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The Wandering Warrior Part 1

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"O is for Odin....Oodin...Ooooooodin." G'leo repeats to himself for the fifth time in the past six hours. The shade of the tent provides an adequate position to lounge as well as an excellent reading position as the young miqo reads aloud. His back shifts slightly as Norrington, the sundrake and close friend of the miqo'te, stirs from his slumber; the drake shuffling his tail to the right just in time to avoid the pounce of a young girl belonging to the refugee camp. 


She giggles and screams joyfully as she chases after the tail. Her antics bringing a smile to G'leo's face, even as Norrington huff's out a plume of smoke while expertly bouncing his tail shy of the girl's reach. Even on the outskirts of Ul'dah, and looking much like a refugee himself, he is content knowing that he was among a group of people who welcomed him so kindly, even if for a short time. Eva was right; these people truly were something worth fighting for. 


The past few days of travel had brought much wisdom to G'leo's eyes; finally able to see what and whom the elezen female spoke of. They are a hardworking people, intent on helping out each other and their family, and strong-willed outcasts; people that he himself is more than comfortable being around having been outcasted. They lacked resources and the knowledge that could help them survive the wilds, but G'leo brought it upon himself to help educate them in this matter. Having survived in the wilds as a young lad, every since his banishment...Curious thought to be having at this time, haven't thought about going home in over 15 years.  


He muses with a sigh before returning to his studies in "A is for Aldgoat". At least reading is a lot easier than trying to hunt a sandworm, not to say that doing both at the same time yesterday wasn't entertaining, but G'leo's never been very studious (and sandworms really are just bait for the bigger prey). 


"S is for Sh-aye-va...Sh-aye-va...Sh-ay-"


"You're saying it wrong! It's, Sh-eee-va!" corrects the young girl, now firmly gripping Norrington's tail. She holds on tightly as he lifts his tail off the ground and back again; her entire body barely hugging the tip of it. 


"What? But that isn't how it was pronounced earlier...It's supposed to be 'aye'." 


"No! Silly cat-man," scolding him now. (He murmurs, "Lion" under his breathe.) "It's different this time. It's not a long 'aye', it is a long 'Eee'."


He scratches his head confused...Bloody hell, maybe I'm not getting it after all.

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Evangeline passes under the gate of Nald, ignoring the baleful glare of the Brass Blades stationed there. She shoulders her burden, a large basket, from wafts the unmistakable odor of fresh bread.


Weaving through the crowd she begins breaking the bread and passing out chunks to the throng of children who have surrounded her. Smiling slightly she begins tossing out pieces to those further back, looking uncomfortably like a noblewoman feeding a flock of pigeons. With a bemused look she holds up the basket, indicating its lack of bread, petting a few heads as the children wander off.


She stretches for a moment, then heads in the direction of G'leo. Placing her empty basket on the head of the refugee girl who is harassing the sundrake. "How go the studies, Mr G'leo?" She says with a mischievous smile. As the girl pulls off the basket with a petulant look on her face, Eva sticks a heel of bread into the girl's suprised mouth.


"Urnnffff mgtopss" The girl says.


"I am surprised to see you here again." Evangeline adds as she takes a seat next to him on the packed earth, "Though certainly pleased."

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Both G'leo's and Norrington's attention is drawn up as the crowd begin to surround an oncoming figure. He can't exactly see her yet, despite the peaks of her hair and ears poking above the crown of refugees, but her scent instantly cues him the Eva has returned. He smiles to himself as she makes her way through to him, and smiles amused as the little girl is suddenly stuffed with a face full of bread.


"Urnnffff mgtopss" The girl says. 


"Little one, chew before you try to speak or you invite more dangerous things to block your breathe."


She nods in reply with a bemused look on her face, but is now distracted by the presence of a new person to bother, not that the Sundrake's tail wasn't as much fun. She stoops up, trying to play and braid with the Elezen's hair. 


G'leo bows his head to Eva; hushing a now growling Norrington.


"You'll have to pardon him, he's not used to strangers he can't gobble up in one bite." G'leo smirks to the little girl, who has puffed up her cheeks in response to his comment. "The studies are going...well? I suppose. I understand the characters of the letters, but they change in sound from time to time...This I don't understand, but other than that small difficulty, it's rather basic knowledge. One that I am grateful for. How have you faired since our last meeting?"

