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Seeking Guild!

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I am currently seeking an active, and by active I mean just that, who are interested in RP, Progression, PVP, Raids, and helping one another out to obtain items when needed.


I have a 50 Monk and Dragoon. I plan to main Ninja and I’m currently leveling it. I also plan on maxing my gathering professions and Alchemy.


Please contact me here or in game at: Artigan Schezar

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Hello! Welcome to the forums :) I have an FC who is doing just that, and we're reopening IC recruitment again starting tomorrow. We have Progression runs every tuesday and are going to start PvP runs once a week as well. Its a regular occurrence as well that we all run dungeons together on top of the IC dungeon runs we have one a week.


If you're interested, PM me or let me know in game: Lilithium Altair!

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Update: I'm still seeking a guild but I have a few stipulations that I need to add on as well.


I'm looking for a mature guild:


Leaders who do not succumb to appeals to popularity.


Leaders who do not generalize, us fallacious reasoning, or irrelevances, and "feel" there way through conversations, and accuse members of being "defensive" for merely countering logical inconsistencies.


Individuals who don't make wild accusations based on satire and police speech to suit their moralities, or label individuals with stigmas.


A guild who does not constantly need to attack the character of a stranger they know nothing of, and allows their emotions to guide them to "conclusions," or poor reasoning that suits biases.


A guild who does not make knee jerk reactions.


I'm looking for a mature guild full of adults and not hipsters throwing around biases.


Thank you


Sincerely, Artigan.

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