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RPC Level Up (Part II)


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RPC Update Notes


EDIT: If you have login issues, you'll need to delete all board cookies. Do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the forums AND at the bottom of the home page where it says "delete all board cookies." If the problem persists, you'll need to delete the cookies via your browser under "tools," "options," "privacy," "cookies." Find the ffxiv-roleplayers.com folder and delete it.


Please refresh your browser before doing anything else! To do this, simply click somewhere on this page, right-click, and select "refresh" or "reload" or whatever your browser calls it. You may have to hit refresh/reload 2-3 separate times (on several different pages). If you still have graphical issues after this, please shut down your browser completely and reopen it. Wait about 3 minutes or so and refresh again. This update has been tested on all major browser versions and is working as intended.


Overall Site:


:chocobo: A new background has been added to the forums, spicing up our image now that the book theme is being abandoned. Various other backgrounds and colors have changed as a result. Thanks goes to Zeah for helping prepare the background! Please note that if you use a larger screen resolution, the images may not extend all the way to the bottom like they should.


:chocobo: Portal/news page has been moved to the main page of the RPC, completely replacing the book welcome page. The link http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com will now immediately take you to the portal/news and, by extension, the forums. Be sure to update your bookmarks if you wish to see the news page every time you visit.


:chocobo: The Info section of the site has been integrated into the forum database. It can be accessed under the Home tab (Info subsection). Please note that navigating between this section and the forums will automatically log you out at this time. I will be looking into the fix for this ASAP (as I already know where to find the fix).


:chocobo: The Lore section has been integrated into the forum database. It can be reached by simply clicking on the Lore tab. This serves as a sort of âtable of contentsâ to RPC projects, though each can also be accessed by bypassing the Lore page and using the drop-down menu instead. Please note that navigating between this section and the forums will automatically log you out at this time. I will be looking into the fix for this ASAP (as I already know where to find the fix).


:chocobo: Advanced statistics widget on the main page was removed.


:chocobo: Music widget added to the main page. I will try to change the music once a month to something new and it will usually be FF related. The current theme is none other than the FF14 theme song, Answers by Susan Calloway. If anyone is musically inclined and wishes to create their own remixes of certain FF music, Iâd be happy to consider posting it on the main page.


:chocobo: In addition to the music widget, you are all also now able to add music into your posts. If you have the link to the mp3, simply post the link and surround it with the new mp3 button. Additionally, you are now able to upload mp3 files as attachments to posts. Keep in mind that the upload process for this is somewhat slow (mp3 files are usually large) and may take a couple minutes so donât navigate away from your page until the attachment upload is finished. Mp3 files will play on our server-side mp3 player. Please note that the mp3 player is unusually small right now. I had to resize it via coding in order for it to fit on the main pageâs widget. In order for it to be better looking, I still need someone able to convert an swf file to fla and change the length that way. Otherwise, there's nothing else I can do.


:chocobo: Posting editor has received a massive overhaul, allowing for tons of new possibilities in forum posts. To name a few, you can now add YouTube videos to posts, hide certain text from unregistered guests, utilize various fonts in your posts, and much much more! For a full list of features and walkthroughs, please see this newly added FAQ section: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/abbcode_page.php?mode=help


Feel free to use this thread to test any and all of the new posting features. Further tweaks may end up being made to the button colors and placement.


:chocobo: The RPC member list now has a new "Linkshell" column that displays a user's primary linkshell. You may now sort the member list by linkshell as a result. To edit your linkshell alignment, simply go to the user control panel and change it under the profile tab. Please keep in mind that those without a defined LS will be listed first when sorted and thus, you'll have to click the sort feature twice and view members' LS alignment in backwards alphabetical order.


:chocobo: The LS directory has been integrated into the forum database. Clicking the Linkshells tab will take you there. You are also now able to sort linkshells by any category (RP style, name, server, etc). Simply click the header title (such as RP Style) and the list will sort itself alphabetically by that category. Feel free to make any suggestions as to how the chart should be modified or added to (such as new categories, etc). Please note that navigating between this section and the forums will automatically log you out at this time. I will be looking into the fix for this ASAP (as I already know where to find the fix).


