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New To it all ... wants to learn

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So this is my first real adventure into Role Playing. I have always wanted to take part in this community but never knew where to begin. Any kind words of direction will be noted and understood. I know it's almost impossible to transfer charters to the server you all are on but I am willing to start a new life, with a new grand adventure. Here is what I am starting with, maybe I am on the right path or I just don't have a clue. This is more about the camaraderie with others and not so much about how great I can be in the game.


the character I want to play: 

a lost soul, who fell in this struggle between life and death. Lost everything do to ignorance and pride. Doesn't care about the past and only cares about the future he is building. Southern accent and careless attitude at times. Comedy is my escape for reality.  Never asked for help with anything but slowly realizing that a team is more important than an individual act. Willing to sacrifice everything for the happiness of another, but doesn't go around spreading false hope. Stays real to the cause and willing to make the choice that others will not chose. Doesn't believe in pure good but believes that there is good in everyone along with evil. People can choose their own path, and I will choose mine, with or without help. (just a start to my character development). A warrior by force, a paladin by heart.


any tips, thoughts, or creative direction welcome.

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I see, thought you might have been someone I knew.


As someone fresh to RP, I would say start out simple. You might alter your original concept as you get a feel for your character and the people they interact with.


If you choose to create a character on Balmung or Gilgamesh check this page periodically to see if restrictions on new characters has been lifted.


If you come to Balmung, feel free to approach me. I'm shy and come off as cold on first impression but I need to get out of that shell so I'm putting the offer out there. Good luck to you.

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Thankyou for the replies, I am going to do the transfer. 


Hopefully I find a good FC or LS or just a couple of people to adventure with. 


Central time zone here and my job has me coming and going weeks at a time for training with a deployment overseas here and there. 


Love the wiki pages on everyone, the detail of some is a wonderful read.


Wish I can change my name but it something I am sticking with I guess


Gotta work on my RP, and since I have that southern american accent, that is what Aki will have as well. 


looked through the site, found the page on all the advice for rp'n, so gotta read away

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