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Whatever had possessed him to travel to Ul'dah for a short say hadn't left any motivation to actually do anything inside the city. Not even a bell had passed once Franz had gotten off the airship, and he had already felt the warm desert heat, seen multiple homeless refugees begging for change and had been harassed by a very vocal merchant to the point that he'd bought new clothes to shut the man up. He could feel his coin purse getting lighter with every step.


"But sir! You couldn't possibly leave without a proper hat to go with everything else!" The incessant voice of the merchant pushed on. With a groan, he took out the coin purse, nearly pleading. "And just how much is the hat?! Haven't you gotten enough from me?" Walking away with more gil that he's hoped to get from upselling, the lalafellin merchant called out to the person he'd expected was just an unshaved Highlander. "A pleasure doing business with a man who lived with 'sworn once, sir. A pleasure..."


But rather than listen to whatever the merchant had said, Franz was more busy making his leave from the city. As he walked past the Gate of Thal, he figured he would simply walk around part of the city, tracing its walls until the Gate of Nald, where he'd re-enter. Just something to break the new clothes in with. As he neared his destination, he saw a woman leaving with a basket, heading towards a small refugee settlement just outside the city. The people had seemed to flock around her, and he found himself slightly interested. He walked closer, ilm by ilm to see what was going about, when he heard a familiar voice.


Walking up to one of the tents, he saw a familiar man, and the unknown woman.


"...G'leo? What are you doing in a refugee camp?"

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Evangeline stoically endures the braiding, "Chew little one, lest I add murder to my political crimes." She laughs lightly, "I have been well, Mr. Gleo, more so now that I know you are still studying."


She looks over at the book, clearly well worn from use, "Shall I get you something more advanced? There are primers for how the various combinations of letters form Syllables." She draws out the word, assuming it to be unfamiliar to him. Evangaline takes a small stick and draws in the soil,


"For example... C as in coerl..." She scratches out the letters, "H as in Hornet.... O as in Ochu.."


"Makes Cho, as in Chocobo."


She gives him an awkward smile, "Confusing I know."




She turns to the unfamiliar figure, "Just doing a bit of studying." She laughs and indicates the chaos of the camp, "Are you a friend of Mr Gleo?"

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G'leo scratches his head; confused but trying to make sense of what she is saying. Phonectical rules still escaping the male Seeker.


After some inspection of the book, she might see a few bite and claw marks that have scratched it's surface as well as a few torn pages. One might say it's a well-worn book, despite G'leo only having it for about a week, but he and Norrington both know...fighting and reading don't always make for the best combination.


"C-h-o...Chocobo. I suppose that makes sense...but I don't understand why? What makes that chu-oh sound. Or how does it cha-" He stops, another scent catching his attention. Franz is nearby.


"Pardon," he says, excusing himself for the moment.


Standing up, G'leo watches the Highlander approach. He moves to greet the man, but is beaten to him by Norrington, who in a sudden spring of life, has rushed past the trio and charges ahead for Franz. The Sundrake stops a good five feet away form the man, padding cautiously closer and gingerly tasting the air with a long tongue (he vaguely remembers Franz from the Mist in La Noscea). 


"Tch, Norrington! Back off you bloody lizard." G'leo runs after him. "Hello Franz, don't mind him, he's...relatively harmless." He sighs pulling the drake back. 


The girl meanwhile has decided that Eva's lap would be the prime spot to park herself. Plop.

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"I'm sure he's just not used to something unfamiliar."


Franz bent down to pat the giant lizard a few times, unphased by the possibility of being bitten. Speaking to Norrington, "you're just protective, aren't you?"


Standing up straight, he gave G'leo a grin. "It's good to see you again." The grin might have been fake, but the sentiment wasn't.


"And to the Miss, yes, you could say that." He removed his hat and took a short bow as a courtesy.

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Evangeline rises herself, lifting the child as she goes, and the both of them bow in response. "It is a pleasure to meet a friend of Mr. Gleo." She smiles, "I hope it will not offend you, but I have never met a Highlander so well dressed and spoken." The smile turns into a slightly lopsided grin, "Except for a certain teacher of mine... though I fear he is in a category all of his own."


"What brings you to the camps?"

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G'leo pats the side of the Sundrake trying to calm the reptile as it resumes it's inspection of the Highlander. Norrington has never been known for his temperament, but his reaction to being pet by a stranger surprises even G'leo. 

"It is good to see you as well Franz, and I've just been learning how to read." G'leo states as Norrington releases a plume of smoke from his nose. He likes Franz. "Eva," motioning to the female. "Has been kind enough to teach me how too. But what brings you out here to Uldah? Is everything ok in La Noscea?"

