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Looking to make a connection.

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Still figuring out how these things work buuuut...


I'm going to start leveling Kerrigan soon, and instead of waiting around for random RP I wanted to see about preplanning something. And to give some background on the character:


Kerrigan is a Miqo'te (yes, I know the name isn't of the two clans and there's a reason for it) who got badly scarred years ago by a toxic alchemical compound. It made dark burns over her face and down parts of her body and because of this she tends to not let people see her face if she can avoid it. Though there are rare moments where she doesn't care as a product of her personality and will stroll through the city letting everyone see how she once could have been rather beautiful.


She's not a good aligned character in the least, though first meetings may not always expose that to outsiders. She's more inclined to get involved with seedier dealings and criminals then she is to mingle with average folks.


Besides the scars, she has thick nails/claws that have been sharpened to points that she's not afraid to claw someone with. They are alchemically treated and not easy to break or bend short of taking off her fingers and she's not outside clawing at someone who gets in her bubble or irritates her.


My idea is to have her become someone's private agent or to work as an informant. At least to start, and see where the RP goes from there.


Because Kerrigan is not 'good', I will make a formal OOC disclaimer now that I do not mix IC and OOC. Just because my character is a bitch doesn't make me one (or bastard, for all you people know :P) nor does her being 'bad' mean I think she's going to be invincible and impervious to harm. I'm not afraid to let my character take blows from the 'good guys' though I ask the same courtesy in return.


Any additional ideas or questions are welcome!

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