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[Balmung] ♥ Too much sugar makes ya fat ♥


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Hi!  I was directed to these forums by someone I met in RP at the Adventurer's Guild in Ul'dah the other day.  Since that time I have lurked around a bit and I thought it was time I introduced myself proper instead of being such a wallflower.  I'm really sorry I forgot the name of the beautiful hyur girl who directed me here but thank you!  I have had such good experiences so far - including a fun altercation where Dimona rejected a cookie from someone and rudely stated that it would make her fat.  Thus the unusual and hopefully eye-catching subject title for my intro thread.  It didn't seem like there was any rules about that.  Teehee.


I played XIV for a bit in 1.0 but like so many others I lost interest and left before I got very far.  The news of rogue with the recent update was enough to spark my interest again and I think I'll be sticking around this time - especially after seeing all the amazing changes they have made since 1.0!


As I was doing the main story quests I happened upon a lot of activity in Momodi's area and have been watching and listening and occasionally participating a bit while still figuring out all of Dimona's personality.  And even though I'm not too involved it has been a lot of fun to see so much activity and after reading some of the posts here it feels like that must be the tip of the iceberg for RP on this server.


I do not have an extensive background with MMOs like some.  I dabbled a lot in FF11 and WoW and GW and EQ but haven't really roleplayed in any of those games.  I am an avid reader and dabble in creative writing and feel like roleplaying in this sort of setting will be a natural fit.  I am very familiar with much of the game's lore already and sponging up every bit I can as I proceed with the storyline and sidequests and I am loving it!


So that's my background.  The sticky template asks what kind of roleplayer I'm aiming to be and I'm not sure I've figured that part out just yet.  I'm still leveling and not sure I'm going to live in the tavern all the time but maybe Dimona will be a regular barfly.  I think time will tell.  I do have a full time job with an adjusting schedule that makes it tough to be consistently available so I doubt I will ever be heavily involved in endgame sorts of activities but I know myself and sometimes I will want to roleplay and other times I will want to play the game.  So I'll probably be a medium-to-heavy roleplayer.



Now for the fun part!  The character!


Dimona is a feisty highlander with a penchant for speaking without thinking.  She is 19 or 20 so of course she knows everything about the way the world works.  She lives in Little Ala Mhigo and is extremely poor.  Her RP to this point has been about finding work.  She is illiterate and her parents were killed but her grsndmother is alive but bedridden.  I wanted a reason to write diary entries like some folks here that I've seen so I think those will take the format of her speaking to her comatose grandmother.  She is pretty and knows it but wants to be valued for more than her looks.  She is kind of tomboyish, confrontational to the point of being a bit brusque, competative, and motivated by a sense of personal dignity.  She has very little patience for people who are either too passive, crybabies, or complain too much.  She also is intolerant of people who are overly sure of themselves, arrogant, vain, flaunt their bodies, and so on and so forth.  So she may not make a lot of friends right away but she is brutally honest and has a lot of good qualities and feels kind of real to me.


I am reluctant to join any sort of group just yet.  I'm still figuring out a bit about Dimona's back history and how Ala Mhigo fell and how the timeline works with her age and stuff.  I have perused the directory and can say that something like a mercenary group may fit well to give Mona some direction and will say that there are 3 or 4 groups that interest me at this time.  It is kind of a big decision and one I don't want to make lightly so rather than sampling guilds I am judt trying to get a better idea who this character is and where she might fit in most naturally and just not rushing.  I'm enjoying the RP I'm encountering in the meanwhile.



Anything from RL I am comfortable sharing?  Honestly, very little.  I am female in the real world and have had some problems in the past that leave me hesitant to post too many details.  I am in the Central time zone in USA.  I have a big family and I'm successful at my job.  My free time is a little bit staggered though so that sometimes makes it difficult for me.  I love writing and I envy all of you artistic types becsuse all of those pictures in the art forum are so lovely!


Hope to see some of you in Eorzea soon!!

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Thank you for the warm welcomes!  I think the overabundance of talk of cookies and pie and cake needed to be addressed!  As a hot-blooded highlander I took a vow at birth and forsook all the sweet treats.  Instead I want to be spoonfed a diet of aldgoat steak wrapped in seared peiste meat and covered with buffalo sirloin with dodo drumsticks on the side!  All the meats!  All! The! Meats!


Hehe seriously I love the sweets as much as anyone else in RL but it has been fun to RP otherwise.  I hope to RP with you both and your buddy Vash and everyone else soon!


On a similar vein I was reading the Balmung directory and visiting some of the other sites out there.  Enjin seems popular and I set up an enjin account but is there any preferred policy for Registering for guild sites?  I had visited a few but was very hesitant to "join" anything just yet.  I'm kind of new to this.  Don't even get me started on how daunting creating a wiki profile page is feeling too. :dazed:


Thanks in advance for any guidance!  I'm glsd the thread title raised at least one eyebrow too.  While my character may be a little bit ordinary I'm quite the opposite.  :P

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