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First Time RPer


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Hey, thanks for checking out my newbie thread. Forgive me if this gets a little rambly, I'll probably be going over a lot of things in it.


Personal Background:


So I've been interested in RPing for a long while now, across many MMOs, but I've never really gotten into it. Either I've been too established with a main character or I've been too nervous to try and find people to RP with.


Anyway, I've decided to try and finally jump onto an RP server. Though it seems like Balmung isn't even listed as a server I can make a character on, so I'm going to transfer a new character there once I've decided.


Right now I'm most interested in playing a Roegadyn Sea Wolf, going as either a Marauder or a Rogue. I enjoy Hyur and Lalafell as well but I figured Roegadyn are probably rarer among players (Correct me if I'm wrong) so I wanted to add some diversity. 



Character Information:



Just so you know, all of this is subject to change. I'm making this up as I write this post, so feel free to tell me if something is terrible or lore-breaking. I'm still not particularly confident in my RP skills. 



Name: Thorhyll Hymsthalsyn (I'm very unsure about this name to be honest. I like the last name but having the word "Thor" in my first name constantly makes me think of the Avengers. That being said, I couldn't really come up with any other names I was okay with. Names are a big issue for me with any character.)


Age: 26 (Again, unsure about the age. At the moment he enlisted for battle at the age of 18 and spent a few years after Carteneau recovering/hiding.)


Background: Thorhyll was born the son to a fisherman near the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. He spent much of his youth tending to his parents business, hauling nets and catching fish while dreaming of adventure and glory on the open sea. Despite, or perhaps because of, his humble upbringing when he came of age he announced his desire to take up his own path and become a warrior of legend. For their part, his parents were both unsurprised and supportive of this new venture.


Thorhyll was present at the Battle of Carteneau, however due to his inexperience he was relegated to a safer position, guarding the flanks far from the front lines. This went against everything he dreamed of in his youth and his blood boiled at his assignment. This was to be his moment of glory and he would take it, orders be damned. 


His chance finally arrived when a Garlean detachment finally came into view. Massive battle axe in tow Thorhyll broke ranks right before the enemy came to blows, his every move pre-calculated. With the deftness of a seasoned veteran he would swing his axe, felling half a dozen soldiers at a time and saving his comrades from the brunt of the attack.


Sadly, his inexperience was too great a hurdle to overcome. The axe blow that was meant to cleave through the ranks of his foes was easily parried by a Garlean shield and his large frame was thrown effortlessly to the ground. Seizing the gap he left, the Garlean soldiers rushed forward and quickly slew three of his comrades, it would have been a slaughter had the moon not fallen shortly after the fight broke out.


In the aftermath of the Calamity, Thorhyll returned home a broken Roegadyn. Though he would never show it through his constant bravado and feigned self-absorption, Thorhyll's soul was assaulted non-stop by the guilt of his actions and the horrors of the destruction. 


It was only when fishback attacked his small village when he finally understood a way to fight off the darkness. Through great hesitation he took up his worn axe, long since relegated to chopping wood, and fought off the invading beastmen. It was not the glory that brought him back from the brink, but rather the satisfaction of being a protector. 


He spent many long months warring with himself over the thought of taking up the mantle of an adventurer, unable to fully commit after his previous crimes. Finally, after sensing his son's desires, Hymsthal demanded his son move out of his home, electing to force his son into the choice he so desperately needed. At first Thorhyll was furious that his dedication was being treated in such a way and he left with nary a word in parting. It was only after he joined the Marauder's Guild in Limsa Lominsa and finally was given the opportunity to atone for his sins did he understand his father's reasoning. 


Now Thorhyll fights not for glory, but for penance. Despite this nobler goal, he still puts on an air of lighthearted braggadocio, knowing that a smile and quick wit can hide scars that plate mail cannot. 



RP Desires:



Despite me getting a little carried away just now, I mostly wanted to start with light RP. Maybe over a long term but something simple to get myself acquainted with the idea of RPing as a whole.







First and foremost, I'm hoping to find a group (or individuals) who are interested in either RPing with me or showing me the ropes on Balmung. 


Second, if possible, would you mind critiquing my back story? I understand it's a lot to read and probably a little corny/generic in some areas, but any feedback would be appreciated. 


Finally, if you made it this far without skipping, thanks! I hope this is finally the time I get into RPing and I hope to get to know all (or at least most) of you soon.

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First, welcome to the RPC and I hope we can all see you in game soon.


Second, your background looks good to me. It's simple, and believable, and that's what really matters.


Light RP is probably the best way to break into it if you are new. There are many tavern settings such as the Quicksand and Drowning Wench where you can stand around and listen to others just to get the general feel of things. When you're feeling more comfortable, just try striking up a conversation with someone. Good luck with your transfer!

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Welcome to Balmung! Welcome to RP! ^_^


I agree with CC :-] find some light RP, usually easy to find around the main RP hotspots (try the "Adventurer's Guilds" in Ul'dah, Limsa, and Gridania (in order of most to least likely to find random tavern RP!)).  Just get a feel for your character and how he interacts and everything :)

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Tavern and Adventurer Guild RP is usually the best way to introduce yourself.  And don't be afraid of making mistakes!  We all Do it!  If you're nervous, Just pull the person you're Playing with aside and tell them so!  Most of us are quite a friendly bunch.


We're all here to have fun, and you should have fun too.  And most importantly, NEVER be afraid to ask questions!


Lastly, Welcome to Balmung! :D

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Welcomies!! :D


Like Miss Crofte said, your toon's backstory is believable, and normal, and so it's fine. :) 


Secondly, haha, I would like to point out that there is not much RP in Gridania (I thought I ended up on the wrong server, lol, when I saw how silent Gridania was) as compared to the other two city states, especially the Quicksand in Ul'dah, so hang around, get a feel. Another improtant thing to help you get started is the Town Square section of the forums, it's forum RP, and once again, reading it should help you get a better idea in general about RP. You can even join in if you want if the thread is open.


And last but not the least, we're all a friendly bunch, we don't bite (maybe! *evil laugh*... Just kidding!) so feel free to ask around for help, and RP with us, the best way to get into RP is to try it yourself!


If you see a C'eleni Meztli online, send a tell if you want to RP!


Oh, and once again, welcomies to the RPC!! :bouncy:

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Welcome to Balmung!


If you ever wanna chat, look for me on any of my toons named in my banner.  If you're still looking for a group, feel free to check out some of the FCs here, see if anything grabs your interest. 


Looking forward to seeing you in game possibly!



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