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Gallery versus WikiGallery

Should we keep the Coppermine Gallery?  

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  1. 1. Should we keep the Coppermine Gallery?

    • Yes. Keep it and the wiki separate.
    • No. Merge the gallery with the wiki.
    • Some other idea (explained in the comments)

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Time for another poll. :)


As you may know, we have Coppermine Gallery installed and integrated into our forum software. This is the thing that pops up when you click on "Gallery" up top, and it's what feeds the "Recent Images" box below the recent threads.


However, everything Coppermine Gallery can do can also be done by MediaWiki, with the advantage that MW has revision control, page protection, etc. My idea is to get rid of the Coppermine Gallery and move all of the images to our wiki. I'll install an extension for MediaWiki that will make a fancy gallery view of images on the wiki when you click on "Gallery" in the header of the forum. The only thing we lose is the Recent Images feed (tagging can be done through the image comments, which is nice because it's also searchable). What we gain is one place for all images to be stored and linked, which also lets people more easily link images to their wiki pages.


Please vote and post your thoughts in the thread. This poll will run for 10 days.

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Being able to link all images everywhere sounds really awesome. Would that carry over to current images, or would they have to be redone?


Would it be possible to see them side-by-side? Mostly just as a way of comparing functionality/getting used to the newer one if we go that route?

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Yeah, all of the existing images will be brought over.


What I'll do is download all of the current images in the Coppermine Gallery along with their descriptions. I'll then mass upload them into the wiki.


I don't have a problem with running it side-by-side for comparison purposes, though it might be easier for me to just install the extension and have it run against the current set of images on the wiki so people can get a general idea of how it'll work. That way, if we decide we like it, we can go with it, and if not, I haven't done a lot of work loading images. :)

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