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Gilgamesh is a mixed community as it is: definitely a roleplayer contingent but we've also got the redditors and a sizeable hardcore population, so it's very much a "stick to ourselves" sort of thing.


I still try to point people to here when I can, but community reception to the RPC site can be lukewarm at times, and there's even a dedicated Gilgamesh community forum going around most of the people I know, so they post there more often than not.


Not trying to make a bad case for us, though, we're still friendly enough. I hope. ;P

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Enough that we have a rp community. Most of them couldn't give a flying flip about these forums still it's mostly balmung post.

I know that it would be stupid to ask but can I ask why this is?


Is it stemming from an old time "balmung or gilgamesh in 2.0 where should we set up?" and it's like some Great Schism that happened?


If it is because Balmung posters are vocal, why not the Gilgamesh posters are vocal?


Is it a difference in how people in the RP communities between the two view the RP?


What's caused people to not like the RPC? What are the Gilgamesh RP community forums so that people from Gilgamesh who do come here from googling "FFXIV RP" will be able to see it here?

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Well think about how big the Balmung population is and only a small to decent portion of the rpers actively post. That and with the forum mostly filled with Balmung post it's hard I would think for most to just jump in to topics.


I haven't heard a peep about the legacy or fresh start deal since the first few weeks of 2.0 launching.


Far as I have seen from playing on both, we have the same and varied sides of rp as our sister server.


It can be the same with us but on a much lesser scale since we are a good bit smaller than Balmung.


Even with a dedicated community forum project we still get hits from new or old rpers from the RPC.

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