:chocobo: The book theme of the RPC site is now completely offline. It will be reused and altered in the near future to record IC happenings such as the Epic and Eorzean Olympics. All sections of the site (excluding the wiki and Lantern of course) are now under a single database and can be accessed using the tabs around the banner.


:chocobo: The forums will now auto-size posted pictures so they no longer extend off the page and are unable to be seen. You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on the black header bar on each resized picture.


:chocobo: Stickies, namely the Directory index, have been updated. The Character List sticky was originally on my to-do list as well but it was too chaotic and I didn't know where to start.


:chocobo: Journalist group has been added to. Jakky, Eternal Darkness, Sadiya, and Alona are among the first added. More can and will likely be added in the near future. The next issue of the Tonberry's Lantern will soon start development and is estimated to be ready by early to late March.


:chocobo: The Chamber of Fate section has been added to the forums. Only the Epic Committee will have access to this and planning will begin sometime around January 15th, so please let me know if you wish to be on the committee before then!


:chocobo: Gallery section has been added to the site. It can be accessed via a new tab up above the site logo. Feel free to upload images of past and future RPC events in the RPC Events album. You can also create your own personal album by going to your profile and clicking on the new "Gallery" tab there. You are also free to make comments/posts on pictures. The Gallery supports viewing pictures as slideshows, picture contests, and more!


Also, I may eventually move the gallery to a different section of the server (ffxiv-roleplayers.com/gallery instead of ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/gallery). If this happens, it will not affect any uploaded pictures but it will break bookmarks if anyone bookmarks the Gallery.


:chocobo: In order to avoid future confusion with the new gallery, the Gallery forum section has been renamed "Artisan House."


:chocobo: Links have been added to the links widget on the main page.


:chocobo: New security measures have been taken to help better fight off spam bots.


:chocobo: Other minor miscellaneous tweaks were made.



Coming Soon:


--Facebook style update system has been postponed. It will come in its own individual update ASAP. The phpbb team is working hard on creating a completely updated version of the Social Network mod and I'd like to make sure we have the new version. It's apparently about 90% complete so the wait shouldn't be long now. This mod not only allows one to post and comment on status updates for each user, but it also has a blog feature that may/may not be utilized.


--A new moderator was expected to be added by now. However, the chosen candidate has yet to respond to me after 8 days now, thus putting us back where we were in terms of mods.


--The wiki will become a huge focal point now. A banner and new navigation systems will be set up. These announcements will be made independently in the Scribe Chambers as they come. Content within the wiki will also be greatly expanded upon hopefully. Another possibility includes the integration of the forum user accounts and the wiki user accounts, merging accounts between each database. This would disable registration on the wiki though and to edit it, people would first have to register on these forums (though that shouldn't be a problem).


--An etiquette page may be added to the database with various new topics included.


--A character list modification is being looked into. This would allow you to register all of your characters under your profile so people know who you are in game. It can also list ranks and so on.


--If you have suggestions for tweaks, future additions, or anything else, please post them! All updates/tweaks now will come as they're ready and may/may not be announced.


PS: This update required a tremendous amount of coding changes. Thus, there may very well be glitches, wrong colors, border issues, etc. If you see any, please let me know by posting here. I can't possibly test every single little thing, though I tried. More unannounced tweaks may come in time, as I'm already aware of little things I need to fix.


PSS: Have I mentioned how much I hate Chrome? >.>

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Just found a mini-glitch and thought I'd share real quick. If you have issues logging in through the forum quick login box, scroll to the very bottom of the forums and click the "delete all board cookies" link. The site integration process required changes to the cookie settings and so that mayaffect your login attempts.


Edit: If that still doesn't work, you'll need to delete cookies within your actual browser. Under "tools" >> "options" >> "privacy" (for Firefox), click "show cookies." Then find ffxiv-roleplayers.com in the list and delete the entire folder.

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