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Looking for an RP Partner.

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Hi. I am looking for an RP partner. My character is Hyur midlander named Samantha Goldsmith. I am active a lot, and I'd like to say I'm a good roleplayer. I don't have a story fleshed out for her, so if you could help me think of one, I'd really appreciate it. Or, you can even intertwine it with yours! Think of it like clay.


PM me here, or in-game. Thanks for reading!

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First I would like to say I am truly sorry for the other night.  This week has just been crazy. I started a new job and walked the stage this week in RL. But I am very interested in this idea.  I have a story with my current character and it just so happens that he is currently seeking a partner or assistant if you would. So a little about Dartamian...


There are villians, and then there are nightmares.  Captain Dartamian N'astal was one such monster.  Spreading chaos and fear across the seas he and his crew sailed under acused colors.  But such a life takes its toll on anyman, and so soon he had grown weary of the life he had made for himself. Life was not without a sense of irony.  Unfortunate for Dartamian, not all those in his crew were so ready to put the life of Piracy behind them.  There was a mutiny.  Blood was shed and even deaths occured.  When it was all said and done, the ship was destroyed, the crew was no more.

As Dartamian drifted out at sea clinging on to floating debri, as well as to life itself, for the first time in his life he wept.  Was this to be how he would end? The thought alone was a hell of its own.  "I deserve... this...".  And with that he blacked out.

When Dartamian awoke he was onboard a merchant vessel in route to a place called Eorzea.  What life he had known was lost, and this new adventure felt like a chance to attone for his crimes.  Maybe here he could find a foe worthy enough to give him the honorable death he so graciously deserves.

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