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Looking for RP Free Company

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Kiht'a sat at a table at the Quicksand. A half eaten fish was placed on the wooden table next to him. A quill and piece of paper drew his attention away from his unfinished meal. He brushed his blue hair out of his eyes and begun writing. 


"     Hello to all who read this. My name is Kiht'a Relena, and I am an Adventurer just like you (?). Recent events has exposed to me that traveling the Realm of Eorzea can be difficult alone. I just arrived at Ul'dah a few days ago, and have decided to take it easy for a while. Only, the dangers are ever so present here as well. I'm looking for a group of people I can travel with for a while. A "Free Company" as I heard it being called. I've noticed a lot of people walking around are apart of these small groups.


     Well, I imagine you'll want to know more about me? I grew up on a farm. My mother was a teacher, and my father is a self proclaimed scholar. Alas, being self proclaim doesn't pay to get things we want. He was a grand chef with all the produce he grew. I have some skills in the culinary arts, but not as good as my father. He could make the best sweat fih, you would't believe....Sorry, I'm babbling. 


     I'm not exactly what you call physically inclined....ok I'm pretty weak in terms of muscle. But I have been studying in magic, specifically Thaumarturgy. I may not be the best at it but I can pull my own weight. I accidentally found out I was more inclined for magic by accident. It was this time.....Ok never mind I'm babbling again. Sorry.


     Well look at this, I only meant to write a something small and it turned into a whole big thing. Well, anyway, if you want to ask me more questions, You can send me an email. Or, if you see me walking about, talk to me there. You can't miss me, I'll be the one acting nervous and tripping over his tail."


      Kiht'a stood up from his seat and walked over to the message board. He scanned the fixture to locate an empty space on it. Once he found a good spot, he pinned his message onto the board, smiled, and twitched his ears as if he had accomplished a great feet. Upon turning back to walk to his seat, Kiht'a tripped over his tail. He grabbed onto a nearby table occupied by two Highlanders, one sporting an axe and the other with bruised knuckles. The tabled flipped over and spilled their food and drinks on them. He stood up, dusting off his self before realizing the Higlanders  firm stare. Once he did, Kiht'a simply smiled, closed his eyes, and placed his right behind his head, scratching it.


     Moments later, Kiht'a is seen getting thrown out of the quicksand, face first.



Looking for a medium/heavy RP Free Company that is story based and is strongly character driven. It doesn't matter what they're moral affiliation is, since Kiht'a is pretty gullible and naive. Also, looking for a Thaumaturge (Or someone who have studied in that class) to play "Mentor" to my would be Keeper of the Moon magic user. Someone who he can admire and aspire to be. 


You can message me hear or send me a mail ingame, or send me a friend request OOC wise. Have a grand day ^-^:thumbsup:

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