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"I hope it will not offend you, but I have never met a Highlander so well dressed and spoken."


"What brings you to the camps?"


To a well-trained observer, there may have been a slight twitch in his right eye at being called a Highlander. An unconscious reaction at best, but not exactly to his amusement. THe only thing left the Garlean man had of his homeland was his national pride, after all. He imagined most people would have been bothered being called something they watched fall apart, but that was another story. Still, it wasn't meant in harm, and he was the size of an average Highlander. He couldn't fault the woman for being nice. "Ah, er....thank you. I was simply walking and overheard G'leo." He tried to give a friendly smile, but wasn't sure how successful it was.



G'leo pats the side of the Sundrake trying to calm the reptile as it resumes its inspection of the Highlander. Norrington has never been known for his temperament, but his reaction to being pet by a stranger surprises even G'leo. 


"Eva," motioning to the female. "Has been kind enough to teach me how too. But what brings you out here to Uldah? Is everything ok in La Noscea?"


He glanced around as the sundrake walked around him a few times, continuing his inspection. Franz didn't seem to mind much. "Reading? Are you looking to study something?" He grinned a little. It was an unexpected ambition, learning to read. "Just a short visit. figured I could give the city another chance, but after about a bell, I couldn't handle being within the gates. Limsa Lominsa may have many markets and merchants, but only Ul'dahs will try to blackmail and threaten you to buy something." He'd seen some new fliers posted around the city and had ripped one off, the parchment neatly rolled and stored in a pocket. He'd ask G'leo about its contents later.

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G'leo shrugs his shoulders with a look back to Eva. "At this point I can't say I know what I'm studying. Eva has something in mind to teach me of the politics and government of the city. I simply wish to learn, but the more knowledge I have the better off I will be."


Norrington nudges Franz's palm, forcing his head underneath it; he clearly is warming up nicely even as Eva's new friend attempts to pounce on the drake's tail. 


"Well looks like you've made a new friend, Franz." G'leo smirks watching the drake amused. "What happened in the markets? I've never had a problem with the traders here, but then again...I've run some odd errands for them." He shrugs again; motioning for Norrington to return back to him.

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Evageline walks over, "Truth be told, the merchants of Ul'dah are starting to grow on me." She laughs slightly, "If only all could be so passionate as the man who tried to sell me a pet cactus this morning." She nods, "I believe all Eorzean's should have knowledge beyond what their eyes and ears can see and hear."


She smiles, "If Mr G'leo begins to believe in my mission afterwards, well, then that is just a bonus." She pulls the child to the side before Norrick's irritated tail can swipe her. "Do you require reading lessons as well, Mr Franz?"

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"The merchants require a different level of tempermance." G'leo has Norrington sit on the ground while he walks over to Eva. "Eva's mission certainly has noble intentions, but it's the method that could do with some refining." He gives a Eva a level look; a mix between jesting and serious tone. 


"Nevertheless I have nothing but gratitude to her for working with this lost cause." He smiles finally. He looks to the girl in Eva's arms. "Here I'll take her. I'm sure your mother is wondering where you have been."


The girl pouts in Eva's arms; cheeks puffing again. "But I want to keep braiding Miss Eva's hair."  


"You can cause mischief another day, her hair is nice enough even without you trying to stick desert flowers in it. I'll let you ride Norrington back alright?" 


Her face brightens at that prospect; now looking up at Eva

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Meanwhile, beyond the shoulders of the group at the refugee camp a full company of Blades began to assemble and line up from within the city. The combined noise of their chain began to rattle off the stone walls as each man took up his place and stood to attention. The Captain barked his orders as the last few arrived and an uneasy quiet settled over the column. A single chocobo strode out from the gate and walked along them to stop about half way.


"Left FACE!", the Captain cried out. At his command sixty-seven men abruptly turned left to face the mounted soldier, while thirteen turned right only to quickly about face and attempt to regain their composure. Coatleque groaned quietly from atop the bird as her eyes closed momentarily. Shaking off her dissatisfaction she drew her sword and held it straight while she addressed the men before her. She was oblivious to anything happening in the camp for the time being.

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Norrington nudges Franz's palm, forcing his head underneath it; he clearly is warming up nicely even as Eva's new friend attempts to pounce on the drake's tail. 


"Well looks like you've made a new friend, Franz." G'leo smirks watching the drake amused. "What happened in the markets? I've never had a problem with the traders here, but then again...I've run some odd errands for them." He shrugs again; motioning for Norrington to return back to him.


