaken." He flashed a light grin. As usual, it was much easier to at least wear a mask of being friendly than it was to display his apathy at the entire encounter. The expression might have been a little more genuine if it weren't for the heat.


"The other guy isn't here with the 'extraordinary' mercenary?" He recalled an earlier conversation before they had gone to La Noscea seeking the crows once.

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Guest Ragnar

Oubliette strolled along the top of the cliff, he had been bored and decided to wander out into Thanalan, less likely to run across someone who wanted him dead...more dead. He yawned and looked down at the ruin, gaze settling on the two figures below. Both seemed familiar. "Franz... yes that was the taller one's name. The other, hmm... don't recall her name, but I do recall her shooting me with arrows." He shrugged and started down the path towards them. He was -really- bored, even if the Miqo'te girl did shoot him with arrows again, it would at least bring a welcome respite from the boredom that plagued him.


A smile crossed he face as he drew closer. he kept one hand in his pocket and raised the other, wiggling his fingers in greeting. "Helloooo there lady who enjoys shooting people's eyes, and hello to you too Franz. Would either of you be a dear and relieve me from my boredom?"

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Franz grinned a little at the sight of the crow approaching them. "Anything you have in mind?"


He motioned to Lillith with a hand. "She's up to something, I would suppose. It can't possibly be for the ruins."


He turned to Lillith. "I suppose there are two bored men now. I'd pay you for something to do."

He was mostly serious.

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Guest Ragnar

The Crow grinned at Franz. "I had in particular in mind, you need only be more entertaining than the rocks around us, a task I truly hope you can accomplish." He came to a stop a few fulms from the pair. "I'd prefer that entertainment not involve emptying a quiver at me, but hey, I'm not too picky."


A yawn, Oubliette turned to Lillith. "Well my dear, am I to be filled with arrows?"

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"Aye, Lillith indeed." The girl grins and when Franz asks about her usual Dragoon partner she gives a wave of her hand.


"Meta? He's off doing a different job. There weren't any big ones for grabs today, so we decided to each do a couple of small ones."


She seems generally pleasant, though way her ears seem to droop and her shoulders slump speak of a discomfort for the current climate. Just as Lillith is about to continue the slightly awkward conversation, the voice of her favorite dead man causes her ears to twitch and her head to turn.


"Well then, isn't this just a party?" Her hands settle themselves on her hips as her eyes sparkle with mischief at the Crow's words.


"No, it would seem as if the target for my arrows today would be poor Franz here." The cat rubs the back of her neck with one hand as she grins.


"As for what I am up too...I'm just here to do a job. Not to fill anyone with arrows. Honest. Though as far as entertainment goes, I could always do a little dance but there are better miqo'te in Ul'dah for that than me."

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A sly smirk crosses Oubliette's face. "A job that doesn't involve me? You wound me my dear, my ego cannot handle the idea of you hunting another." He places the back of his hand on his forehead and lets out an over exaggerated wail . "Oh woe is poor me, for my huntress pursues other quarry, who will kill me now?"


Oubliette grins at Lillith. "Though I am pleased to hear you don't plan to shoot me in the eyes, it's oh so inconvenient. Franz is more than welcome to take arrows in my place... though I do believe he would be a tad more upset than me..."

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Oubliette grins tauntingly at Franz. "I do recall something along those lines, but when you get hurt it's a bit more... permanent, than when I get hurt." He gives the Highlander a thoughtful look and taps his chin. "...I think I shot you in the leg once, didn't I?"

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