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New to FFXIV, not to Roleplay


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So I recently picked up Final Fantasy XIV on a whim. Much to surprise, I'm finding myself really enjoying what the game has to offer despite my initial apprehension about it; it's a relaxing, charming sort of game, enough so that I'm willing to make this my second virtual home. :3


I've played MMOs off and on over the years (my first being Anarchy Online some decade and a half ago), dabbling in roleplay as I've gone from game to game, though it wasn't until Guild Wars 2 that I really found myself dedicated to it. Still am, really.


Currently I'm working on Vetiver Chastain, a Hyuran Conjurer in her mid-twenties. A little shy and reserved, but not incapable by any means. Kind of in my RP comfort zone (I'd be lying if I didn't admit she's partially inspired by Vetiver Cheung, the second eldest of my ever-evolving GW2 crew), but I have a lot to learn in the game already so I thought it'd be good to play it safe, you know?


Anyway, if you see us around on Balmung, come and say hi; I may be a little shy myself, but I could definitely use a friend or two here and I'm always looking for roleplay, or even a companion to play the game with.

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Hello, and welcome!


I've heard a lot of people are slowly trickling over from GW2, actually, myself being one of them.  But I had many of the same feelings as you described coming over, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game and story as it goes.  There's so much potential for neat rp.


I'm also still figuring things out, but if you'd like someone to rp with or otherwise, feel free to send me a whisper in game (my character's name is Xavarian Mystrife; he's a young duskwight nerd who's way too interested in all sorts of magic), a PM here, or whatever.  :>

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Welcome, welcome!

I also came from GW2 ..... mmm..... eons ago. LOL The game lost its charm for me around the time of the "8-bit ROTFLOL-dungeon".... then the subsequent Living Stories kinda turned out... disappointing.

The RP was great though... :D


I hope you find a great home here in FFXIV. I have loved my time here and each patch that continues the story makes the game more and more interesting...

.... and then there are the RPers you meet and RP you do that makes the total package even better.


If you guys see me about, I'm Chiane... Duskwight mage that enjoys the shadows more than the limelight. She's rather reclusive and reserved, kinda shy.... much like me. 8-)


Feel free to say hi though! :)

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Welcome to Balumng, Eorzea and the RPC!  :3


I'm glad you're finding XIV as relaxing and smooth-sailing as you are.  It definitely is a departure from the more wanderlusty and less-railed experience of GW2...but then, the package of lore and the game world in XIV seems a lot more cohesive as a result.  Both are great games and have their own individual merits, though.


If you see a tall, axe-wielding Roegadyn woman named Steel Wolf trundling about, feel free to step up and say hello, or just say hello in general sight unseen.  I'm recently returned to this game myself, so I'm always open to meeting new folks.


Enjoy yourself, and hope we get to interact! <3

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Thank you all for the warm welcome.


I think my only complaint so far has been how much of a nuisance it is to gear up, both stat and appearance-wise. Really miss having most everything tradeable and a wardrobe full of a year and a half's worth of skin collecting. :(


Aside from that, though, I love most of the rest of the game, especially Squeenix's attention to quality and detail, two things I haven't seen an MMO dev focus on in a very long time.

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