He pats the sundrake a few more times. Norrington seemed to like it. "They're just very pushy. Never thought I'd be blackmailed to buy something. Perhaps I just got too used to the merchants in Limsa."


"Do you require reading lessons as well, Mr Franz?"


If it weren't for other thoughts begining to weigh upon him, Franz would likely have laughed. As he tried to keep composure, he gave a small smile and shook his head just a little. "I would be a failure of a Scholar if I did. That is, unless you have some very different books than the common language. Nymian and Amdaporean writings are more of a personal favorite."


He gaze fell closer to the gate, where a group of Brass Blades had seemed to congregate. "It looks as if they're preparing to start a raid."

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"Eva's mission certainly has noble intentions, but it's the method that could do with some refining." He gives a Eva a level look; a mix between jesting and serious tone. 


Evangeline give a look of mock offence, "Why Mr G'leo, one should never insult the refinement of a lady." She laughs, "It seems the little one has become attached to us."


She frowns as the Company of Brass blades, exit the gates. "On second thought, Mr G'leo is right." Evangeline ruffle's the child's hair, "Best hurry away, lest the Syndicate's hounds take notice of you. Warn the others as well."



Nymian and Amdaporean writings are more of a personal favorite."


He gaze fell closer to the gate, where a group of Brass Blades had seemed to congregate. "It looks as if they're preparing to start a raid."


"Nymerian and Ampadorean..." She muses as she walks up next to him, "I wonder if any of their political writings survived. Perhaps we can speak on that."


Evangeline, strides past Franz, eyes narrowing as she spies the mounted figure. "Lady Crofte." She says in a loud voice, "Welcome to the Slums." Giving an exaggerated bow, "What can this humble woman do for your Ladyship."

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G'leo feigns an ignorant smile at Eva; purely genuine as he does have a vast amount of respect for both Eva and Franz. "I would do no such thing. You're refinement is never in question, my dear; I am humbled by that fact, despite my sometimes less than 'modest' appearance."


"Little one, at least be kind enough to introduce yourself before you depart."


The girl blushes, hiding her face in the crook of G'leo's shoulder. Odd time to be struck with timidity for the previously bold, little girl. "Mrrrrsss-" she mumbles into his collarbone.


"I don't think they heard you."


"Myst." she says, lifting her head up and then quickly back down.


G'leo sighs, shrugging her into a better position. "Strange one (said to the girl), I shall return shortly (said to Eva and Franz)."


He speaks a few words in his own language to Norrington, who pads next to him, and deposits the girl on the drake's back. The trio begin walking towards the eastern portion of the refugee camp, leaving Eva and Franz alone. He leads the drake, and now recovered, beaming Myst back to her mother's tent.


It's only at this time does he notice the blades nearby.





Leading the trio out of view of the soldiers, G'leo weaves through the tents to keep them out of view. He instructs Norrington to take the girl home, which the drake does so obediently, but Norrington lacks the finer parts of stealth, and takes a more obvious route to return Myst home.


G'leo walks out from his hiding spot in time to see Eva address what appears to be the leader of the military force. The woman atop her chocobo is quickly recognized by him, but, for the life of him, can't remember her name.


Well, perhaps this will make it easier to avoid detection.



He walks next to Franz, purposely keeping his distance away from Eva and the Sultansworn.

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The Blade Captain drew up alongside the mount and held up a document which she took and glanced over before handing it back down.


"Men", she began to which there was a snort somewhere in the middle of the company. She rolled her eyes before continuing. "And G'erll." A happy gasp accompanied the acknowledgement.


"Your company has been reassigned as of this morning. You shall be marching to Highbridge on the outskirts of Thanalan to report under command of Captain Longhaft. Based on the Captain's reports back the Qiqirn have been harassing trade routes into the Shroud and may be backed by the Amalj'aa in the area. Fortunately, Longhaft is not known to be a hard man, but he does take his duty seriously."


Just then she heard her name from behind in a familiar jarring voice she was quickly learning to hate. It took all of her resolve to remain focused on the present task.


"Some of you may be new. You may fear what is to come. I am sure the Captain shall drill each and every one of you on your arrival. It may hurt, and some of you may even bleed. Remember that you take this punishment for Thanalan! It is a thankless job that we all share in, keeping our borders safe. Assist each other as necessary, handle yourselves well, and we shall all be satisfied as the sun sets on a still peaceful Ul'dah.


