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Any FCs that do end game as well as RP?

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Hello. I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread.


This might be a long shot, but are there any FCs that run Coil/Primals as well as an interest RP? It would be lovely to find others with similar interests. Sadly I'm not very good at meeting people and starting relationships, so thought I'd ask here as an FC seems like a good opportunity. I've never actually RP'd before as I haven't a lot of confidence, but would like to start. :)


I am in some different linkshells, but sadly there isn't a lot of chat. I think I'd prefer to find a FC any way as they seem to have a tighter community. :P

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Night Blades is one I know of! While I was with them, I enjoyed the atmosphere and community very much. Even though -so many- of them know each other for many many years and from many older games, they made me, a very new person, feel very welcome.


I'm not sure on their status in SCOB/FCOB but I think several of them are in T9 progression. (IE I'm not sure if they've moved into FCOB)


They are also heavy in RP!




I haven't joined Eclipsis but I do know they have people who raid. Not sure if they have raid statics formed within that raid together.


edit: I'm not sure what the status of other RP FCs are and where they are in coil. So I'm sure there's at least one more but these are those I know of or have seen raiding.

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Arcadeus is a group that can take you since we do both.


We have two static groups. A learning and a progression group. Both are in house and I lead the progression group.



Our RP levels tend to be generally heavy, especially after events that happened last night, no spoilers though.   ^_^


((Ill be online around 4pm est. 3pm where I am at though so give me a PM if you want to talk.))


EDIT: Our Learning group is taking people through the farm and grind for T5 and teaching them so we can mercenary out services for gil. The progression group is in second coil, though our group has not attempted T6 because we have not gotten enough body's to try it yet.

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