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  1. The stupid human in me wants to remain hopeful that this is all one fucking awful coincidence. The Peace Officer in Training in me knows that this would be one hell of an awful coincidence. Sure as shit hope whoever's responsible gets the punishment they deserve.
  2. I'm more than a little miffed with the idea that a vast majority of housing plots now belong to players, rather than FCs. I'm pissed that I know of people who have houses on one or two characters and snagged another for themselves. And I'm livid that SE thought putting Player and FC housing together, in the same zone, with the same odds, was a brilliant idea. And that they can't seem to understand that there are actual servers out there with empty wards, and their most popular servers have people buying up lots to mark up the fucking price. This housing situation on Balmung is r
  3. Two characters of mine come to mind. First is my old main, K'washi. I started off playing him as illiterate, with a bare grasp on the Eorzean language. He had enough knowledge to tell the difference between the different phrases he'd had written in his little book, and that was that. As time went on, he eventually met people that taught him how to read, up to and including his now-husband. Unfortunately, they've both fallen off the radar, pretty much, but it was a fantastic journey from start to finish, to see him grow from illiterate to not. Currently, I have Yesukai, a former slave
  4. Well. I'm glad to know it's not just my end that's borked the server. 0-o Guess it's time to just wait patiently.
  5. I'd have to agree with Edda on this one. Should it continue I foresee this thread being locked. Echoing this. Please don't get this thread locked. It's valuable in its own way, and we need something like this. Also, might I recommend adding a list of International Suicide Hotlines? A quick Google search has brought up this, but I'm in no position to confirm if these are active/real or not.
  6. ;A; This event would make Akino the happiest little Raen ever, if her player weren't such a derp and had class at precisely the moment the bazaar happened.
  7. I live in a homophobic, bigoted town full of "Good Christians" (quotations because I know actual, good Christians that aren't these assholes) that believe every second of the edited PP videos and are bitching and whining about the ACA and gay marriage and it infuriates me that these people exist. These are the same people in favour of the government shutdowns we keep seeing in the US. o_o
  8. I think it all comes down to personal preference, really. Some people like to use it, others don't. Myself, I found myself surrounded by people that use quotations in /say, so it ended up becoming a habit. Add on to the emotes I'll sometimes put in /say, and it's just stuck. Honestly, as long as no one's breaking any RP etiquette or being a massive douchenozzle or a troll, I could care less about another person's format.
  9. Wind-Up K'washi - Item Flavour — Perhaps this toy was meant to look intimidating? If anything, it's adorable. Use this item to acquire Wind-Up K'washi - Minion Text — Said to be commissioned by the mother whose son inspired this creation. This Wind-Up toy has a habit of climbing and getting into things it shouldn't be getting into. Also, it's oddly silent... - Behaviour — Independent - Interactions — Will climb onto your back. Will attempt to fight Miniature Griffin. Wind-Up Akino - Item Flavour — A prim-and-proper lady disguised as an explorer! An exclusive toy of the La
  10. I have two, but they're conveniently in the different age brackets (./sob) Akino is sitting at a solid 24. K'washi is 18, soon 19. He's the youngest character I've played in a long time, to be honest. As I find myself aging, I find it harder to play younger characters. The youngest character I've ever played is... 4? 5? Around there. Cute as hell, but the amount of energy in a 4-5 year old child is hard to replicate when you're 21 and getting beaten to a figurative pulp by Life. I'm sure I'll start to play characters in their late 20s to 30s soon, if the trend is anything t
  11. Currently, my only regret stems from the fact that my recently-impregnated character is alone, in Ishgard, without her bodyguard/father of her baby... and I'm setting up ways to cause a miscarriage. Moreso, the regret is that she is away from the bodyguard, but that's also entirely out of my hands due to RL being RL. I have faith that this is a horror she will overcome, however.
  12. This is definitely Akino's battle theme. f5DVa5iYgSY
  13. I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades in a fast-food restaurant. Aka, I know how to do every job. Including the managers' jobs. (I need to be a worse worker, I swear). Studying Criminal Justice currently with the hopes I can get into some super fancy government jobs with ICE or the CIA or something. Still trying to figure out where I'm aiming for, but this year's already been filling in with some fascinating subjects. ^-^
  14. Absolutely, although Aiswynd has yet to make it to Ishgard so you'll have to wait on that particular Xaela I shall wait eagerly! =O That being said, on a more serious note... I'm looking forward to seeing who I can set up RP meet-ups with and when. And for any chance encounters, Akino tends to hang around the Forgotten Knight in the evenings, up in the Pillars during the day (getting lost in the Crozier when I have to be at work). *rolls away to make those notes and send those PMs!* \o/
  15. Oh, goodness. So much more than i was expecting. So many awesome people to choose from! D: ... Can I just pick all of you? Is that okay?
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