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RP Prime Corps


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Because RPC is not an allowed phrase by SE's coding for Linkshells names -_-


Just like a few other linkshells this linkshell is to promote a good environment for those who would like to get their raid on.


The primary raid focuses would be: T5, Ramuh EX, Shiva EX, and Second Coil of Bahamut.


The linkshell does not guarantee clears, but you will definitely have people who may be experienced and can help you learn as well.


While the use of voice chat (Mumble) is not -required- it is definitely a boon and the main thing is for people to be able to listen.


If you are experienced and want a pearl, let me know.

If you want to get experience and want a pearl, let me know.


We are here to provide for each other safe and fun environments in which to raid in. RPers and friends of RPers alike are all welcome to join so long as you are not an asshat.


There is no static times but it will allow you one more resource to pull from to get other "reliable" PUG members!

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