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Into the deep (Voidknight Citadel Event) (Closed) (IC only)

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((Everyone who is participating in the event.))

((Event log to keep track of who goes first to who goes last and to keep track of all the actions in the event.))


((Time: Midday))

((Weather: Storm Clouds, High Chance of Rain))


Voidknight Citadel, once home to a notorious villan in outer La Noscea, now layed in ruin's and crawling with undead after her defeat three year's ago. Many adventurers have come here to the citadel in search of treasure and riches but all who enter its hall's never leave alive or are heard from again.


The Citadel rests on top of a Plateau and the only known entrance to most people is through the front gate's of the fortress, which are teeming with undead usually. However, there was a second entrance, a sewer outlet at the bottom of the Plateau, where it ran next to a river.


The sewer complex under the Citadel was virtually a labaryinth and ran through the entirety of the Plateau, and now a new group, a combination of hero's and adventurer's along with a guide who knew of this hidden entrance, take advantage of it to sneak into the Citadel, without having to encounter the teeming undead near the gates.


The ship dock's next to what appears to be a makeshit pier, most likely created by Queen, the necromancer who once reigned over the mountian like royalty, to be a hidden dock for her undead thralls to bring more captured women and men to be victims of her necromancy, without outside forces attempting to rescue them.


The guide is the first person of the boat...




As the ship pulled up, Inessa was the first one to walk off it and onto the dock. She grabbed one of the ropes and tied it to the dock to prevent it from drifting off, motioning Niklas and Anelia to grab one of the ropes and do the same.


As she finished tying the knot that bound the ship in place, she took a good look of her surroundings. To the west was the other side of the river. Jungle and rain forest. To the sky was clouds, set to rain on the area shortly and their present enviorment did not show signs of enemys.


She could feel the raw power of Darkness pulsating from the Citadel high above her and her compatriots. The pressure and power it gave off was greatly unnerving and oppressive but it would not deter Inessa. since she was not someone trained in the magic art's, the fact that she could feel the raw pressure told her that something of great power awaited them, deep within the Bowl's of the Citadel.


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A white haired man slowly stepped off the boat, snow white eyes looking lazily around at the rusty castle where he had arrived. The air was stale with darkness,  but it seemed not to deter him as he pressed off the boat onto the ground. The sheathe housing the 4 swords he brought with him rattled quietly strapped with multiple belts around his waist and lower back with each step of his boots. Right arm reaches behind grabbing the hilt of one, a retractable blade and briefly adjusting it. Not a word escaped his lips as he continued to look around, a sense of confusion on why he agreed to come in the first place. 


"Well. . . . " he sighed deeply adjusting the fingerless raptorskin gloves he had on. "Place looks like shit. . . Surprise surprise.  . ." He scoffed closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. A sense of annoyance in his tone as always.

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A silver haired man in knightly armor and an energetic Miqo'te are the next to leave the boat, the man after tying the rope at the docks. The Miqo'te looks up at the dark citadel ahead of them. She says "Oh gods, this place looks much bigger up close!" The man replied, "Well we are closer to it than we were before. It has to look bigger up close, Rena." He ruffles Rena's hair with his hand playfully, Rena pouting at the man in response, but then giggles. "Well I can't argue with that, Nik!" Nik smiles as the duo continue moving on ahead.

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A Miqo'te woman steps onto the dock, pushing her ebony black bangs from her face and lets her emerald eyes fall upon the shadowy castle before the group. "Its as ominous as the aura is gives off," she says aloud, shuddering a bit from the dark magics pulsating off the keep. She sighs as she shrugs off the feeling and stretches her arms up, popping many joints in the process before coming to a rest. "Alright," Nysa says and claps her hands together, "who's busting down the door?"

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Anelia looks at the citadel, feeling slightly cold and eerie by the hostile aura. It was no simple aura. Full of death, and hatred. Perhaps she just felt it that way because she heard about the citadel's description from Inessa. She narrowed her eyes and got off the raft with a disgust down inside her heart. 


She walked along with everyone else and gave a slight survey around the area. "Well Inessa wasn't kidding when this entire place was filled with uneasy dark aura."

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A'rytiss was, by near and far, the most... unsteady of the group. Where everyone else had stepped off that boat in a Mass Effect Suicide Mission style, he... Was sitting on the boat, curled into a little ball, with a blindfold covering his eyes. His body curled up for safety, he made a small whimpering sound as the boat gave its thud against the docks. 


"uuu...." He'd moan out, "Whyyyy... Why does it have to be boats..." He'd bemoan the situation. No one said anything about boats. He hated boats. They terrified him. The fact that he had to be blindfolded or unaware of the boat was just one sign of his adamant distaste for them. 