Go now and know that her Grace's favor is with you on this endeavor."


With that she raised her sword and brandished it once. "For coin and country!"

The reaction of the Blades was far less than stellar, though there were a few who appreciated her words. The Captain signaled that it was time to move and the company turned forward once more and began to march towards Black Brush.


Coatleque reared her chocobo around and scanned the refugee camp with narrowed eyes trying to find the latest thorn in her side.

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Evangeline relaxes internally, as she sees the Brass Blades head off into the distance. She turns and give a reassuring nod to G'leo and Franz.


She smiles before turning back to Crofte. "Lady Crofte? Did you not hear me?" Evangeline continues to approach. "Surely you could not be ignoring your good friend Evangeline."


"I merely wish to welcome you to the squalor of Ul'dah." She smiles, "You work hard propping up an oppressive regime, Lady Crofte. I am sure you are excited to examine the fruits of your labor."


She give a wide sweeping gesture towards the camp, which has become noticeably more empty since the arrival of the Brass Blades.

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Franz stood back, so as to not interrupt the two women. He was well-aware of the authority Ser Crofte had, and expected that she would remain professional amidst the insults the Elezen was sending her way. 



He spoke in a voice just above a whisper to G'leo. "I'm missing something here, aren't I?" 



It was taking more effort to keep up a friendly facade, and Franz felt his mind going a little blank. He would likely need to leave before a bell would pass.

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G'leo, a bit tense, whispers back to Franz. "In all honesty, I can't say I rightly know. Eva is in support of the refugees' cause, but I don't see what the Sultansworn has to do with it."


Norrington peaks his head from within one of the tents. How the bloody hell he got into it is beyond G'leo, but at least he's remaining hidden.


"Are you alright? You look pale?" He asks the Highlander.

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Coatleque tensed as the Elezen approached her. Slowly she sheathed her blade. Mounted as she was she barely had to look down at the woman from her own considerable height. The bird ignored them both, being content simply to be out of the stable for the day.


"Miss Primrose.", she stated flatly. "You are making a strange habit of being seen in my presence when you are not entirely wanted. How could I ignore you when you so brazenly insert yourself into my affairs?"


She slowly scanned the view behind the woman and noted Franz in the distance speaking to someone who matched the vague descriptions of a wanted man. She watched them from the distance while continuing to speak to Evangeline.


"You claim her Grace oppresses these people. What you fail to realize is that they are only allowed to remain here because of her succor. It was she who heard their pleas whilst the Syndicate turned a deaf ear."


She paused, still watching the pair.


"Further more, this squalor is not of Ul'dah as it remains outside the walls. Though if you truly want to see such I will escort you to the darkened allys of Pearl Lane."

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Evangeline raises a hand to her chest, a look of mock hurt on her features "Not entirely wanted? But I thought we were friends, Lady Crofte. It is only natural friends seek to help each other in their affairs."


She smiles, "I did not claim her grace oppresses them personally." She laughs, "That would be silly. Just that she is part of a larger system Lady Crofte... as are you." She smiles, "As much as I would enjoy accompanying you to Pearl Lane, I am not as at home there as you are." She gestures to her companions. "Why not join us though? Perhaps it would do some good for one of her Majesty's guard to spend some time among the people."


"If Her Grace truly does hear the plight of these people, should you not as her servant, hear it as well?" She bows slightly, "The offer is open, Lady Crofte, should you wish to get off of your high chocobo."

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Her head snapped back to the left towards Evangeline at her words and the chocobo took a half step to the side at the sudden movement. She almost glared at the woman.


"These are not our people.", she scoffed. "Those are our people." To this she pointed to the city gate before them. "If these ones wish to immigrate properly rather than setting up lean-to's on our walls, then I welcome them. T'is a fire hazard in the desert sun."

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Franz stood watching as the two women exchanged words. Remembering a question had been asks of him, he mustered up the words "no, not likely."


A searing headache was slowly settling in and he wasn't sure of what may have brought it about. Regardless of the reasons, it wasn't pleasant. Was Service Crofte here to check on the bounty? Or was she simply there as part of whatever had been going on earlier.


Either way, she and Eva clearly had some issue to settle. And he wasn't going to be a part of it. There was no reason to involve himself in the issues of a stranger.


But to G'leo, he did manage "Miss Crofte doesn't have any business with you, does she?" he wouldn't speak of the bounty, but there was no reason. To pretend it did not exist.

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