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Hipparion Tribe [Question(s)!]


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Alright! So, when making my now-main, K'washi, I decided that... well, since there was a Wiki for the Hipparion (K) Clan of Miqo'te, I may as well have some fun with the player-established lore!


But my first couple of questions becomes this, and I'm really only looking for opinions here:


- Would it have mattered if I had chosen to ignore that? Why or why not?


- Is editing that particular Wiki in any way, shape, or form taboo?


No right/wrong answers here (except the second one, really). Since his past isn't public knowledge (yet), I can still fudge around if I desperately need to.


And I guess, out of my own curiousity, is there any ACTIVE Hipparion Club Members floating around? And if so, which server?

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Hey there! Oh goodie, as the founder of the player-created Hipparion tribe, I suppose I'm at least almost qualified to answer these questions. xD


1. It is 100% fine to ignore the lore in the Hipparion tribe wiki page. When I wrote it (with the occasional help of the other player members of the tribe), I never intended it to be the be all-end all of K tribe lore. It represents only a single branch of the Hipparion miqo'te tribe. As per miqo'te lore, it's quite common for any given tribe to have multiple territories (branches) consisting of isolated family groups that may or may not have interacted with each other in quite some time. So if you wanted to roleplay a miqo'te of the Hipparion tribe but didn't want to follow some of the lore on the page... totally okay! You'd just be from a different branch.


2. Which leads me to my response to your second question. Personally, I would really, really appreciate it if you did not edit the page unless it was to add section describing a separate branch of the tribe. All the lore currently there was crafted to describe a very particular family group dwelling deep in the Sagolii that was very specific to my character's RP backstory, and now the story of half a dozen other people's characters as well. So yeah, please no edits to it unless it's to add a section. I think a more useful alternative would be to somehow create... uh... branching pages? One labelled "Hipparion Tribe (Sagolii)" and the other "Hipparion Tribe (wherever you come from)", the latter of which you could edit freely.


As for your last question, there is a Hipparion linkshell, but I'll be honest, only about three of us still play the game anymore. xD Our RP is mostly relegated to forum threads now. So while you're welcome to join it (and Clover, K'nahli, and Tahj would surely love to have you around to chat with), I can't in good faith call it an active linkshell.


I hope that answers your questions! If you wanna bounce around ideas about weaving Hipparion tribe stuff together (it'd be cool, should you choose a different branch, if we could maybe work out how those two tribe groups split! :D), I'm more than willing to do so!

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I can speak to the wiki policy thing more directly. :)


It's the policy of the wiki that one not edit others' player-created pages (anything under Category: Player Character or Category: Stagecraft, or any of their sub-categories) except with permission or in defined areas, such as a rumors section. If you'd like to create a new page for a different branch of the tribe, just create a new one (like "Hipparion Tribe (Limsa Lominsa)" or something like that), then create or PM me to move the other page and create a disambiguation page that links both pages together. We have a couple of templates for use for that purpose. The same approach can be used for FC or linkshell name collisions or character name collisions across servers.


So, yes, feel free to create a new page for a new branch of the tribe, then make a disambiguation page. If you don't know how to do the second part, just PM me or a mod and we can assist. :)



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Oh, sweet! Replies! 


Thank you both for the responses, and I understand. And I even learned a bit more about Miqo'te lore! Wasn't aware that different tribes had different branches. c:


In fact, that gives me ideas now. I may very well end up making up my own branch. I'd love for a chance to talk more in detail about it with you, Naunet, since you are the Founder. Maybe over /tell, linkshells, or even just a private message... ? (Do private messages exist on FFXIV-RP?)

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