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Hello all ^-^


So I started FFXIV around 2 days ago. After trial and error I've finally found the class that I want to play as and I'm ready to start my journey in Eorzea. 


I started playing MMO's when I was about 14. I started out Adventure QUest for a couple of years, transitioning to various F2P MMO's over the time such as Aion, TERA, and Fiesta. This will be the first time I'm paying for an MMO.


I've been role playing since TERA, around 2-3 years ago. I like character development and playing the game while roleplaying, instead of being stationary most of the time. I also LOVE story driven RP's that take place over a couple of days, weeks even. I believe it adds depth to the RP and really allow the characters to have active lives within the world.  I would say I am a decent intermediate role player but that's for professionals to decide.  


I found this site when I looked up RP for the game. I can't wait to get started. I have a lvl 4 THM on Gilgamesh at the moment.

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