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Unable to log in


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Hey all! For those that know me: 'sup?!


For those that don't? Hi. :o


You may have noticed I've not been ingame lately. The reason is as such:




I've had this instead of "Play" for the past three weeks. I've petitioned, called, reinstalled, restarted, changed languages, and everything else SE has said is a "fix."


They've now said I have to wait for a patch, which was fine until I discovered the new festival wasn't a patch. Just an update. :(


If anyone has had this issue and fixed it, I'll greatly appreciate it!



The Sky King.

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Bumping this because I've already mentioned it in Mog House's LS in game a few times and no one seems to know, so I'd too appreciate it if someone could offer some help. Vale and I are both pretty stumped as to what could be wrong and we've tried a lot of different fixes, but to no avail.

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