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Midmorning (Central) RP and FCs?

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I want to get back into RP.

Im a returning player that works five days a week including every other weekend during peek hours.

Are there any RPers and FCs that are more active during midmorning central time?


My main is Hunfrid Silentstone, a young male Hellsguard that is a Toymaker/Tinkerer and Healer/Conjuerer.

My alt is Janie Fhruhwabwyn (Daughter of Early Hawk), a young Wildwood/Hellsguard. Good aim with a bow and a little hot-headed.



I would be willing to helps run a FC for RPers that are active at about the time Im active.

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Hey, I'm generally on midmorning CST.  I can't really speak for FCs (mine tends to be active more in the evening; I stick with them anyways cause they're so great), but feel more than free to look me up in game.  Lolotaru Lalataru is my main, but I've got an embarrassment of alts, so I'll keep an eye out for you too. 

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