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Looking For RP Partner.

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So I had this idea of RPing out a brattish heir who wants to prove he is more than just the brat he is. I was going to have him go Arcanist, then Summoner/Scholar. 


What I was looking for was someone to play as his caretaker/bodyguard. 


The story is that his father was a well known, wealthy war veteran and tactician. The heir to their household is usually passed down from father to son. While Edward (character's name, although subject to change) was growing up, it was established that he was physically inclined, and his abilities leaned more towards magic. This was due to his mothers gene, who was a skilled Conjurer. Joseph(fathers name) was disappointed, not in his son, but in the thought that the household would either end with him, or be tarnished by his rivals for letting a healer run it. Edward was more spoiled by his mother than his father. He grew up loving fashion, and spent most of his days flirting with girls than training for war. 


Edward and Joseph had a fight, which led Joseph to say he son was no good on the battle field and his only use is spending money. This caused Edward to flee, wanting to prove himself. The father sent his most loyal warrior to chase Edward, and if not bring him home, then watch over him.


I need someone to RP the loyal warrior. I would prefer if it were a class from the Disciple's of War.


If you're interested, you can send me a message on here.

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