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Seeking RP Partner for--

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Hello, RPC!


So, like many many others out there, I am playing/maining a ninja. (I know, I know.) But, honestly, had it been included in the game from the start, my main character, Rhesh'ir, would have definitely been at least a rogue ICly, rather than bard-main.


But alas!


Anyway, because I love the lore and how the ninja story played out (mostly because it's very possible PCs to be a ninja and not be a -completely- special snowflake), I would really like to make Rhesh'ir a ninja ICly.  At this point, he does have many many years of fighting experience with both daggers and a bow-- daggers for longer by a few years, actually.


I am seeking to RP with a Doman character that would consider themselves a Ninja Master or at the very least, a skilled ninja willing to take on a pupil.


I would prefer if said character was already decently established in RP. This is mainly because my tight real life/gaming/FC schedule won't allow for as much RP as I would like, and I don't want to leave the other person hanging with no RP for long periods of time. (I am totally flexible with this though, so if your character is new, it's fine!)


I am open to RP in game, Enjin message, and Skype IMs, as well.


If you would like to know about Rhesh'ir a little bit, please feel free to glance over his wiki page. He's is a fighter for sure, and trains hard, but he is rather carefree and has a smart mouth. (So many tildes~) Even so, he takes his leadership over the 81st Company rather seriously, so he will always put them ahead of himself.


Please private message me if you'd be willing to set aside some time to RP some NINJUTSU training! I think it'd be fun. :3 Thank you!



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