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Ishgard: City, or Dungeon?


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I was wandering about the area's surrounding Ishgard, taking many screen shots, and as I was browsing the pictures, I'm looking at this long bridge to the city. I'm seeing some mobs on this bridge by the gate. I look at it in the different times of day/night I took the photo. I don't think Ishgard is another city. I think it's a Dungeon of sorts. Anyone know or have any thoughts on that?

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Well, if you talk to the guards at the gate, they ramble on about Halone (the fury), saying some weird stuff. That and the city just looks like it could house some evil dude or monster, bent on killing things. I dunno, really, it just looks menacing.

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Apologies, I must correct myself:



It's in Coerthas (spelling?) head north from Gridania' date=' then follow the path west from Emerald Moss. Then, once in Coerthas, just follow the path, picking up the two camps along the way. Becareful, the mobs are high level and some are agro.


Yeah, follow the past west, not east. You'll see it on the map.

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I'll spoiler tag this just for the sake of others. Never know what people might want to know or not. xD



NPCs in the villages in Coerthas mention that the city is closed off to all but the Holy Knights of Ishgard at the moment. Closed off at the order of the Archbishop, who I assume is the both the spiritual and governmental head of Ishgard due to him being able to close down the entire city to outsiders, and it's own people. The NPCs also mention the reason it's closed off, which is the threat the dragons are posing to Ishgard at the moment.


However, the NPCs ramble on about detachments of Ishgardian Knights going on patrols daily. So, I assume it's a thriving city inside, still. They make mention that there are still civilians inside, it's just that none are allowed to leave, and only knights may come and go as they please.


So, unless something big happens in the mean time, or the NPCs are not aware of something that may have happened, I beleive Ishgard will be unlocked as a city later on down the road.


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