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From Astral to Umbral, OST!


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I did totally try to use amazon by the way but it's listed as out of stock there >.>;




Especially because Shiva song and not just a teaser is on it.


Edit: Apparently they're remixes.


But I don't believe there was a Shiva song on any other OST before this >.>

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The version of Shiva's Theme (Oblivion) on this cover album is FAR superior to the in-game version. I know they were going for a grungy, garage band style for the in-game version but it just makes it sound all muddy and awful. The greater clarity in The Primal's version just does it sooo many favors.



No, I didn't actually pay $36.49 + shipping to import the album, don't be silly. ...I probably shouldn't be telling you this. Oh, well!


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I agree that the version of Oblivion on this album is much, much better. It almost doesn't sound like a Radio Disney song!


Meanwhile, Thunder Rolls sounds like a downgrade, imo. It's like... the cover arrangement sucks out all of the magic and mysticism it has in the original. =/

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