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mew... Hai!


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Hai i am TheDerpCat since i am pretty derpy and i love cats =P. i have yet to create a character on balmung (damn those restrictions). But in the mean time i am going to create a stroy for my character ^^.


i am 21 years old, study new media and comunications technology (my last year.) love reading , gaming , airsoft , anime and cosplaying. my time zone is gmt +1 but i always make time to rp in the late hours to if needed ^^


i have rp'ed for 2 years on a community website. after that i did a couple of weeks of guild wars role play but thats my only ingame rp experience. So i have a bit of training to do. a part from that i need to work on my grammar as i am pretty bad with that in my native language and in english x.x.


i have played 80% of the mmo's out there so in mmo experience i am pretty experienced i would say. from lotro till wow i was with most launches. But none had a real universe i wanted to rp in. That's when i started to play final fantasy games and i loved the storys. 


for the moment my character is going to be a Miqo'te, keeper of the moon.  He's going to be a scholar. i am still researching the lore of the scholars to have a good grip of it before i make his backstory and his goals.


his personality is mostly a smart guy who's to loyal at times and very derpy even if hes a bit of a smart person and very obsessed with cats(it's a bit of my signature on my rp characters).


I hope i can RP with all of you and have great fun ^^  and thx for reading all of this if you did =P

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Hellos and welcomies!! :bouncy:


Don't be worried if you don't have too much RP experience, we're all helpful and willing to RP. The best way to get a hang of RP is to do it yourself, but you can also read up other RP to get a feel of it. For that, the Town Square part of the forums is a good place to get started until you make that character on Balmung. (Balmung restrictions... :frustrated: )


When you get your toon up on Balmung, feel free to send me a tell when I'm online if you want to RP! :D C'eleni Meztli is the lady you'd be looking for.


Anywho, once again, welcomies!!

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