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Zah'an Tia

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Hello there!


My name is Zah'an Tia, I'm a player all the way from Lich (EU) server wanting to dip my feet into the RP world surrounding FFXIV. I've been playing for almost three months and have two characters under my belt:


Thathaccho Pupuccho who is my lvl50 Black Mage and myself, Zah'an Tia who is a triple Lancer/Pugilist/Rogue combo in training.


I'm mostly looking to expand the stories behind my two characters, hoping to maybe write a story or two surrounding them; I have plenty of ideas but nothing concrete as of yet.


I'm mostly bouncing around everywhere so if I cannot RP, it's not the end of the world for me. I will say, since I'm from the EU, I'm mostly available weekends (Fri-Sun) rather late timewise for me and early-ish for most.


Have a good day and have fun my fellow Eorzeans!

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Welcome! :D


If you're looking for an FC, mine has a lot of EU players who are on from the weekends and beyond. Plus some of us are just insomniacs lol. If interested, look us up here!


Also have my late night LS here that has EU RPers and those who are, well, Night Owls!


Hope you find what you're looking for and happy RP hunting!

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