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Valina's Masterpiece


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A handful of tavern patrons gather near the billboard to read the newly posted notice. A highlander snorts at the flier. "Hrmp, isn't Valina that stuck-up little brat?"


"Indeed," an elder hyur woman said. "But I hear her artwork is unrivaled. She can paint things in a way that makes them look completely real. It's sort of scary to tell the truth."


"Hmm..." The highlander seemed somewhat intrigued but remained suspicious. "And she's just doing this for practice? No fee or anything? Sounds a bit strange to me."


"I'm sure it's legit," the woman said softly. "And if you can put up with her attitude, it's certainly worth it. Her paintings are truly a work of art and could be worth quite a fortune in the future."




Sign up List:

Please indicate TIME and LOCATION. Location should be one of the 3 cities.


AETHER: Not yet signed up.

TALE: Not yet signed up.

Baltazarâs Favor: Not yet signed up.

Black Rat Syndicate: Not yet signed up.

Broken Heroes: Not yet signed up.

Coral Vanda: Not yet signed up.

Crafter Consortium: Not yet signed up.

Crimson Blades: Not yet signed up.

Dark Endings: Not on Besaid.

Elements: Not yet signed up.

Golden Myst: Not yet signed up.

HACK!: Not yet signed up.

Jenova: Not yet signed up.

Midnight Covenant: Not yet signed up.

Monster Hunters, Inc: Not yet signed up.

Not Thieves: Not yet signed up.

Silent Guard (Order of the Stormguard): Saturday, November 20th @3:00 PM EST (Noon PST, 8:00 PM GMT). Location: Gridania, Nophica's Altar

Order of the Sword and Rose: Not yet signed up.

Randirim: Not yet signed up.

Raven Eye Inn: Not yet signed up.

Red Lions: Not yet signed up.

Sanctus Refero: Not yet signed up.

Seren Point: Not yet signed up.

Silver Anvil: Not yet signed up.

Slaughterhouse Dogs: Not yet signed up.

Slayers: Not yet signed up.

Soulrift: Not yet signed up.

Spectral Wardens: Not yet signed up.

Syndicate: Not yet signed up.

Viera Velour: Not yet signed up.

Zirkel: Not on Besaid.




Times can be flexible if the linkshell agrees on a better time.


Friday, November 19th @7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST, Midnight GMT)

Saturday, November 20th @10:00 AM EST (7:00 AM PST, 3:00 PM GMT)

Saturday, November 20th @3:00 PM EST (Noon PST, 8:00 PM GMT)

Saturday, November 20th @6:00 PM EST (3:00 PM PST, 11:00 PM GMT)

Sunday, November 21st @1:00 PM EST and onward (10:00 AM PST onward, 6:00 PM GMT onwards)

Tuesday, November 23rd @5:00 PM EST and onward (2:00 PM PST onward, 11:00 PM GMT onwards)



Event Rules:


--Event is IC unless indicated otherwise by the attending linkshells.

--You must be wearing the pearl of whatever linkshell you are planning to be in the picture with.

--Insert other common sense rules here (no drama, etc).



OOC Info:


--The purpose of this event is to get group photos of each individual linkshell. These photos will serve 3 purposes. First, they give you something to remember your first members by. Second, the picture will be placed on the shell's RPC page to spruce it up a bit. When a new potential member is faced with a decision between two shells and one of them has a group shot and the other doesn't, which do you think they'd likely choose? Likely the one who shows unity, event-friendliness, and so on. As in...the one with a photo. Political psychology ftw! Third, the photo will also go into the RPC tribute video for all Rpers.


--Please note that linkshells are perfectly able to schedule their own picture-taking event on their own time and submit the picture to me. I'm simply helping out those who may need a more definite timetable. I cannot go beyond this schedule due to the free trial period ending and the inability to pay $3 just for a picture-taking NPC character.


--If you wish to change your shell's picture at any time, you are free to submit an updated one. However, you only have until mid-February to replace the tribute video photo since that is harder to change once the video is actually finished.


--I have a feeling there won't be many shells signing up for this but I'm putting it out there anyway. Please talk it over with your respective groups and try to find a time suitable for your group picture, even if it's not a listed one.


--You must sign up in advance if you wish to take part in this particular IC event. I intend to make it entertaining for you so don't worry. It should only last about 30 minutes or so per shell (although it'll be much longer IC).


--Linkshells who would not do such an event IC are free to do so completely OOC'ly if they wish. Alternatively, secretive linkshells can sign up IC'ly under a fake group name as well.


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Bump. Still no signups for the 19th so I'm going to assume that nobody will be taking that slot.


Also, since the free trial period is extended again...I can change the schedule up as needed. Please discuss with your linkshells when a decent time is for you. It can be anytime this month or next month. As long as it's after 4PM EST, I can probably do the event. If not, groups can certainly do this without my temporary alt's attendance. Just be sure to submit the picture ASAP to better pimp out your shell's advertisement.

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I'd like to register Sanctus Refero for the Tuesday Time slot.


Feel free to contact me in game tonight or tomorrow afternoon to confirm and coordinate.


The location... is still pending. But I think the inner fountain/garden in Uldah would be appropriate. :)

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