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  1. Honesty isn't always sunshine and rainbows. *shrugs* That makes... no sense at all.
  2. Honestly, Mel, if you're trying your hardest to interact, then it's probably not your fault. Social events and gatherings in RP parallel much of what happens in real-life: people drift to their little cliques, ignore the rest (sometimes quite vehemently though it can also simply be by accident) and go on about their usual business. The only time these things tend to work out is if they're kept small and between people that are at the least OOC comfortable with each other. Otherwise? Not worth idling for hours hoping for the best.
  3. Kind of sounds like the type of person Vetiver would enjoy taking care of. Can't say for sure without interaction, though!
  4. I usually just go hide in my FC room.
  5. Personally I've never understood the point of sticking with an MMO if RP is your only draw. Tabletop and message boards would be preferable and less restrictive at that point. That's not to say I don't have a handful of minor complaints with FFXIV, but overall, it's a rare, polished breed and a steady blend of interest in both RP and the game itself has kept me here. So clunky that every job can be successfully played on controller? Also, I'd argue that most jobs are better improvised to the situation at hand as opposed to following a specific rotation, DRG being one of
  6. You're completely missing my point entirely. It has nothing to do with being 'politically correct', a poor excuse to begin with. Sensitivity towards people who actually deal with awkward and uncomfortable gender identity issues on a day-to-day basis is important. Like, really important. They get enough shit in real-life; no reason to carry it over into their chosen escape. I don't have a problem with ERP, either, but as a transwoman, I do not and will never appreciate anyone turning my situation into a vehicle for their fetishes while employing the usage of disrespectful terminology
  7. Two questions to consider before going through with such a concept: 1. Are you hoping to entertain some fetish? 2. Will this be the core focus to your character's being? If you answer is 'yes' to either, then I would suggest not going through with it; you're more likely to offend than anything else. It should also be noted that 'hermaphrodite' is considered dated at best and distasteful at worst. Think of it as akin to 'tranny'; just not a term anyone should have used to begin with.
  8. Steel Wolf is always so kind and reassuring to those around her, even me despite us being little more than acquaintances. We should fix that some time...
  9. Love tragedy. Love woobies. As long as it's reasonably balanced and above all, plausible, I'm all for it. :love:
  10. Not really...? I'm far more attached to my two Raen than I've ever been with any other character in this game. Knowing their culture is essentially a fantasy version of feudal era Japan gives me more than enough to work with, not that it particularly matters; ethnicity doesn't define who or what a person is. Perhaps you're focusing too much on history and not enough on the present?
  11. Mind if I throw Foxglove at her? I doubt Vetiver and Barbarccia would get along.
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