He sniffles a little, rolling towards the direction of footsteps. Even pinned against his head, they could still hear the delicate sounds of feet stepping around the boat, ruffling towards the shoreline. He tries to fumble his way to the docks, reaching around absently and - probably grabbing someone's tail at some point - before finally finding his way to the docks themselves. 


His hand pulls him up, and he -lifts- himself, albeit weakly, on the docks. He tries to stand, but instantly, finds himself tripping, falling face-forward on the docks. Still... The solid ground was welcomed - even if it was just wooden planks, it wasnt' a boat! 


He seemed a little dizzy'd by his harrowing experience of boatness, slowly lifting himself up into a semi-seated position. His hands tremble a bit and he moves to grasp at his blindfold, pulling it off in one smooth motion. 


His eyes weakly look up. He was a young man - clearly not older than the rest of the group, a very young individual. Perfect Amethyst eyes reflect a gentle pink that perfectly encapsulate his black orbular pupils. His white hair, long  with tips ending in a faint red crimson, contrast neatly with a white robe and pale complexion. His skin is kept near-perfect and free of wounds, not a single scar able to be seen on him. And at his back - he carries his staff, which is kept in the shape of a flower at the top, though it currently had the form of a bud alone. 


He shivers a little, feeling his stomach wretch. But it wasn't from the boat - it was a far more... intense, feeling. That pulsing dark energy, seemed like a battering ram to his delicate sensitivity to the corruption of Aether. He fidgets nervously, having not moved to his feet, instead seeming... to just sit there, on the ground, waiting for the group... He shivered, and his eyes kept to the ground, ears pinned back and body seeming to shake on occasion. 


"A-ahm..." He'd say out, nervously, "P-Please... just a minute... I'll be right with you..." he'd say simply, ready to get up and move when the rest were... but for now, taking his time to get his barings and become accustomed to the sensation that filled his stomache.

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Inessa took a moment while everyone was taking in the scenery and environment to look around the corner and into the entrance of the sewers which eventually faded into complete black at a distance. The sewers smelled mostly clean, so either undead were not down there or they have been vacant in the area for a long while. Either way, she wasn't about to let her guard down.


She opens up her satchel, pulling out a few matches and a lantern in order to help guide them through the dark. She light's the lantern but the sound of a tripping and apologizing Miqo'te catches her attention. As the flame ignites the oil in the lamp to give them light, she walks over to the fallen Miqo'te and extends him her right hand in a effort to help him up, her left hand occupied by the Lantern.


"Need help?" Inessa said to A'rytiss in a gentle tone.


((Event log has been updated))

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Aaron still looked around, his expression nothing but non interest and blackness. This castle didn't seem to interest him in the least. Deep down he still pondered why he came here. Was it the chance of finding something to test his sword style on to the max? Did he plan to find another sword deep in the castle? He didn't know. A hefty yawn escapes his lips and he presses off towards Inessa, ignoring everyone and everything. Swords rattling on the sheathe wrapped around his lower back the belts that tied it to his person shifted and cranked. 


"No turning back now it seems. . . I better find something useful outta this expedition." He muttered looking down into the sewers they were supposed to go through to get to their destination. Aaron was always a clean person. The mere thought of him going into some sewer system made him scoff and get even more agitated.


"If anything in this castle ruins my swords or my clothes I'm taking it's head off." He said in a cold serious tone. Snow white eyes flashing a hue of aether blue.

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Nysa walks forward as the group heads on, still looking about the castle walls and the surrounding area. The magitek equipment on her arms click and whir as the cylinders spin a few times and then click into place. Her attention was averted as her tail was grabbed by A'rytiss, freezing up in place until it was released. When it was released, she spins around to face the perpetrator only to find him face down on the dock. Nysa chuckles and holds a hand out to him, "What are you doing down there, Silly?"

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Anelia looks at A'rytiss and helps him to stand up firmly by patting his back with a slight massage to his shoulders and to his back side of the neck. She understood about this young fellow's fears. The dark sensation was abnormal for any regular recruits to handle at any terms anyways.


"Here. Keep your back firm and loosen up your muscle. It'll help you from being in fear." 


She started to massage his hands to keep the blood flowing from his chilled feelings from dark aura. She looked at him across and smiled lightly at him.


"The more you sense fear, your legs won't be able to move to avoid any attacks. Keep yourself focused, and gain some courage. You can make it through this, and who knows? You'll see your friend chocobo again."

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Rena looks around at the sewers they were entering in. She was surprised that it smelled clean even with its condition. "I thought the sewers would smell dirty and gross, but it smells fine!"


Niklas was next to Rena when she said her comment. "True, but that is because there has not been any waste here for years. Still the architecture is magnificent for a place like this."

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