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Two Gegenjis and a Grandpa


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I. Basic Info



II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    After having participated in a few RPs, I have to place myself around the medium-to-heavy RP range. I can't say heavy since I like to goof off OOCly when appropriate (showing off new outfits to folks in my LS, light OOC banter and such), but I do like to be RPing when I'm not off running dungeons or something! As such, please feel free to approach me or shoot me a tell/PM/moogle/whatever! I'm always up for RP!

  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    I have no qualms with combat, either using rolls (though my luck with those sorts of things tend to be terrible) or just freeforming it. Chachan is a defender/pacifist type, though, so he's likely to shield someone or disable than attack. Not to say that he can't hold his own if needed - it'd just be in a different way than one might think...
    Judge is aged and experienced at combat, and Gogon is a tactician by trade and nature. So both of them could be interesting individuals to come to blows with. Both aren't actively looking for fights, though, so don't expect just coming up and challenging them to a fight to bear fruit. ;)

  • Views on IC romance:
    Nothing against IC romance either - though it is something I'd probably want to communicate OOCly with the other person with beforehand to determine expectations and how it'd play out. It's something that I'd want both sides to enjoy, and something I'd like to build organically through interaction. Gogon took over six months to end up in his relationship, just to give an example. I'm more for a slow burn than having a bonding ceremony within a month of meeting. Doesn't mean the dates and other interactions can't be fun, though, nor that something might happen faster!
    However, with Judge being actively non-sexual and both Gegenjis currently in relationships, I'm not really looking for any more romantic RP. Unless I get it into my head that I need to play yet another character. :lol:

  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    My bread and butter, I think. Whether it's talking shop about arms and armor, playing with Gran, or hanging out with friends, it's all still that same fleshing out of the world that makes it and its people seem all that much more alive, which is something I have come to love about MMO RP. I'd have to be mad to say no to any of that!
    Of course, communication is always first and foremost. If you want to RP, lemme know! I'm trying to work on being able to roll with the punches on various ideas, but it's still a work in progress. As such, if you want to do something that you think might be a little outlandish, just let me know first!
    Right now, I'm looking to get into some more lengthy plots on Chachan. Likely as a sort of support type, providing tools or generally being a helpful little dork like he usually is. I don't mind him being a bit closer to the spotlight, but he's a bit of a dumb so he may flounder if he's put front and center. :lol:

  • Views on lore:
    I try to stick relatively close to the lore, but I'm not afraid to flex and bend it for the sake of fun and entertainment. I won't out and out break lore, of course - at least, not wittingly - but I AM playing a family of famous Lalafellan smiths from Doma and a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-style Judge. So, I'm willing to roll with a lot of things as long as the "how" can be explained. And if it's fun a lot of it can be hand-waved, I think.

  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
    I usually mark OOC stuff with (()), unless the whole conversation being had is completely out of character in party chat or the like, in which I'll usually forgo it. Usually, though, you can figure the following chart is true if there's no parentheses:
    /say - IC
    /em - IC
    /yell - IC
    /shout - OOC
    /party - Usually OOC (unless formed for RP purposes!)
    /ls - IC for IC shells, OOC for OOC shells

III. Other Info

  • Country: United States
  • Timezone: US EST (GMT -5); My new job has a bit of transit time, so I get home later and have to be up earlier. As such, my weekday availability is going to be around 7-11pm for in-game RP. Forum RP is still good to go, with the delay in my response depending on both work and whatever writer's block I may be tussling with.
  • Contact info: Feel free to approach/shoot me a tell in-game or send me a PM on the forums! I also have a Skype if folks want to RP over that, but I'm usually not on it unless asked.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Update for 2015!


Chachan's (OOCly) joined the super-awesome Free Company The Coral Sea, and just as happy to be making friends as before!


Also, the Jolly Rogers is a little dorky LS I put together on the fly for those who want to be part of Hohoyoho Nonoyoho's Circus Ship/Pirate Crew. Hohoyoho is an evolution of a one-shot NPC made using Chachan as a stand-in that I consider a "separate character." It's mostly there for those people who want to dress up their mains and pretend they're different characters (kinda like <>, but with circus pirates!).


If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know!

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New changes and a new character necessitate a bit of an update here! It will probably be updated again once I actually hunker down and start writing Judge's wiki, but I figure this is a good step to make.


And, as always, feel free to give me a poke if you want to RP either in-game or on the forums!

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Man this was in need of updating. It has now been updated!


As always, I'm always looking for folks to RP or just chat with - so feel free to contact me! As I'm in-between contracts right now at work, I have a decent bit of downtime that I can relegate for RP!

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Another long overdue update, including Judge and Gogon's mostly done (if a bit outdated) wikis.


Currently looking for more RP partners to widen my social circle some, especially on little Chachan. I'm totally fine with walk-ups and one-shots, if that's more your bag. Getting him involved in some larger plots would be pretty awesome too, even if only as a little helper on the side providing assistance in his own way. He can still fight, of course, should it be needed (Virara likely wouldn't let him slack in his fighting, ha!). He just has an... interesting method he's been working on to fit with his pacifistic nature that I've been tempted to bring to the Grindstone at some point or another.


Gogon and Judge are also "available" should they be more your speed. Gogon's a bit of an egotist, as one can probably tell from his wiki, but he's "supposed" to be the head of an intelligence network so if your character needs to learn something he might be your man. And Judge is Judge. If you need an elderly law man to say things in all caps about rules and what is or isn't proper, he's there. They're just more... I don't want to say secondary, but that's probably the best way to put it. Mainly looking for RP on Chachan, but the other two are on call should their particular skill sets be needed.


Should probably be noted that I have one plot I'm currently in and enjoying that takes place on Thursday nights, and then I aid in the Grindstone on Judge, and regularly attend both the Runestone and Spellguard on Gogon (usually as spectator). So, those are most of my RP commitments and would probably be most receptive to RP that doesn't risk clashing with any of these.

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Just a few minor tweaks based on my new job and Chachan's current relationship! Still open for all sorts of RP, though, especially since Chachan might be getting back into a more adventurous mindset! And, as always, he's a smith for hire if someone needs something repaired or some armor crafted.

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