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The Coral Sea's All Saints' Wake


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When: Oct. 31st, 7:00pm PST

Where: The Still Shore. Mists, Ward 6, Plot 4.

Why: To celebrate All Saints' Wake!

Dress Code: Costume!!!


The Coral Sea throws its doors open to Eorzea! Come and celebrate All Saints' Wake with booze, food and candy. There will be a costume contest and much more. See the thread for more details. Everyone is welcome, but weapons to be checked at the door!


Those interested would see posters or hear by word of mouth of the Still Shore throwing a haunted mansion type party. Those in costume are allowed into the spooky manor. There will be fireworks set off on the front lawn. Food, drinks and candy served up the stairs (if you can find it!) in the bar and kitchen area. Downstairs there will be scary stories told. At the end of the night (9 PST) a costume contest will be held for all applicants who decide to enter! First, second and third place winners will each be given a mystery prize.


I hope to see everyone there!

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